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In order to face the competitive artists’ market, the performer must develop his artistic talent.

Taking an interest in organizational and economic aspects to promote himself, he could turn to an artist booking agency.

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What is an artist booking agency?

An artist booking agency is concerned with the assistance and the promotion of the clients.

Firstly, it analyzes the preparation and the attitude of the artists:

Secondly, the agency identifies the vocation and the projects of the performer.

Finally, it can guarantee an efficient protection and a right support to meet market demands.

What are the tasks of the agency?

The agency is in charges of promoting the artistic career of its customers.

Organizing and coordinating all the activities which may be useful to assist the artist, it  creates an interaction with different professionals of the sector.

Representing, assisting and advising clients, the agency plans conventions and shows:

The kind of events which may attract an audience of professionals interested in the artistic performance.

In addition to manage the bureaucratic aspects concerning the temporary employment of the artist, the artist booking agency provides contract negotiation advices.

The major tasks are the organization of auditions, the posting and transmission of artistic and professional portfolios and promoting clients to potential employers.

Moreover, in case of a famous singer/dancer, the agency follow and manage his entire tour.

The agency is charged also with the questions concerning the incision, the sale of a record and the promotional and advertising strategies.

What are the qualities an agency should have?

An agency should manage public relations in order to create and maintain a network of contacts belonging to different sectors that can be useful to the talented individual.

Contacts with casting directors, productions companies, advertising agencies and photographers are essential to launch the artists’ career. Besides that, they make sure to  give visibility to their profile.

A high commercial awareness goes hand in hand with social and negotiation skills and interpersonal links.

The agency responsibles should persuasive in dealing with potential contacts in the artistic sector.

They should communicate clearly: this allows the booking agency to create a transparent environment between customers and employers.

Discretion, problem-solving skills, patience, attention and time management skills are qualities which corroborate the importance and impact role performed by artist booking agencies.

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