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What is a Blues Band?

 Blues is not about producing the notes perfectly and hitting every note exactly. Instead, it’s about expressing real feelings from sad to jubilant.


The singing can be soft, or it can be rough. Unlike classical music, the notation of the blues

notation of the blues is never binding. It should be understood as a suggestion and may be changed and adapted to the text.

blues band

Which are the best Blues Bands?

The Blues Band is a British rock and blues band founded in 1979 by the otherwise successful Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness, and Hughie Flint ( McGuinness Flint ) with Dave Kelly and Gary Fletcher and is still active (with only one line-up).


Which instruments play in a Blues Band?

 Here are the key instruments you will usually find in the best regular blues bands:


  • The guitar replaced the banjo in 1920 and is still an essential instrument of the blues.
  • The Harmonica: Early on, this woodwind instrument was popular with the black because of its transportability and low price. For the blues, the harmonica is the perfect instrument.
  • The Piano: Like the guitar, the piano can accompany as well as take solo parts. The piano makes an essential contribution to the blues.
  • The drum kit appeared in blues bands only after the 2nd World War (around 1950). It provides a steady beat to keep the group in rhythm. The drums often have solo parts in the blues.
  • The bass belongs to the rhythm section. In the 50s, the double bass was replaced by the more, the handier, lighter bass guitar.


How to start a Blues Band?

 The best way to start a successful Blues Band is to find the best talents and musicians.


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