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Entering into the world of professional acting is not easy. Many famous actors or actresses were blessed with whealthy parents or were luckily discovered by acting agents or casting directors. But Eventeus will also give YOU a chance to get a taste of the world of acting.

How to start a career in acting?

Becoming an actor or an actress requires equal parts of patience, talent, practice and ambition. When wanting to become an actor or an actress, it is important to know that acting is not  just a regular 9 to 5 job. When deciding to enter into this field of profession one must have an open mindset. It is necessary for actors to adapt their lifestyle to this job. You must be passionate and authentic as an actress or an actor.

In order to become an actress or an actor one must be aware that it is a long, often it may seem like a never-ending way, before one can really work for starring roles. At the beginning, the acting auditions are the actual work. Doing auditions may be the most exhausting part of becoming an actor or actress. Aspiring actors audition for roles and perform those in front of a big audience. Their job is to bring characters to life.

Doing monologues, creating one’s own plays, joining acting classes and connecting with theater companies are the first steps of the process. It is essential to work together with acting coaches in order to gain the skills needed in the professional world of acting.

The most important tasks for soon-to-be-actors are reading as many scrips as possible and looking for potential roles one wants to play. It is crucial to act as much as possible. Set up a resumé that states your experience, education and anything else that gets attention. Get help from agents and coaches in order to discuss which roles fit best and show them your actor works. What is more, potential actors or actresses should constantly work on their memory and concentration skills.

Process of education

It is possible to get a certificate, an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree when going to acting school. Always keep in mind that acting schools are often private and very expensive. Most actors start their career right after high school when they enroll for studies in performing arts. However, a college education in acting is not really mandatory to succeed in the profession of acting, but many potential actors benefit from relevant insights they get in this education. When getting professional training, aspiring actors will also understand what is happening behind the camera in order to have a better perception of what the profession.

Becoming an actress or an actor is a very individual process that takes time. One must be patient and ambitious to achieve one’s goals in the field of acting.


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How to become a voice actor/actress?

Voice actors only use their voice to attract the audience. The advantage of being a voice actor or actress is the possibility to work from home if one has the necessary professional equipment such as microphones, a sound booth, an audio editing software, an audio mixing software and a room with acoustic treatment material on the wall. Voice actors or actresses are needed for different purposes: for commercials, video games, radio, audiobooks and podcasts as well as in movies and series.

When starting this career, it is important to train your voice with a professional coach. It is crucial to attend voice-over-classes in order to get familiar with your own voice. Becoming part of the community and doing a lot of networking in this profession is definitely the best way to learn how to become a successful voice actor or actress. Ask for individual and personal feedback in order to make progress.

Besides the training with the voice, other relevant aspects are marketing and technical skills. As voice actors and actresses usually work as freelancers, they are responsible for finding their own work. They have to create their own brand to get recognized on the market. By technical skills it is meant that voice actors or actresses muat be able to record and edit their own demo reels.

Why become an actor/actress?

Most people want to become an actor or actress for the reason of fame and money. However, it is not all about the money. There are some other indicators that lead people into the world of acting. The most important reason is one’s passion for performing in front of a big audience. Further, if you are an extroverted person that loves to be in the limelight, acting is the right thing for you. Becoming a professional in this field also means that one has to be very flexible regarding working hours. What is more, an actor or actress has to travel a lot as casting calls and acting jobs are taking place at different locations and countries all around the world.

Especially creative, outgoing and charismatic people are most likely to be successful in the field of acting. Also, if it is easy for you to make people laugh and you are using a lot of gestures when communicating, this will help you to become a good actor or actress.

When working as an actor or actress you really have the possibility to inspire others. You can make a difference with every role you play, even if it is just a small role in the community theater.

How much do actors make?

Actor’s salaries could not be more varying. How much an actor or an actress earns depends on the role they are playing. Depending on the industry and region, strong fluctuations can be observed. Whether actors or actresses are starring in a movie, a series, a commercial or in a theater they will be faced with different salaries. While some can hardly cover their living costs with their monthly income, others are among the top earners.

The leading role of a movie will earn much more than an actor or actress that plays a supporting role. The working experience in the field of acting is also an indicator that determines how much an actor or an actress earns. When you get hired for performing in student films, your salary will not be very high. If you already made the big break and get booked for leading roles in Los Angeles or somewhere else in the United States, you will make lots of money.

Typical starting salaries of actors vary from $9 – $100 per hour. When it comes to famous movie stars the payment is much higher and will often be in the 7-digit range. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who got famous with the movie “Fast and Furious”, recorded an annual income of $89,4 million with acting. Similarly, Scarlett Johansson earned about $56 million and is the best paid actress worldwide.

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Start now your acting career with Eventeus.com

The best way to start a career in the field of acting is to get to know the right people and do a lot of networking. Once you connected with people sharing the same passion like you, the process of becoming an actor will not be that difficult anymore. Finding the right acting class is not easy if you do not have any experience in this field. But do not worry, Eventeus has the best option for you to enter into the world of acting!

You are interested in the field of acting and want to join the community? Do not hesitate to embrace your skills and find an acting class near you with Eventeus.

Eventeus is a Digital Marketplace that helps people booking talents for their events and travel experiences all around the world. Check it out for booking professional acting classes near you!

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