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Very popular, varied, fitted to different styles of events, music very often contributes to the event atmosphere and is, therefore, key to a successful party.


Here, we are going to tell you why you need a live band for your private party and corporate events, but also the techniques to integrate music in your gatherings, in an optimal and personalized way.


Classic rock is not only popular music with people who experienced the advent of this musical genre during their youth. Indeed, according to a study published in a psychological and scientific review, classic rock is also successful among young people today.

What is a classic rock band?

Classic rock is characterized by a wave of rock released in the 60s and 70s. These songs have become “classics.” Recall that the term classic rock designates a radio programming format dedicated to rock music published during this period.


Among the many classic rock artists considered to be the most representative interpreters of the classic rock, you will find some famous, record sales, music bands.

From the rock and roll to the punk rock from San Francisco and the American West Coast to the British rock groups, there are iconic solo artists with million records sold, memorable live shows in gigantic stadiums.

How to make or start a classic rock band?

It is enjoyable to play in a group. It will push you to surpass yourself as a musician but also as a person! Playing in a group is extremely rewarding, especially if it is a serious project.


The first thing you need to do to get your band together is to find other musicians to play with you. Of course, on your own you will surely ignite the stage with your guitar, but you will still need a musician in any case, even if you want to sing solo.

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  • How to get into a classic rock band?

I advise you to first go to the internet or ask for old acquaintances. On specialized magazines and forums as well as on social networks, you will probably be able to find people, and you will have to make a selection afterward.


Explore some other ways to get in touch with other musicians and performing artists.


On eventeus.com, you can find people sharing the same interest as yours and create a rock band together.

As a talents’ online platform, Eventeus is accessible 24/7, anywhere. On eventeus.com, you will find a lot of musicians and artists using the website to find new gigs and develop their network but also looking for musicians to join their classic existing or coming rock band.

It is an excellent opportunity to find the people you need, who share your passion for classic rock and have experience on the stage.


Afterward, once you have found versatile musicians, you are ready to start training and defining your style, your playlist, and finally find gigs and clients thanks to the other side of the Eventeus platform: the talents/customers connection!

  • Which classic rock band style is yours? 

In the second half of the 60s, the fusion of pop and folk appeared in the United States with Bob Dylan, The Byrds, etc. Through its fusion of traditional music with rock, blues, country music, we can define some decisive influences:


  • Classic Rock
  • Pop Rock
  • Rock Fusion
  • Rock and Folk
  • Hard Rock
  • Punk


The rock wave of the 60s and 70s is considered “classic” in the sense that it founded the foundations of rock in the following decades.


find classic rock bands to hire for your events on eventeus.com

Many bands symbolize classic rock bands of all time: Queen, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, but also more powerful rock ‘n roll and classic hard-rock such as AC DC or Grateful Dead and many more.

  • How much does it cost to hire a classic rock band?

Hiring a classic rock band for an evening or an event is an excellent idea because you will offer quality and fun entertainment to your guests and guarantee the atmosphere of your evening.


For example, between 500 and 3.000 €, you can call on a group of professional musicians. But there are many parameters to take into account to know the exact price of a performance by a classic rock band for a private live concert.


In the price of the musical performance, it is necessary to take into account the intervention of a sound engineer. Especially if you are in a concert atmosphere and when the number of musicians is high.

Most classic rock bands will include these other fees that can influence the price of a provision of a group: the rental of sound equipment, the mood lighting, the play of light, the cost of accommodation, travel, etc.

Why should you hire classic rock bands for your event?

All music lovers adore classic rock. Given the musical research, we can consider that the classic rock of the 60s and early 70s today reaches its peak.


The fact is that three generations know and appreciate this musical genre. The success of classic rock is explained by the fact that young people are influenced by the music heard by parents and that of grandparents.


The particularity of classic rock is that the music is authentic, passionate, and full of life.


Besides, it is nice to have an exchange between musicians, singers, and you (the organizer) to make the event is full of merriment that makes it possible to create a musically festive atmosphere: it is priceless.


find classic rock bands to hire for your events on eventeus.com

How to hire classic rock bands for your events on Eventeus.com?

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