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An e-casting is the introduction of an actor to a casting agency or customer in the form of a video and is thus differentiated from live casting.

When casting, the selection of models, actors, musicians and other talents for shooting and roles, can be understood as a process of role selection. This complex task is often given to casting agencies that are commissioned by the customer to find the right actor for a role.

When looking for suitable models for advertising or fashion shoots for example, the model agency takes on the function of mediating between the client and the model. The casting agency commissioned by the customer sends the model agency a brief with, whereupon the bookers select models from their card index and send the suggestions to the casting agency.

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What is the purpose of a casting website?

E-castings are often offered by the casting websites and agencies if the time until the shoot is very tight. The actor has to be selected quickly or the time and / or financially unreasonable travel for the actor for a live casting.

The casting agency specifies the requirements for an e-casting and the materials to be submitted. An e-casting usually consists of an introduction video in which the model recreates a given scene.

This also has another advantage for the actor, because he has several attempts to stage a scene perfectly.

Also, the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages, since primarily the talent, actor, comedian, musician or model has no opportunity to present itself live and to convince the customer of himself.

Besides, very few talents have professional equipment available to shoot a high quality video. Also, they have no experienced caster at their side, for suggestions for improvement or further stage directions. It is therefore always advisable to go to a live casting. As the chances of success in a job are much higher.

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Reputable casting process:

The casting consists of an audition, dance and a short pola shoot or the representation of a scene. It is recorded on video, provided with résumés and then shared with the client. In the end, the customer decides which model suits his needs and which one is booked for the job.

  1. A preselection is made on the basis of these suggestions. When making a decision, the casting websites and agencies is primarily helped by the ideas on direction and production that the customer has given in advance.
  2. After the preselection, the actual casting process follows. The selected models are invited to the casting and receive all relevant information from the casting agency.

When shooting a video, the model should pay attention to a few things. So that the presentation is as successful as possible.

The model should always be on time, well-groomed and appear on site for photo productions. They should not forget a model book and some sedcards.

It is completely normal that a large number of castings are often required before a fixed booking is made. The model should deal with these “setbacks” professionally. They should view them as additional experience, because every casting should be seen as an exercise. When casting, looseness and a natural manner in front of the camera are what count. The more often a model goes through a casting, the more routine it becomes and the excitement decreases. In order to reduce them in advance, good preparation is recommended. In addition, our professional partners offer casting coaching.

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With lcasting websites, actors access casting service in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and all around the world.

The online casting sites and casting networks opened casting frontiers. They give the opportunity to all talents to get exposure worldwide.

With Eventeus.com, a modern online talent community, casting professionals can easily find new talents online with a unique actor casting and can promote their search with regular casting notices.

On the other hand, artists and other talents can finally get an overview on the current casting calls. In this way they can find a trusted casting to show their skills.

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