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Freelancers are often greeted with envious looks by salaried employees. Greater freedom and no boss sitting behind you – especially when things are not always rosy in your job, a freelancer’s work seems to be superior to your own. Join the best freelancing sites now!

But if you want to work freelance, you have to pay attention to a few things and face problems that permanent employees do not come into contact with at all. Also, freelancers and freelancers or freelancers are often lumped together, which further influences external perception.

Today, we explain the most important thing when working as a freelancer: find the right freelancing site to promote yourself and find new clients.

As a unique talents and artist’s online platform, Eventeus.com is connecting freelancers, artists, musicians, tour guides, and more to clients worldwide.

But why should you join a freelancing site? What should you look for when joining? And what to expect from gain from being part of the best freelance platform online?

What is a freelancing site?

Suppose you have already decided to start working remotely. In that case, it is now time to look for freelance websites offering comprehensive job boards, freelance jobs, and opportunities for your type of freelancer.

Either you choose to be part-time or a full-time freelancer, you need to find work!

More and more agencies, companies, and start-ups rely on project-oriented cooperation with freelancers.

There are almost five million freelancers in France alone, and around one in three personnel managers want to work with them more often in the future. But in the end, the question of all questions remains:


Be part of the best freelancing sites with Eventeus!Photo: envato – @seventyfourimages

How do freelancers get jobs?

How do freelancers get jobs that match their qualifications, requirements, and salary expectations? And for start-ups and founders, the question arises: which freelancer portal for which project, where is the easiest way to assign projects – in short: where can I find the best people?

As part of your screening process, you should first understand what a freelance site is and how it will help you work as a freelancer in graphic design, translation, or as a designer-developer or a freelance writer.

Anyone who works successfully as a freelancer needs a website to present themselves and their service.

Platforms for freelancers are online marketplaces that connect companies with freelancers.

Your profile on these project exchanges is essential. Your skills, professional experience, and other characteristics relevant to the provider (e.g., your location or your native language) should be clearly shown in your profile. Most platforms give freelancers the ability to upload work samples and create portfolios accessible to potential clients.

The integrated feedback and rating systems make such websites lucrative sources of income for the self-employed. If you accept a project on such a platform, you will receive a (hopefully positive) review. And the more work, the more feedback. The best-rated freelancers also usually benefit from the best positioning on the order side. Therefore, your profiles are often called up, which in turn leads to many new projects over time.

Each platform has its work processes, ranking algorithms, and payment systems. You should look at all of the options available and choose a freelance platform that matches your essential criteria.

How to join freelancing sites? 

The best way to successfully build a customer base as a freelancer is to create a strong, unique, and comprehensive profile. After all, in the beginning, your profile is the only piece of information a potential client has to check your work quality.

– Highlighting past work samples

You have to prove that you are proficient in your ​​work area, and instead of customer feedback, samples are the best way to do it.

– Use a compelling headline

The headline on your profile will be one of the first things any potential customer will see. No matter how good your actual profile is, a poorly designed headline can keep you from even being considered.

Good headlines are specific, informative, and professional.

– Pick the right photo

The right photo for your profile is more important than many people think. Together with your headline, your profile picture is often the first impression a potential customer will have of you.

– State your added value

One of the most critical steps in attracting customers is using your profile to show why they should work with you.

– Specialization vs. generalization

When it comes to making your profile stand out, it’s a good idea to limit what you do to as specific a niche as possible. The fastest-growing freelancer niches are highly specialized!

– Line up for larger accounts

When you start as a freelancer, you want to do everything possible to make your profile stand out to get your first job.

– Stay active and up to date

Once you’ve completed your profile, it doesn’t mean you’re done forever. As you work on more projects, your experience and the number of examples you need to show will increase. Continually updating your profile ensures that it is always as strong as possible.

What are the advantages of joining a freelancing site?

 The best freelancing sites will regularly post jobs and will be developed on the social media bases. It means that you will have to create your profile to introduce yourself to potential clients and explain your skills and why they should work with you.

Project exchanges for freelancers are ideal for expanding the customer base and attracting new projects. Project exchanges function as marketplaces, where everyone can turn their talent, skills, or hobby into money.

Would you like to earn extra income or expand your freelance portfolio with interesting new projects? Then you are at the right place on freelance platforms because they are a direct path to more sales.

Be part of the best freelancing sites with Eventeus!   Photo: envato – @Anikona

What are the best freelancing sites?

Within the next decade, freelance work is expected to become the primary work tool for more than half of the United States people. Here are the most famous freelancing sites worldwide:

  • Fiverr: probably the most popular freelancing site as it offers a vast selection of jobs and gigs.

On Fiverr, freelancers can define their skills and look for specific gigs based on their abilities. They can also list the services they offer and prices so potential employers can see the offers instead of contacting each project owner with an individual request.

  • Upwork: with now almost six million freelancer accounts registered on the platform, it is one of the leading freelancing sites.

Upwork remains one of the most most popular and demanded freelancing platforms at the moment. Still, some freelance activities and freelancers can’t be registered anymore due to many freelancers in the main fields.

  • PeoplePerHour: the top marketplace and freelancing site in Europe

It combines Fiverr’s style offers with sone many options such as Upwork and a large community. As a freelancer, you can freely apply to a defined number of job offers each month. However, with the other platforms, you will need to register and pay to get more bids available and contact more clients.

  • Freelancer.com: another essential site and leading freelancing online platform.

Freelancer.com offers some of the best fees and commissions on the market (around 10%). Besides, you will find a large selection of projects and job offers. Some of them are billed by the hour, others as auctions. Create your profile on Freelancer.com is simple, quick, and easy. However, all the best platforms you will meet competition from other freelancers.

There are some exciting choices, but it’s just a matter of choosing a platform and sticking to it.

Besides, these platforms tend to be overloaded with profile and take new freelancers quite some time to get their profiles  stand out.

To avoid this situation, you can register with one of these freelancing sites and focus on another most unique platform such as with Eventeus.

Become a member of one of the best freelancing sites with Eventeus.com!

As a modern talent and artist community,  Eventeus.com connects freelancers, artists, tour guides, freelance writers, musicians, actors, etc., to clients all- around the world.

It is a unique interactive, and comprehensive online platform for talents from all horizons.  Eventeus posts jobs, short term offers, shows, and artistic performances, within a social and business platform worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Join the community of artists and talents!


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