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Regardless of whether you are a start-up or a running company, an artist, a musician, freelancers or independent workers or job seekers, it will always be necessary that you have to write a job advertisement to look for new project and staff, increase, expand or act as a substitute.

However, you should note some essential requirements that we would like to explain to you here.

Eventeus.com is a modern online platform that offers better offers than the general job board generalists. We cover all occupational categories, functions, and industries for all regions of a particular country. Any company has the opportunity to post ads there. It essentially distinguishes job exchanges from company career pages, on which only jobs for the respective company can be found.

You can refine your search results, use the free job posting sites for 30 days, access the comprehensive job board with a detailed job description for a part-time and full-time position, a sponsor job, online job.

The unique job listings are perfect for screening for open positions, post jobs, hiring managers, small business and private clients, and the job title.

Specialized providers or niche job boards focus the jobs on a clearly defined industry, on a professional category such as assistance, or jobs for engineers, on a specific career phase, e.g., training, management, or particular skills and knowledge, e.g., foreign languages.

Non-commercial and free job boards allow free use of their services. In this case, however, employers must expect that they will have to manually enter, categorize and maintain their vacancies in the online form. This service is usually offered inclusive by commercial providers.

What is a job offer? What is the best place to post a job offer?

 You or your HR department creates a job offer or job advertisement to fill a position, find talents and experts for your new projects, or offer your services.

This job pr position can either be internal to the company, or it can be used to acquire external employees. In the public service, this is even required by law in some instances.


Writing a job offer – why is it so important?

The job advertisement represents your company, your services, and your skills externally, just like your advertising. Therefore, you have to present yourself so well that the applicant feels like working for you and your company.


However, to do this, you have to know exactly what to expect and what you expect from the talents and people you are looking for.

What tasks do the jobbers have to do? Are you looking for someone to work part-time or full-time or only temporarily? Therefore, it is crucial that you get to the point briefly and concisely and that you present yourself and your wishes well and in an appealing way.


The general structure of a job advertisement

In your job offer, you should explain who you are (i.e., your company), what you are looking for and what you expect from the applicant.

Whoever feels addressed now, of course, would like to know what he will get from you in turn.


Therefore, next, you mention what you have to offer and then explain how he should apply to you (e-mail, post) and which documents you need. Don’t forget to include an application deadline and a preferred appointment date so that the applicant can see in advance whether he or she will have the opportunity to start this quickly.


Job offer implementation tip:

The job offer must catch the viewer’s eye and encourage them to apply. That is why it is also said that it should be built according to the AIDA principle. That means:

  • A – attract attention,
  • I – arouse interest,
  • D – (Desire) trigger desire,
  • A (Action) – act, i.e. apply.

best place to post job offers

How to post job offers at Eventeus – The best place to post a job offer

 Job offers are part of the umbrella term “ job portals ” and “online talents’ marketplaces” such as Eveneteus.com.


On the one hand, job exchanges are used by companies to search for personnel online beyond their own company career page.

On the other hand, they make it easier for applicants to find a job because they will find many job offers from various companies at one central location.


Besides, candidates can often create an online resume and enter themselves into an applicant database. Recruiters can then access this database – also known as a profile database – to view the resumes and portfolios and contact candidates.


Access to these databases is usually chargeable. A distinction is made between so-called job exchange generalists, specialists (also niche job exchanges) and regional job markets on the one hand, and commercial and non-commercial providers of jobs on the other.


Besides, there are also “Hybrid models” or “ freemium job exchanges” that offer certain primary products free of charge with additional options that can be purchased.

You will find all the details about the job offers and candidates’ profiles online on www.eventeus.com.


With Eventeus, for example, the employment agency’s job exchange is a point of contact both for job searches and for companies looking for personnel. You can post jobs for free and create new job openings in the comprehensive job advertisement section.

Besides, Eventeus is also acting as the best professional social network to connect with people from the industry worldwide!

Therefore, before advertising jobs, every company must consider the extent to which drafting the best job offer is essential online.


What are the benefits of posting job offers on Eventeus?

The online job-advertisement supports the recruiting process with the Internet’s help and was the leading e-recruiting tool of its time in the 90s. Even today, many companies still rely on online job advertisements for recruiting.


Further, with Eventeus, you can move faster and find the best talent, experts, and freelancers for all kinds of projects!


  • Eventeus.com: Being available around the clock at any location is the reason why companies post job advertisements these days. The job offers should be available 24 hours, seven days a week, and accessible to every target group.
  • Due to the reach of the Internet, job advertisement can not only be placed regionally through newspapers, etc. but can also be viewed internationally around the world with Eventeus. It enables the company to attract applicants from all over the world. It means that applicants from other countries and continents can apply for jobs outside the national borders.
  • A widespread can lead to significantly more applications from abroad that have to be processed.
  • Costs principle, job offers on Eventeus are cheaper than conventional print advertisements. Also, companies have the opportunity to change and adapt the display promptly.


Join the best place to post a job offer now:  Eventeus.com!

With Eventeus.com, you can now promote your skills and services online to customers, clients, and companies worldwide. It is a great way to get your name out there, present your skills, show your portfolio, and promote your services worldwide!


Also, as a private client or a company, it is also a great way to find the fitted professionals for your projects and events!

All you need is to join the Eventeus.com community, check the many professional profiles based on your needs, select the talents and discuss your project with them. Be part of the best place to post a job offer!


What are you waiting for to find the best talents for your job offers online?

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