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With world-famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay or Wolfgang Puck and acclaimed TV shows such as MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen as America’s test kitchen, the art of cooking, and cooking classes are trendy. They attract thousands of new people every year.

What needs to be considered when choosing a course, what are the latest trends, and where can you book a cooking session? We’ll tell you all you need to know!

Why should you take cooking classes?

Cooking is in! And where better to experience this trend than in a cooking class. 

Are you looking for a present for your loved one or spending an original day with your best friends? Perhaps you are one of the food lovers who love to treat themselves to some time with like-minded people now and then!

Then a cooking class is a beautiful way to make yourself or others happy.

Learning cooking techniques and cooking skills, knife skills with step by step instructions and different cooking techniques, cooking courses are the best way to learn to cook modern cuisine and become a great world cuisine home cook.

Besides, you can now access to some unique online cooking school and online courses that will take you far away from the classic stir fry and junk foods.

The agony of choice

The range of cooking courses and online culinary schools is varied. Before you book a cooking class, think about what expectations the course should meet.

  • Are you a daily kitchen cook or a hobby gourmet? 
  • Would you like to get to know the culinary arts of distant countries, or are you interested in healthy eating? 
  • Are you a trendsetter in the kitchen, always looking for the latest hypes on your plate? 
  • Do you prefer the classic course in a “normal” kitchen or rather the unusual in a unique atmosphere? 

As soon as you are clear about your expectations, searching for a suitable cooking course or online cooking classes begins.

The trend on the plate

Online Cooking classes

As you have probably seen online on cooking videos and shows, cooking class is always a trip to another world. 

It is not always and only about the cooking skills from distant countries. The trend is towards healthy people, whether from near or far. Clean eating and superfoods are particularly popular.

Book a cooking course: cooking schools, online cooking classes, or star chef?

Most adult cooking centers offer courses on different national cuisines or healthy diets for beginners and advanced. Home cooks 

Exclusive cooking courses with an experience factor or somewhat unusual topics such as “erotic food”, “paleo food,” or else, are more likely to be found in cooking schools and online cooking classes.

This type of online cooking is a great way to experience new cuisines and food, from the comfort of your own kitchen. A course including all the needed skills and teachings to master new dishes at home, with your personal equipment and kitchenware.

Besides, this is a great way to test kitchen online with some free trial and free cooking classes to test. It allows you to check if the cooking classes and training are perfectly fitted to what you want to learn.

Also, either live or online, if you are looking for an exceptional experience, a course with the star chef is personally recommended. 

More and more professional chefs are looking into the pot and sharing their cooking skills with the rest of the world. 

Private Cooking classes

Private cooking classes can take place at your home. You choose the topic, and the professional chef takes care of the ingredients. Cooking and dining are carried out in a homely atmosphere together with the course management.

Outdoor cooking classes 

If you love nature, we recommend you outdoor cooking. You can cook a wilderness menu with up to 4 courses under the guidance of an open fire and an open fire. 

Cooking courses at castles and vineyards are also very trendy. They provide a unique ambiance and comfortably fit your holidays throughout France and other European countries.

Here, the offer ranges from rather simple medieval fare to multi-course, sophisticated menus of Michelin star cuisine.

How long are cooking classes?

The cooking courses are suitable for beginners, ambitious hobby chefs, or advanced users. Usually, cooking experts go into each level individually and assist if desired or required. Nobody has to worry that he stands out as a beginner.

Each cooking class lasts approximately 4-5 hours. After this time, it is time to eat your self-prepared menu, and you are usually invited to chat and share with the chef and your group over a glass of wine.

Besides, with most new cooking classes, the courses include wine and drinks, rental apron, recipe folder. All menus and groceries are seasonal.Thus, it can vary depending on the time of the year you are joining the cooking class.

Finally, in case of allergy, the chef will usually try everything to enable you to take part in the cooking course, provided that you already let him know about your allergy when you register. If your allergy is not compatible with the desired cooking course, they will let you know.

How much do cooking-classes cost?

Depending on the location, chefs and local cooks take into account the average income of the inhabitants. For example, one earns a better living in Paris and the south of France than in the countryside of the West or the cities of the North. 

To find customers, you take into account the standard of living in the region.

In France, the average price of a cooking class varies from 17 to 80 € per hour for most courses at 40 € / hour / Pax.

Besides that, you take into account French cuisine, food, and wine pairing, organic cuisine, world cuisine … the cooking specialty  when determining the hourly rate.

Specific recipes of traditional cuisine, in particular, are considered less technical to carry out than Japanese cuisine, for example. Some specializations are also more popular than others and attract students easily.

How to find cooking classes near me? Eventeus Marketplace

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Joining Eventeus platform is the best way to find the best cooking classes near you and to discover excellent local chefs, food lovers, and culinary experts anywhere!

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