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Party decorations for weddings, birthdays, baby shower as well as corporate events, launching events, store openings, and many other various events and shows … Each balloon decor is unique and turns your dreams into reality.


The and only contact to meet all your expectations and the most ambitious projects: Eventeus.com. As a talents’ platform, it is with a professional approach that we will work by your side to find the perfect balloon decoration for your next events and create a unique decoration that stands out and captivate your guests.

How to decorate with balloons?

Balloon decoration professionals are specialists in staging with balloons and inflatables, in offering an original idea and supports you throughout your event project.


Thanks to many years of experience and many events and parties, the balloon decoration artists can custom and design installations to decorate your space, communicate an idea, or highlight the atmosphere you want to create.


The decoration with balloons will bring lightness, dynamism, and enthusiasm to your event.


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How to make balloon decorations?

Balloon installation and event decoration are installations such as a classic balloon column and balloon arches but also with some more unique confetti balloons, baby shower balloons, and other unique installations to perfectly meet the often complex specifications from the clients.


This balloon decoration is made up of thousands of balloons of different sizes inflated with or without helium.


  • How to decorate with balloons without helium?

DIY balloon decoration for your birthday party and other events is super easy, and you do not always need the helium balloons to set up the best decoration.


Get on your balloon pump and inflate the hundreds you need! Now, to get the best effects and create unique floating balloons, you can use several techniques:


  1. The trick:

Ultra-simple, a super effect! Inflate a few balloons and hang a piece of string or ribbon at the knots of the balloons. With a transparent double-sided tape, link the balloons together to form volume. Finally, tape your work to a wall. For a light effect, use LED balloons, a guaranteed effect!


  1. Hang the balloons upside down:

Colorful balloons inflated without helium for great birthday decorations, hanging on the ceiling. Again, it’s simple, so we love it! With a nylon-string or white sewing thread hang on the balloon with a pushpin, they are fixed to the ceiling.


  1. The classic balloon line:

A little tip for the famous balloon line: use a thread and a needle to go faster by pressing the tail of the balloon. Ultra-fast and practical!

how to find balloon decoration specialists near me eventeus.com

  • How to decorate with streamers and balloons?

Having streamers or ribbons hanging from the balloons gives a magical effect and unique vibe. You can, for example, inflate your balloons and let them float on the ceiling with hanging streamers. Bet on the multitude to create a stunning effect!


You can also set up your balloons on the ground using a nylon thread and a weight, like these giant confetti balloons. It will allow you to furnish empty spaces inexpensively.


You can also hang your balloons from the ceiling. No need for helium, you need to inflate the balloons using an air pump. Arrange streamers or nylon threads across the room and tie your balloons upside down to the thread.


Finally, there are variations with paper streamers or plant leaves (but harder to hang), or even flowers.

balloon decoration

  • How to use a balloon decorating strip?

Balloons will also be a great way to dress up the room. Several solutions are available to you, and the use of a decorating strip is a great idea to give your balloon decoration an upscale style.


The balloon decorating strip allows you to create balloon arches and balloon columns easily.

Note that It is impossible to make an organic arch with low-end balloons. The balloons burst because they do not support friction or glue and do not even take the time of installation.


To achieve the shape, you can use the balloon decorating strips, fill them with balloons of different sizes. Then, you can create more volume when joining them together.


The balloons can also be decorated with tulle. Pack your helium-filled balloons with tulle drapes to create a romantic effect.


  • How to make hot air balloon decorations?

Inflate the balloon with helium and tie its end. Then cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to go around the balloon, from top to bottom, and leaving a few cm extra for the decorative touch.


Next step: put the ribbon in place. Put the middle of the cut ribbon on the adhesive tape placed on the top of the balloon. Press lightly so that the tape attaches to the adhesive tape. Place the second piece of sticky tape, crisscrossing it with the first tape and press to fix.


Then cut a strip of ribbon and use it to tie the ends of the ribbon together around the balloon. Tie and leave the surplus.


Finally, add the basket. Attach your basket to the handing parts of the ribbons and tie them together. You can also insert flowers in the center of the basket with floral foam to fix the flowers.


Set them up on tables or the floor by anchoring them with a nylon string


  • How to decorate a wall with balloons?

The wall of balloons is the grail of decoration. You will need nylon thread, dozens of balloons of different sizes (number to be determined according to the size of the wall to be covered), an electric inflator.


Then it is time to inflate the balloons, tie them with a nylon thread and join them by batches to fix them on the wall as you would do with tiles.


  • How to make balloon clouds decorations?

If you opt for a balloon cloud, you will need some weights so your balloon cloud is not flying away.

If you are in a garden and want to make a bunch that leaves from the ground and have the certainty that the bunch of balloons will not fly away at the first gale, you need to anchor your balloon cloud.


To make the cloud, you have to join the balloon wires in one hand and pull the balloons until you have the desired effect. If you tighten the wires just under the balloons, you will have a ball, the more you lower your hand, the looser the balloons and you can then play on the pitch.


When you have the desired shape, you must tie a knot to fix the shape of a cloud. Then tape or tie the wires at the desired height.



These are only some of the many DIY balloon decorations that you can do, but you can also look at how to do balloon tree decorations, how to arch balloon and many other decoration items.


It is a time-consuming task, and to get the best effects; it is maybe better to hire professional balloon decoration talents.


how to find balloon decoration specialists near me eventeus.com

Why should you hire a balloon decorator?

Balloons for events are nowadays used to stylize rooms and even sometimes hide their imperfections. Some will say that they hate balloons but beware, the goal is not to fill the room with multicolored balloons like balloons, with a clown in a corner modeling an elephant. On the contrary, during a large-scale event, balloons allow you to develop original concepts and create fantastic worlds with a personalized atmosphere.


Hire balloon decorator Talents for your events on Eventeus.com

Are you looking for a professional who masters balloon decorations? Look no further. We have what you need at Eventeus.com.


They know how to do the impossible with helium or air. Besides, balloon decorators love the challenges and the beauty of the ephemeral. Their decorations are therefore designed with quality balloons.

Your bubble decorations will be unique and will add an exceptional touch to your events.


Discover their achievements, that are just as surprising as each other and also very precise in terms of design.

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