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 Dubstep is an electronic music genre originally from London, which exists as an independent genre and is also often used as a remix basis.

What is a Dubstep DJ?

Dubstep describes a music genre that was primarily developed in South London and emerged from Garage and 2-Step.

It started around 2001, although there is no consensus on what exactly the first dubstep record was. UK garage DJ El-B is listed as the first dubstep producer in several sources.

The name “Dubstep” comes from Club Forward, looking for a suitable term for the newly emerging music genre.

The Dubstep DJ has diverse influences from electro, jungle, and other electronic styles quickly absorbed. Artists like Skream or Benga developed dubstep further and further away from the garage roots. There is a kind of “sister genre”: grime, which is a British form of hip-hop that has similar roots, but unlike the mostly instrumental dubstep, it also includes rap.


Many producers made a name for themselves as dubstep DJs and artists.

How much does a Dubstep DJ make?

The DJ is intermittent in the show. A fee most often pays him. And the more famous he is, the higher his salary!

  • A Dubstep DJ can earn from 50 euros per hour to 500 euros for an evening.
  • In a nightclub, he can earn 1,750 euros net per month.
  • The star DJ can earn between 10 and 12,000 euros for a 2-hour set!

But beware, in the Dubstep DJ field, the David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and other world-famous DJs are not many.

dubstep dj

How to become a Dubstep DJ?

No specific diploma is required to become a Dubstep DJ.

Most DJs are self-taught, both creative and technical. However, some private establishments, generally costly, offer disc jockey training.

All you need is a great music culture. You also need to learn and stay aware of the latest equipment and sound systems to perfect your act.

How to find the best Dubstep DJ near me?

The disc jockey, and Dubstep DJ, is a musical entertainer who works on turntables. He proposes and animates a program of music that he chooses and which he composes.

The program is always adapted to the public’s tastes, in a specific situation and place: disco, club, studio, private parties …


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