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Do you have what it takes to be a freelance model? Are you ready to work, and do you know how to find models contracts, gigs, and other freelance model jobs?

Today, as a client, model scout, casting agent …, you can also finally easily find freelance models online, with talents platform such as Eventeus.com, and get to choose from plenty of new faces and models.

What is a freelance model?

Adorn the covers of top-class magazines, present the spring collection for renowned designers on the catwalk, be brand ambassadors for international sporting goods manufacturers or play a role as a supporting actor in a music video. Every model targets these types of jobs.

As a freelance model, you have the same goals, but you decide to own your modeling career and work independently.

How to become a freelance model?

 There are many prerequisites for working as a model. External characteristics such as unique charisma, beauty, and a tall, slim figure are essential. In general, women from 174 cm have a real chance, but the ideal size for female models is now 180 cm. The ability to change is also essential for a career. Make-up artists must apply make-up to the model’s face in a unique and multifaceted way. A prospective model must bring discipline, patience, resilience, health, and the will to get up in addition to the looks.

Do you have to be ultra-thin as a model? No, but to work internationally, you can have a maximum hip circumference of 90cm (measured at the thickest point from your bottom). Of course, it is also essential that the body is nicely taut or firm and possibly lightly trained.

  • Good to know: As a freelance model, the average starting age for girls is between 16 and 18 years, and you will need a declaration of consent from your parents if you are under the age of 18.

For catwalk models:

  • Model size: 88-62-91 (+ – 2 cm)
  • Size: 176 cm (+ – 2cm)
  • Face should have symmetrical features, strong hair, full lips, large eyes, and high cheekbones
  • You should be fluent in English, reliable, and willing to travel

To start your modeling career as a freelance model, you need to find clients and modeling jobs … so you need to apply for castings and convince your clients.

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What should the application look like?

Clients usually prefer when the prospective models apply online in advance on their websites. Pictures, contact details, height, and measurements are essential here.

The images should be a natural portrait, bikini photo, and a laughing portrait. And they have to be without make-up – as the clients need to see the girls as they are!

If the client is interested, he will contact the applicant and invite you personally for casting and to discuss things further.

How much do freelance models make?

As a freelance model, you start at around 500 euros a day. For editorial fashion spreads, it is sometimes a little less.

Depending on professional experience, this can increase from 750 to 2250 euros per day for advertising shots. Upper limits depend on the consistency and level of awareness of the model and the size of the campaign.

The daily wage for a model job varies greatly depending on the country, client, and the model type. In the long term, there is no limit to earnings, but the following guidelines could help you at the beginning:

  • Model hostess at events: Approx. 150 to 250 € per day
  • Catwalk model: Beginners up to 100 €, with experience around 400 and 1200 € per show
  • Photo model: Approx. € 100 to € 300 per day
  • Art model: Usually around 15 to 25 € per hour

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How to start a career as a freelance model?

 As a freelance fashion modeling talent, you will be responsible for finding your gigs, building your portfolio, and find your freelance work and photoshoots.

Luckily, nowadays, without modeling agencies and agents, any type of modeling talent can find modeling gigs.

The modeling industry has some online fashion and model online websites, such as Model Mayhem. They offer a job board with modeling projects and tasks from photographers, art directors, model scouts, make-up artists … in search of models and faces to showcase their products and services.

Besides, as fitness models or fashion models, you can contact the clients directly and develop a professional network throughout the industry by attending events, be present on social media, and use your friends and contacts as reference.

You can also join some unique digital marketplace that helps people booking talents for their events all around the world. Eventeus.com is one! Join the artists and models community, check the fashion gigs and clients who post regular freelance modeling jobs, and boost your career as a freelance model.

Hire freelance models with Eventeus.com!

With Eventeus.com, you will expand your professional network in the modeling and fashion industry and find new contacts and clients such as photographers, model scouts, casting directors …

Eventeus.com also connects clients to freelance models worldwide to offer a comprehensive talent community and new project opportunities.

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