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Find the best catering near me with Eventeus.com

Organizing a party at home with friends and family, or a corporate event to gather your partners and colleagues is not always easy.

It requires a master’s planning, entrust your full service, your menu selection, your buffet or your seated-meal from a catering company or a professional caterer.

The advantages of calling on a professional catering manager for your events are many. Between saving time and saving last-minute troubles, the caterer is the perfect solution for all your occasions.

Catering Jobs Introduction

A caterer for delivery or a turnkey service? Our caterers for a cocktail are all specialized in a reception format. If you are looking for a high-end, mid-range or low-cost caterer, we have a service provider for each type of customer request.

​Choose your options: with or without staff, tables set up or not, reception place to find or not … With Eventeus, we will connect you to the best catering companies.

You only have to send us a request to receive our proposals of culinary service providers that best meet your expectations!

A specific request?

Allergy to seafood, fervent defender of the vegan cause, lovers of fresh fruits and vegetables … Specify each detail, and we will put you in touch with the best caterers for your event.

catering talent eventeus

Find caters near you on Eventeus.com

All-in solutions with Eventeus.com: Weeding party, cocktail dinner, corporate lunch? New Year’s party or a company party? Brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Whatever type of event you organize and the kind of catering service you are looking for, we will get you in touch with the best caterers and catering companies near you, to define the most suited full-service catering managers.

Get the perfect menu selection to your request: budget, culinary style, additional services …, for the event catered by our network of catering companies and individuals.

We know the proper caterers whose job is to delight your guests with a gourmet dinner or a lunch cocktail with traditional cuisine, gourmet canapes, Italian food, Asian, Lebanese and other international cuisines… , while always controlling your catering cost

Catering Services for events

Breakfast, brunch, wedding, restaurants, thanksgiving, corporate events …? We have all the options to select your event catered in Nice and the French Riviera:

  • Sit-down meal
  • Cocktail reception
  • Sandwiches & Salads
  • Snacking for your office’s meetings
  • Food animation stand
  • Bartender cocktail & Mixologist

Our catering companies can also provide kitchen equipment rental, reception equipment rental, Paris food equipment rental, as well as a kitchen brigade: catering manager, service and catering staff.

  • Gastronomic cocktail caterer

This high-end caterer will make a gastronomic cocktail for your family receptions or your professional receptions of standing

  • Wedding cocktail caterer in Paris

Some of our caterers specialize in weddings and family receptions: menu for adults, a menu for children … All culinary styles are possible!

  • Catering for hot cocktails

These quality caterers provide his know-how for large-scale events: your cocktail party will be pleasant and served warm!

  • Cold cocktail caterer

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this catering service is ideal for eating on the go, cold and fresh, and suitable for the day after a wedding or New Year.

catering talent eventeus

Care Home Catering Jobs on Eventeus.com

Are you looking for a caterer on the Cote d’Azur for your home parties? We have classified our culinary service providers for you by mode of catering and Chefs at home.

  • A cocktail format for a standing reception?
  • A buffet to allow everyone to compose the plate of their choice?
  • A sit-down meal to think about the menu yourself?
  • A mobile kitchen for an outdoor event?
  • A private chef for a culinary experience with your guests?

These culinary entertainments stand to let the taste buds of your guests travel. Have it served by experienced staff and organized by the best caterers.

You can also choose catering boxes in delivery to have the meal yourself on the table and pay less. A meal tray to facilitate the service of your buffet at home on a sunny day.

Book your catering services online at Eventeus.com

Save time: Going through the services of a catering company for your events allows you to free up time and devote yourself to other tasks such as organizing entertainment, decorating the reception area, managing invitations, etc.

Our professional caterers will support you for corporate events but also home catering. They will provide you with a turnkey meal, ready to taste.

Besides, by entrusting the organization of the meal or the buffet to a caterer during your events, you can spend the evening serenely, taking full advantage of your guests.

Offer a quality moment to your guests: The meal is one of the most important criteria that determine the success of your event. So, to not disappoint anyone, you must offer your guests, refined and delicious dishes.

Our catering companies will be the ideal people to bring you tasty dishes, which will combine creativity and culinary know-how. Whether you choose dishes served at the table during an annual corporate dinner or a buffet to celebrate a retirement, our caterer adapts and offers you a menu fitted to your desires and inspirations.

Get in touch with Eventeus to find comfortable and efficient catering service solutions!

Do not hesitate to share your project with us. We will meet your expectations with precision and make all your events a success thanks to our dedicated catering service.

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