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You have played an instrument for a little while and feel that it is time for you to share your musical practice with other enthusiasts. But you may not have musicians of the same level around you, who have the same musical tastes, the same desire to share their passion, or to invest in a group project.

Therefore, it will be necessary to call on other resources to allow you to meet musicians on the same wavelength.

Here are some tips to help you find your new band members with Eventeus.com.

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Most musicians and singers are well-experienced as they have played in a band, so it will always be easy to find potential band members.


How to quickly find band members online?

It is usually complicated to find good band members, but as a band or a musician, you can find ways to get your name out there and meet other talents to set up an amateur or professional band.

The best places to meet musicians are, unsurprisingly, the places that musicians frequent:


  • Local music stores

While you’re lining up to buy a set of strings or picks, why not take the opportunity to socialize with other musicians?


  • Music schools

They are full of musicians in the process of being trained, progressing on their instrument, and who, for the most part, show a strong motivation to put their new knowledge into practice.

In the majority of music schools, there are classified ad panels intended to encourage meetings between musicians.

Many well-known groups formed after their members met in music schools.


  • The rehearsal rooms

There too, many musicians cross paths all the time. It is the occasion to slip a furtive ear to locate those which could correspond to your research.


  • Concerts

Whether they perform on stage or are part of the public, many musicians attend concert halls.

When they perform on stage, you are faced with a perfect opportunity to assess their musical skills in the situation.


  • The jam / open mic sessions

The context is quite similar to concerts, except that you will also have the possibility of sharing the stage with other musicians for a song or two.

The climate is therefore even more conducive to musical encounters.


And on the Internet?

There is more than a traditional Facebook page and group to start your search for a local musician or a new bandmate.

Thanks to some of the best online marketplaces, you can now screen the best artists near you and worldwide.


Check Eventeus.com and connect with talents, artists, musicians, singers, and other professionals online!

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Which qualities do band members need?

 Playing in a group offers sensations and pleasure that are difficult to match when playing alone or with pre-recorded accompaniments. But when you have little experience in group playing or have never played with other musicians, it is not easy to find your marks and make your place within the group.

Today, we will give you essential points that will allow you to create musical cohesion with the musicians in your group.


Take care of the tuning.

This first point may seem obvious, but it is so common to hear groups that are not in tune with each other that it seems essential to me to insist on it.

Respect an external tempo

When you play an instrument on your own, you follow the beat that goes by without your head. It is what I will call the internal tempo.

Find rhythmic cohesion

Even the best musician in the world will be unable to achieve the same precision as a machine. It will always play a note a little before the right time or a little after.

And on the other hand, the musician can deliberately decide to play slightly late or early to bring a living side, a human side, to his interpretation.

Find a cohesion of intensity.

It is the same regarding the intensity of the interpretation of each musician. If the musician starts playing smoothly and with finesse while the drummer begins to ramp up and play louder and louder, the result will not be consistent.

Bounce back on the proposals of other musicians

This capacity for interaction in the group even makes it possible to go beyond simple variations in intensity. In a band whose members know each other well musically and are used to interacting, it will be possible to completely transform a song until it has nothing to do with the original one.


How do I know if my band members are good?

 Less than 10 seconds of an unknown piece of music have been played because you instinctively know that this song was recorded and mixed by an amateur in a home recording studio.

A good band member will understand and respect the role of each instrument. Playing alone offers tremendous freedom to the guitarist, who can bring a percussive dimension to his playing, play the chords’ bass, and use the sound he wants.

But a good band player will understand fitting his part to the whole band!

The good musicians will also find the sound that fits into the mix. Choosing a guitar sound when playing in a group is very different from choosing when playing alone. In a band, it is not the instrument sound that should flatter the ear. It is the overall sound of the group.

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