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Eventeus Got Talent Live 

If I talk to you about a connected event and virtual talent shows, does this mean something to you?

Eventeus invites you to discover specific techniques allowing you to connect your event while avoiding certain pitfalls. Eventeus provide new “Live Experiences and talents online “based on your needs and your target!

You can now book a concert, and the retransmission can be done via many platforms such as Zoom, Google Duo, Skype, Facebook Live, and more.


eventeus got talent live

What is the online customer experience? 

Indeed, today, few events are not connected. In North America, over the past few years, we have seen many virtual shows online. Among these shows, there are  America’s Got Talent, Golden Buzzer, Models and fashion shows with famous people such as Heidi Klum, and some other shows to talent the champions online,

The events sector has understood this well, offering connected events is the guarantee of new opportunities for organizers and companies; as well as for the guests and visitors.

How to do a virtual event? Stream cast and add your experience on Eventeus.com 

Let’s start by defining what the connected event is. Also called event 2.0 or digital event, it is an event or manifestation for which the organizers install objects, animations, technical installations, or digital means. Although representing a more or less significant cost, this investment is becoming more and more essential.

  • The first advantage: developing and improving interaction with participants.
  • Virtual events extend the audience’s experience from reality to digital.
  • The spin-offs in terms of communication are significant, as connected, the participant or the exhibitor will promote your event. A significant advantage!

Whether at a trade show, during a keynote, during a music festival, or during a seminar, interactivity is a significant asset for gathering information and being reactive.

With Eventeus.com, it is simple, quick, and easy: the customer book a talent, then he gets a link for the show, and he can invite his guests to join the show.

How to conduct an online talent show?

When organizing connected events and virtual shows, it is essential to turn to the side of social networks. Before, during, and after the event, social networks ensure the vitality of information and allow it to reach a broad audience.

Eventeus offers a platform that will allow you to watch your booked talents and performers online. You can opt for a Las Vegas-style performance, Shin Lim style magic shows, and take inspiration from the many Fremantlemedia virtual shows already online.

How to book talent on the live stream? 

Looking at the keynotes of these online shows and tech giants, we understand the importance of broadcast on social networks. The users can follow the event as if they were there. Once the event is over, everyone can go back to their activity or continues the discussion with their friends through comments, stories, and posts. You can also organize interactive votes, games, quizzes, etc.

Live on Facebook, but also Youtube and Snapchat, and much more … live stream experiences have become a staple of any connected event.In addition, live stream allows event organizers to open up to greater participation thanks to the internet.

Another benefit of social networks for your virtual talent shows: developing interactivity with people who are not present at your event or who probably wouldn’t have come.

eventeus got talent live


Eventeus.com Marketplace for Live events and experiences

If you want to organize a digital event and book talents live for your events, it is better to call in professionals.

Eventeus.com is a dedicated talent finder, thanks to its vast network of artists, performers, musicians, and more. As an event technology service provider, our company can support you before, during, and after your event.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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