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When we work in the event industry, we are often focused on logistics. We try to develop the most beautiful, the “hottest” events, which will create “wows”.

Nowadays, it takes more than a great venue to motivate clients, partners, and guests to join your events, especially in a world where people are more and more in demand. It takes a strong motivation to take some time in our busy schedules.

With experience, we have noticed that the best events offer the best artists and entertainment. Original and memorable events with performers, music, art, music show… where freelance artists are creating a unique atmosphere!

What is a freelance artist?

Also referred to as an artist, author, or creator, an independent freelance artist, exercises an artistic activity for his own account.

Likewise, a freelance artist can be performing artists who benefit from the status of “entertainers.” These are also musicians, comedians, actors, models, performers, painters, choreographs, singers …

To this end, the social security scheme differs from one status to another, depending on the professional artist’s activity.

The most well-known freelance artists

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Musicians and singers
  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Dancers
  • Painters

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But there are plenty of other freelance artist jobs. Performing arts professionals put their creativity at the service of artistic representation. Theater, dance, music, and visual arts… each mode of expression has its specificities. With one constant in these professions: the importance of teamwork.

Actors, directors, casting specialists … Whoever thinks of a show often thinks of performers. Singers, actors, musicians, and dancers who take center stage directly contact the public.

However, performing artist jobs also includes all the technicians who work before, during, or after the performances. The freelance artists who manage the light, the music, and organize the sets to be in order—the artists who are complying with the director’s or the choreographer’s requirements.

Behind the scenes, we find the lighting designer, the scenographer, the decorator, the costume designer, the managers (lighting, sound or show), and the machinists and the workers (painter, carpenter, electrician …).

Without forgetting the managers who set up budgets (show or music producer), seek a place of representation and an audience (broadcaster, tourer, festival organizer), or manage a theater and/or concert hall. A show is the result of teamwork on stage and behind the scenes.

Discover some of the less-known performing freelance artists

  • Circus artists
  • Production managers
  • Costume designer
  • Decorator-scenographer
  • Artistic Director
  • Lighting designer
  • Machinist builder
  • Stage manager

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How to become a freelance artist?

In principle, anyone can call themselves an artist because this title is not protected. As a talented layman, anyone who acquires artistic skills themselves will still be recognized as a professional. So, there is no actual definition of the term art, so it isn’t easy to distinguish between artistic and non-artistic activities.

However, the criterion of the level of design is viewed as critical.

For some freelance professions, such as musicians, painters, or composers, it is entirely sufficient to assume that there is an artistic activity.

It is where the concept of the general understanding of traffic comes into play. Which means that if the general public regards a profession as artistic, this view is usually followed by the legislature. It is precisely here that the missing purpose of art comes into play.

Professional activities in which the results serve a practical purpose are not classified as art from the outset. Anyone who works as a fashion illustrator or photographer must prove that the artistic element is predominant in their work.

For example, visual artists, fashion designers, and commercial photographers are recognized artists, as well as a scientific draftsman, a painter, or a sculptor.

How much do freelance artists make?

If you are interested in working as a freelance artist, you have necessarily heard of the “artist fee.” It is merely the musician’s employment contract; when you play your show, give a concert or even act or perform for someone. You are, in reality, hired like any employee, but with a particular contract.

In Europe, all types of activity combined, the income that artists get directly from their work amounts to an average of 24.000 euros. But this figure makes little sense, given the vertiginous inequalities within certain professions.

Besides, the freelance artists’ remuneration varies according to a certain number of parameters: the context of the broadcast (recording of a disc, radio, television, cinema, concert) and the duration or frequency of the performances.

How to book a freelance artist?

When looking for talents to join their team and projects, producers, casting agents, choreographs, event organizers … are searching the best freelance artists online on casting websites and talents’ communities!

As a freelance artist, you need to find clients, and it can require a lot of hard work at first. Successful freelance artists used word of mouth to get some gigs, They do not work for free, and they mostly join freelance artists’ online-platforms to find freelance work and potential clients.

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