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If you listen to the current charts, you will see that quite a few DJs and their songs are trendy. But what are DJs anyway?


What is a DJ?

 DJs never actually sing their pieces themselves – and they rarely play an instrument either. That’s because a DJ’s job was initially to pick out songs – and play records.

The DJ played two records at the same time and let the songs merge – so there was no break between the two songs


How much does a DJ make?

 As an indication, we give you the regular fees for DJs in Europe:


  • independent mobile DJ: between €500 and €1000 the service (wedding, evening …)
  • Resident DJ of a club: between 200 and €400 the service
  • Recognized DJ: €10,000 per service.


Who is the most famous DJ?

 David Guetta comes in the first place, not too surprisingly. On Facebook, he has by far the most subscribers, and on Spotify, he is not badly off as a member of the 15 most listened to musicians in the world. With 8.4 million Instagram followers, the musician is not one of the biggest on the platform, but he doesn’t have to hide under any circumstances.


Besides, you should know:

  • Marshmello
  • Martin Garrix
  • Avicii
  • Calvin Harris
  • The Chainsmokers


Which song plays a DJ Saxe?

Avoid creating a mix that contains too many hits. If you know your audience, you know what level of energy you want to achieve, what kind of music to mix, and which direction to take. Choose songs that you support and that represent your style.


Don’t be afraid to mix older or obscure songs with current hits; that’s what makes you unique!


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