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Take the time to get the background vocals perfect. It is the only way to enhance your song. Poorly recorded and improperly edited background vocals do more harm than good to the music.

You can find useful examples of perfect background vocals such as with the Eagles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, or the Bee-Gees, and in their day, these bands had no way of editing sample-accurate or making pitch corrections.

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What is Backing Vocals?

Lead vocals and background vocals are in the mix. They improve the vocals sound, the vocal melody, vocal part, and vocal harmony with the best vocal arrangement and vocal tracks. The best singers for backing vocals are the starting point and a common technique used in the music industry and modern pop music and hip-hop vocal production!


Professionals must pay attention to multi-tracked vocals, fit the lead singers and the background singer that sings harmonies, so the songs sound great!

The backing vocals are doubles of the lead vocals and are used for reinforcement. Producers want to put the backing vocals in the background, so they get less attention.

How to sing Backing Vocals?

 Singing is your passion, and you would like to work as a background singer? Eventeus supports you in finding exciting auditions and castings for singers.

It would help if you learned how to get to know your voice anew and use it optimally. The background singers must know how to look after them and protect themselves from voice damage.

You must know how to combine acting and singing skillfully and what is essential when auditioning.

The path to becoming a background singer is not an easy one. You have to learn how to always pursue your path with motivation and how to keep enjoying singing and the music industry.

That way, every decision you make in terms of backing vocals is more accurate and brings you closer to the sound you are after. It is especially important with vocals as they vary so much from genre to genre:


  • In rock and metal, vocals are traditionally rougher and punchier. They use more distortion and a slower attack for compression.
  • In pop and R&B, vocals are incredibly consistent and full of tension. A lot of effects and compression are used here.
  • In folk and jazz, the vocals are more natural and clear. Here the vocals are often not processed at all – a little compression, EQ, and reverb, that’s it.

The lead voice will sing the root chord, and the other voices will sing the third and fifth softer. There are many variations, but this is the main one.

The interest of backing vocals artists is precisely to work its different notes in harmony with others. Thus, the backing vocalist will learn to sing the root note and the third note, and the fifth note. He will therefore be able to tune his voice in any situation and with any singer.


Find your range: Being a backing vocalist is not easy! Your voice must be reliable, powerful, and supple at the same time to blend in with the others. It takes a lot of listening to adjust your voice to the sound set.

You have to think about working your voice outside the group if it is not done in the choral exercises, at the risk of losing your projection and externalization.

It is not always easy to find your vocal range in this context, especially when singing only within a group. Indeed, the backing vocalist is led to sing words that are sometimes too high, sometimes too specific for him, and not adapted to his range.

backing vocals

How much can you make with singing Backing Vocals?

Unfortunately, becoming a singer is anything but easy in this country. The majority of freelance musicians live on a low income, which often only guarantees the subsistence level. Great national or international success is basically equivalent to winning the lottery. Nevertheless, many young people still hope to make a name for themselves as musicians through years of work and creative marketing and promotional measures.


Artistic training is often an advantage, but you can find a job even without training if you have the necessary talent.

How to find the best singers for Backing Vocals?

 Singing is your passion, and you would like to work as a background singer? Eventeus supports you in finding exciting auditions and castings for singers.

With the best online platforms and talents’ online marketplace, you can get your career going yourself and easily find new clients worldwide.

Websites such as Eveneteus.com offer you interesting castings that enable you to get on stage and bring you a little closer to your dream of making a career as a singer.


Take your luck into your own hands! As in many artistic fields, it is extremely important as a singer to approach your goal with a lot of initiative and perseverance. No matter where you would like to work, we are looking for a wide variety of singers. Discover jobs as a musical, jazz, or pop singer and in the classical field as a choir or opera singer and singers for backing vocals.

Background singers are wanted in numerous areas!

As a singer, of course, everything revolves around your voice. But aspects such as expressiveness, entertainment factor, and charisma can also be important. The most diverse areas and industries are open to you in this profession.

You can appear as a musical singer in an international musical, stand on the stage, in front of a large theater as an opera singer, or perform as part of a cover band at events.

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