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Between dance, circus, and music, Bounce Dancing explores the gestures of falling and bouncing. It is also a popular type of dance that needs proper teaching to perform and fully enjoy bounce dancing.

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What is bounce dance?

Bounce dance is a type of movement that bounces! It is grounded in street dance, which is carried out on the rhythm of the music. It can be applied to a different part of the body, including the head, shoulders, legs, chest.


Bounce is the scandalous cousin of rap, tells a New Orleans torn between withdrawal and conquest of the world.

The hips rear and the body quivers under the soaked Lycra of the mini-shorts. On an urgent and jerky tempo, hands on the ground or against a wall, knees bent and back bent, the dancers catapult their hemmed hindquarters.

Who created the bounce dance?

It is inspired by dances originating in Ivory Coast and Congo, but it is also credited with Brazilian and Caribbean origins. In its current form, this movement was born in the early 90s in New Orleans, in the African-American hip-hop music scene, then danced to

energetic bounce music.

Miley Cirus popularized it on the MTV Music Awards stage in 2013. Here, the booty-shake is a ballroom dance, a must-have in the trousseau of local culture, an urban and participatory tradition: we wiggle between friends, family, boys, and girls, straight and gay alike.

Since considered “sexually provocative”, this dance was popularized in the 2000s and evoked in their songs by Beyoncé (in “Check On It”) or Justin Timberlake (in “Sexy Back”).

bounce dance

How to learn bounce dance?

The Bounce Dance and Fit course are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and endurance during intensive training.

Besides, this course allows you to let off steam, decompress, and relax.

It is a kind of repertoire of exercises. The teacher says, “bounce!” and everyone knows what to do. It’s a kind of exercise routine that you have to know.

First, you have the bounces that work on the upper back in a curve by small flexible and dynamic bounces above the waist, in the axis (in front of you), and the diagonals (in a slight twist, that is to say, a twist of the spine above the waist), which awakens and stretches the spine.


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