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Elton John, Cher, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Katy Perry & Co., are all super famous today, and it is impossible to imagine the music industry without them. But they too started small and first had to pave their way to success – for example, as a background singer or dancer.


So, while other bands and singers were in the spotlight, they could only be heard or seen in the background and didn’t get any special attention for a long time. Only over time did they leap to fame and prove what they really can do.


If you are looking back up singing artists for your events and parties, oar if you are looking for a job as a background singer and background vocals to support solo artists on the harmony parts for the lead vocalist during concerts and in the recording studio: Eventeus.com is the ideal online platform to find the best talents.


As vocal arrangers, producers, or as lead singers in bands, you will often need backup singers for a demo reel, music session, singer vocal support, and more.


 What is a background singer?

Background vocals have become an integral part of today’s pop music. In practically every song, a choir is added to the lead voice. You, therefore, have to pay attention to a variety of things during production. The individual agents don’t have to function independently.


Every singer’s goal is to be distinctive so that you can recognize her / his voice from 1000s. It is undesirable with the background vocals. These must be embedded in the overall picture, support the leading voice, and not appear intrusive.


 How much does a background singer make?

Many young people cherish the dream of one day winning the hearts of the audience as singers. But many of them do not know that the road to the big stages of the world is a rocky one.


An average artist usually earns nothing at the beginning of his career and cannot count on dream salaries later on unless he lands a big hit.


However, earnings of up to 3.000 euros per month are realistic.

background singer

How to become a background singer?

It is generally beneficial if notes and chords are not alien to you—no matter whether as a lead singer or background.

To survive as a background singer, you have to learn to hold a second voice. It helps if you can sing individual voices in a chord progression. To start with, sing in thirds to the melody.


Furthermore, it is, of course, an advantage if you have your vocal technique under control. Since you are taking a singing class, you are on the right track.


It is often worth using alternative singers, as they have a different frequency spectrum. The formants (resonance details that make the voice unmistakable) are different from those of the lead vocalist. With the background vocals, you can intervene more strongly in the signal, as the voices are mixed into the background.

But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore perfection when recording.


First of all, you should choose a greater distance from the microphone than with the lead voice. It eliminates the close-up effect (raised bass), and the voice sounds further away from the start because more space is recorded.


Second, you should pay attention to the singer’s intonation. Even if there are excellent programs for correcting audio files’ pitches today, they are not a substitute for a well-sung part.

Most of the time, the singers are too deep. A higher position of the microphone helps, for example, so that the singer can hold his head slightly upwards.

It would help if you also made the playback a little louder than with lead vocal recording. The singer thus has greater control over the intonation.


You should take the first of the background voices as a reference and adjust the timing and phrasing of all subsequent recordings. It should come from a single source as if a chord was played.

After the successful recording, it is essential to embed the voices in the song.


How to find the best background singers near me?

Become part of the best talents and artists’ music community to find the best background singers and classifieds for musicians quickly is the most efficient way to network with artists in your region and worldwide.


Today, you can quickly sign up on the best marketplaces such as Eventeus.com and arrange to meet up with musicians near you! Find thousands of musicians’ ads or just the background singers perfect for you and your band.

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