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Do you feel the same way sometimes? You are walking through an exhibition, and it feels like you are standing in front of a shop window. You look at the texts, the exhibits – and just don’t “get in.”

As an exhibition designer, you simply do not reach the staging. It is none of your business. It is tedious and incomprehensible that may or may not be due to the topic. Well-made exhibitions tell the exhibition history – the matter – in such a way that their visitors are not left indifferent.

Working with space is central in the visual and performative arts today. The combination of exhibition design and scenography in one course is an expression of the fluid boundaries between spatial practice in various arts and media.

Are you seeking a creative interior designer with experience as an exhibition designer, graphic designer, maybe with years of experience in museum exhibitions, trade shows, or exhibition graphics?

Eventeus is a unique online marketplace, a combination of employer bids and freelancers’ profiles. It ranks job ads based on your own criteria such as employer bids and relevance, digital designer levels …

With Eventeus, you can find a job as an exhibition designer or as a designer for furniture, events, fashion … It is a platform where talents, artists, and freelancers can design, develop and build up their experience and career.

What is exhibition design?

Exhibition design brings together artistic, curatorial, and architectural decisions. The focus is on the conception and design of exhibitions of contemporary art and archive and themed shows. In addition to exhibition spaces and architectures’ practical development, an intensive dialogue with curatorial practice is offered for theoretical discussion.

Scenography sees itself as a staging space expert and defines the position between the traditional areas of stage design and direction. Scenography and exhibition experts can then start working in the theater, on film sets, etc. They can be freelancers and independent talents to develop unique and creative spaces that tell a story in the form of installations, temporary architecture, choreographies, and performances. In the project-oriented course, the classical and modern dispositive of the theater are examined. The central theme is the negotiation of the relationship between space, content, viewer, and time.

Exhibition designers plan and develop exhibition concepts for trade fairs, exhibitions, or museums and implement them creatively.

Typical industries for exhibition designers are:

  • Exhibition designers find employment, for example
  • for exhibition and congress organizers
  • at museums
  • at advertising agencies and in design studios

How to become an exhibition designer?

With a demanding and visitor-oriented exhibition design, the creation and the scientifically flawless implementation of the exhibition concept are in the foreground. The sensitive handling of historical and contemporary topics is of the highest priority and a matter of course for our agency. We rely on close cooperation with our customers, historians as well as art and cultural scholars, from research through conception to high-quality implementation.

To become a professional and recognized exhibition designer, you will need to have a university degree in exhibition design.

The project-oriented and internationally oriented Master’s degree in exhibition design reacts to new professional fields in presenting objects and products with demanding content. It applies to the areas of the museum and the exhibition detached from the museum context as well as trade fairs and company presentations.

The exhibition design course is based on exhibition design, product presentation, museum studies, technical basics. Besides, this training will bring you to reach specific professional fields as graduates are trained as interdisciplinary experts for the visual communication of content and scenography.

You will be able to work in areas such as museums, exhibitions and trade fairs, and company presentations:

  • As an exhibition designer, you are responsible for planning and developing concepts for the exhibitions. In addition to trade fairs and exhibitions, museums can also be used for the design results. The working environment is usually at design studios, organizers of congresses, exhibitions, and advertising agencies and museums.
  • The exhibition designers primarily develop the content, dramaturgical, and graphic concept for exhibitions of all kinds. Ideas for the presentation of the exhibits can also arise and directly influence the content of the exhibitions.
  • For example, new products can be presented with detailed information or tourist highlights of a country that can be delivered.
  • When selecting content for the upcoming exhibition, the designers act as consultants for their customers, are responsible for research, and the initial dramaturgy also has to lay the design’s foundation.
  • More and more importance is attached to the memorable and entertaining form of presentation of the information in current productions. To do this, you have to dig deep into your bag of tricks and come up with complete room and design concepts.

exhibition design jobs

How much can you make with exhibition design?

Precise salary comparison for the profession of exhibition designer will support you in your salary negotiation.

The salary is less high in the first two to three years because you can only officially call yourself an interior designer after this time in your profession.

Important to know: A bachelor’s degree is not sufficient for academic education. It would be best if you admit to the chamber. Until you are registered, you earn less than € 2,000 monthly.

But this time is also passing, and the collective agreement for exhibition designers promises a salary of around € 2,500 to about € 3,500 per month.

Specialized exhibition designers can also earn more and, with increasing professional experience and position, come to an average gross monthly salary of € 4,500.

Besides, the career prospects for exhibition designers are better than those of their architect colleagues. Since space for new buildings is not only limited in city centers, orders to redesign existing space have become more frequent. Substantial and medium-sized companies in urban areas are more likely to redesign their interior design than leave their location in the city center.

Companies that want to set up their business premises in a more usual manner are a possible client. Graduates of the interior design degree also receive orders from the following branches of industry:

  • Shopfitting
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Theater industry
  • Film and television industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automotive industry
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Museums

Where to find exhibition design jobs?

 Whether topic-related, for museums, in companies, at trade fairs and events, or in the form of flexible presentation modules, you could be in need of an impressive and qualified exhibition designer for your next projects!

With some online platforms, you can now find experienced and professional exhibition designers online, with tailor-made exhibition design experiences.

With Ecebetsu.com, a unique online talents platform, you will find exhibition designers who can plan and develop your exhibition concepts for trade fairs, performance shows, or museums and implement them creatively.

In which industries do exhibition designers work?

  • Exhibition and congress organizer
  • Museums
  • Advertising agencies and design studios
  • Event agencies

Find exhibition design jobs with Eventeus.com!

With Eventeus.com, you set up your job alert and exhibition design experts and find professionals from Bachelor degree to Master’s with designer jobs experience, construction documents background, art museum and history museum experience, and more!

A significant advantage for all entrepreneurs and freelancers in exhibition design is that you can invest in your skills and in areas as varied as space design, atmosphere creation, custom-service, and much more.

It is what Eventeus.com has to offer to both clients and freelance exhibition designers. It is a unique platform that connects people to the best-skilled freelancers worldwide!

What are you waiting for to join Eventeus and find the freelance columnists you need?

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