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Turn on a radio, television, or music videos on the Youtube channel to realize that today, singing is almost always done with musical and technical support. Music labels and producers even tend to do everything so that a voice is not revealed alone: ​​instruments, vocal effects, equalizers, dubbing …

This trend is revealing of another well-known fact: singing alone: acapella, is much more complicated than singing, accompanied by a full band!

The term “acapella” comes from the Italian expression “alla capella” which means “for the chapel.” The 19th century was the birth of acapella with the texts which were to be sung in the churches without any instrument. The acapella songs were the most religious and the most traditional.

In the current musical register, Acappella music means singing without any other accompaniment than the voices of the singers, without musical instruments.

What is an acapella group?

In the United States, with TV series such as Glee bringing the light on vocal groups, ad movies such as Pitch Perfect, we have seen the rise of popular music covers from acapella groups.

From single singers to girls acapella band to male groups such as Gentleman’s Rule, some of the artists have made a name for themselves. These groups include Manhattan Transfer, Straight no chaser, Home Free, Peter Hollens, and many other acapella groups.

How to make or start an acapella group?

In a society that wishes to return to the essential, to the natural and to the human, the a capella song finds all its letters of nobility. There’s some witness groups such as Pentatonix, Voca People, LEJ, or the success of the Acapella application.

Look for an existing choir, signing lessons groups, etc., and find out about people sharing the same passion for acapella singing as you have.


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  • How to get and sing into an acapella group?

The work of acapella singing requires a great mastery of the voice, the power, and accuracy. All these ingredients are not acquired at random but are accessible to each amateur singer by dint of perseverance and regularity.

  1.   Exercises for better acapella

Put on your favourite piece of music and sing heartily over it. Mute the sound for a few moments, a few seconds or a few minutes for the most confident, and turn the sound back on. If you knew how to keep the note, congratulations! If not, don’t panic, the acapella song works.

  1.   Work on your breathing

When you sing acapella, you cannot allow yourself to take significant and noisy breaths to catch your breath.

Work on your accuracy: The voice is an instrument that modulates and tames. Just singing is learned when it is not natural. The acapella song leaves no room for error.

  1.   Work on your power

Whether you sing alone or with others, acapella singing requires significant vocal power.

  1.   Work on your flow

The fluency of your diction, your breath, your accuracy, and your energy are things that you can improve. Alongside an Allegro Music singing teacher, work on as many technics as possible such as pachanelly canon with other people, etc.

  • How much does it cost to hire an acapella group?

When you organize an event, be it  a birthday, or a company party, and you are looking for musical entertainment, the  price is often one of the first questions to ask. What budget do I have and how much can I spend on booking musicians?

The basic price of a musician will, therefore, be around 250 euros, or 450 euros for a duo, 650 for a trio, etc. This price may also vary depending on specific criteria:

  • The acapella group/singer experience
  • The popularity of singers
  • The size of your event (which can lead to the rental of additional equipment for large-scale events)
  • The duration of the event (the average set lasts around 2 hours. If you want them to be present longer, you will generally need to consider an extension)
Why should you hire an acapella group for your event?

When  setting a party or an event, you need to make a statement through your location, the best food from a great catering company, and your entertainment.

Booking an acapella group, from a solo singer to an entire group, represents a unique musical show. It will captivate your guests. You will also highly appreciate the flexibility of the musical style.


find acapella group and talents to hire for your events on eventeus.com

How to hire acapella groups for your events on Eventeus.com?

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Eventeus.com is an online platform, available to you 24/7, to find all the professionals to create successful events. From catering companies and wedding planners to musicians, ventriloquists, and acapella bands.

You will find the connection to the best talents at Eventeus!

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