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Alternative is a collective musical term that has been used as a synonym for DIY, underground, and independent music. It started in the USA in the late 70s and became popular in the 90s to differentiate it from the mainstream of that time.

Further,  with the success of grunge and crossover, the term advanced internationally to a collective musical term. With increasing success, the term alternative grew increasingly into a broad collective term for all forms of commercially successful music that evolved from the Underground with iconic alternative rock and indie pop and pop-rock band bands, shaping the musical styles and the music history.

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What is Alternative Pop?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, significant labels discovered the bands from the independent environment for themselves.

Also, the success of artists as diverse as The Pixies, The Cure, U2, or The Smiths changed the perception of the previous alternative music.

As a result of this development, well-known brands and new performers were able to sign significant contracts.

The term “alternative” replaced the term independent, which was linked to the aspect of commercial independence, and casually categorized artists who can be under contract on both an independent label and a major label.


Further, against this background, alternative is also an umbrella term that was placed for reasons of market policy and media impact. Alternative thus also transfers the underground creative function in the search for new forms of expression and sound structures in a media and market economy used and mass-compatible context.


Also, this definition of indie-pop deliberately goes back to the origin of the word and is based on bands and subgenres, all of which have their roots in the United Kingdom.

alternative pop bands

What is the best Alternative Pop Band?

The Smiths may be seen as the indie-pop band because they – after punk and post-punk – pursued a completely different musical approach, which was more influenced by the cool, melancholy New Wave. In contrast to indie rock, loud, distorted guitars were no longer in the foreground. Electronic elements were also increasingly finding their way into music.


As a result,  iconic singer-songwriter and indie rock and pop artist, Lana del Rey has also traced and facilitated the way to success and recognition for alternative pop bands, music artists, and another band, as she is both a famous alternative pop singer and a great producer.

How much can you make in an Alternative Pop Band?

Let’s try to sum it all up to see what a professional musician can earn in a year. Let’s look at the most common case, that of a conscientious professional who seriously does what he can, without being a creative genius or a fantastic virtuoso.


  • Beginner professional, part of one or two groups of local and departmental importance not yet well known, giving a few courses alongside his activity … He is not, however, a full=time musician. He can imagine earning … 5.000 to 10.000 euros a year.
  • After 2 or 3 years, the group or bands start to tour a little further, the musician is sometimes called upon for side projects … He has become a full-time artist. He can earn 10.000 to 20.000 euros per year.
  • After another 5 or 6 years, one or more of the groups perform well, are followed by professional turners. The fees have increased, the groups play more often. The alternative pop band artist can earn … 20.000 to 40.000 euros per year.


Therefore, there is necessarily a critical period in the beginning, during which one cannot earn enough to live. There, it’s getting by the partner earns a little better, or we do a part-time job on the side for a year or two to make the transition …


But the best way remains to maximize your presence and get more gigs!

Who are the most famous Alternative Pop Bands?

First, the essence of indie-pop was influenced by the harmony of the “Big Bs” ( Big Star, Beatles, Byrds & Beach Boys ), the DIY idea, and the punk sounds from Ramones or Blondie.

Firstly, it does not mean indie rock, which Americans define, and above all, not every type of pop that comes from the indie sector.

It should also be clear to everyone that a definition that mainly goes back to the early/mid-80s and twenty years later can no longer have the same sharpness.


Besides, we need to talk about the Smiths!

In particular, it was the prototype of indie rock and alternative pop bands: The band around icon Morrissey and Johnny Marr started in 1982. Further, just five years of existence was enough for them to shape, influence, and become indie rock prototypes with their aesthetic style.


Even today, Marr is admired for his guitar playing, and Morrissey is revered for his melancholy, sarcasm-dripping lyrics. Amazingly, The Smiths rarely made it to more significant popularity outside the UK during their playing days.

Nevertheless, you can still hear this band’s influences in many successful indie rock acts of our time, such as Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead, Oasis, or The Libertines.


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