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Face Painting is an ancestral art observed in certain tribes on all continents. Originally a warrior art, today, it is mostly festive.

Having made a remarkable entry into the world of fashion, professional face painters are now offering a wide choice of face painting services for private parties, special events but also corporate events as part of the branding to create a continuity with the setup and themes.

Full face painting for the next kids’ birthday party -with FDA compliant products – and for your next Halloween event is part of the many customer services that a recognized face painter can bring to your next celebration!

Come and discover a discipline that reveals exceptional moments of creativity!


How to book a face painter for your events on Eventeus.com

Finding a face painter for your events is a good idea, but where could you find such artists near you?

Eventeus.com is a pro-active talent platform so you can find all the artists, musicians, and performers, as well as event organizers, caterers, and more.

Part of the services is to get you in contact with face painters near you, offering face painting services for kids and adults, so you can easily make your choice and hire the fitted professional face paint artists at any time.

What is face painting?

To introduce to the work and artworks that face painters can do for you, let’s start with the example of artistic makeup and face painting for children.

Face painting and makeup are some of the best entertainments for children. Equipped with brushes, multi-colored palettes, and glitter, makeup artists will produce a temporary work of art on children’s faces.

All the talent of these professionals is to produce in a few minutes, a breathtaking visual effect. Then, the makeup child will walk for several hours, proud to wear all these colors.

After a few brushstrokes, the children will transform into their favorite characters or animal. They can play as a cat, a princess, a tiger, a superhero, a butterfly, a pumpkin, a pirate, etc. Everything they have always dreamed of becoming is accessible with artistic makeup.

Face painting allows children to imagine themselves in another world. They will be honored for a day with their friends or family. The makeup workshop brings visitors to have an intimate and joyful moment. Offer a unique escape time to your children with artistic makeup.


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How to become a face painter? How to face paint?

It is good to start with a professional makeup artist graduation (2 to 3 years studies) with a lot of practical internships to become a professional face painter,

Then, comes the specialization into face and body paintings through seminars, training, and more internships to:


  1. Learn the theory

Lay a solid theoretical foundation for your future and gain confidence.


  1. Perfect your skills

Refine your knowledge and learn more about the world of Face Painting by taming the techniques.


  1. Practice all types of designs

Learn over 50 carefully selected designs that will help you improve your placement skills and learn how to create your own balanced compositions.


  1. Practice with exercises and tests

Solidify your knowledge and skills by putting them into practice in exercises and questionnaires.


  1. Get your certification

Obtain a unique Diploma and a special badge, which will attest to your new status as a certified Face Painter.


  1. Become a pro and boost your Face Painter career

Makeup artists will have to gain experiences and develop their face painting portfolio.

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Can you use acrylic paint on your face?

The use of quality and specific body paint is, therefore, mandatory. It is not a good idea to replace it with acrylic paint, which contains ammonia and heavy metals, which are all very dangerous for our body, especially if they are ingested.


How to make white face paint?

White, colored, and black makeup are all based on the same primary ingredient: baby cream. Starch, food colors, and charcoal tablets then ensure the correct coloring.

How to remove face paint?

Face paint should be either water-soluble or fat-soluble.

Water-soluble makeup:

  1. It can be easily removed with water and water-soluble cleansing milk.
  2. When the first layer of paint is gone, wash it thoroughly and dry it gently.
  3. Afterward, a toner is particularly important, that is, a nourishing and clarifying facial toner
  4. Finally, apply the cream.

Fat-soluble face paint:

  1. To take it off with coconut fat, milking fat, or marigold fat for removal.
  2. When most of the makeup has been removed, you should work with the standard cleaning products: cleaning milk and toner.
  3. A short steam bath or a hot washcloth is perfect for clearing the pores again.
  4. Apply toner and cream for care.

How to paint a clown face?

  1. Cover the hair with the false skull
  2. Apply white face paint to the entire neck and face, but leave the outline of the mouth and eyes blank
  3. Draw tall, angular eyebrows in black pencil
  4. Spread the black eyeshadow around the eyes in a triangle towards the top of the skull
  5. Mark the underside of the eyes with a red pencil
  6. Draw the outline and inside of the clown’s mouth in black then color his lips in red

How to paint a clown face

Why hire a face painter for your events?

Artistic makeup is an attraction that seduces and fascinates both adults and children!

This face painting corresponds to the creation of a unique and temporary work of art on the faces of young and old, is an animation that everyone appreciates, and which can take place both outdoors and inside.

Hiring a face painter for your next events will bring your guest together and bring a festive atmosphere.

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