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What is transition career coaching? And how does it differ from career advice or business coaching? In addition to “systemic coaching,” professional and career-related advice tends to lead to a shadowy existence. And this even though 55% of all coaching events are professional.

But does it even exist – for professional reasons? Much of what is ultimately dissatisfaction with life is often related to the job. However, behind a seemingly simple occasion such as “I’m dissatisfied at work,” a wild garden of life issues can also open up.

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What is a career transition coach?

 Professional reorientation as an important topic and a new career path should be approached professionally with experts’ advice!

Such professional dissatisfaction is widespread, as is a mixture with other issues, such as an unsatisfactory partnership or insufficient fulfillment of meaning. In many cases, the professional blow is also a sign of maturation.

In our experience, a large part of the job-related coaching occasions relates to professional reorientation. It can only lead to a holistic view.

If someone wants to rethink their job or even profession fundamentally, they can by no means exclude the “rest of life.” It’s about existence, about family, about connections. And very often, childhood dreams too – and childhood trauma and, of course, social influences.

Professional reorientation can often be entirely psychological, as it is about profoundly anchored beliefs, developments, and personal maturity. Such career coaching is closer to the borderline to psychotherapy than some systematic coaching but is often offered by a career transition coach!

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What does a career transition coach do?

In my advanced training course, career transition coaching is the support for professional changes. Career counseling is, on the other hand, selective support for career-specific issues.


Career coaching can include:

  • Professional (initial) orientation
  • Professional reorientation
  • Personality and job-related diagnostics
  • Potential analysis and strength development
  • Competence analysis/accounting
  • Planning
  • Career strategy
  • Career development, leadership development, development as and to a manager
  • Application advice
  • Job search coaching
  • Start-up coaching


How to become a career transition coach?

The helpful prerequisites on the way to becoming a coach include:


  • Vocational training, work experience and/or a university degree,
  • The ability for self-reflection,
  • A certain age or life experience. On the one hand, to be able to sell well and dearly and on the other hand, to understand the client even better. It is also part of being a coach.
  • The ability to see your services as products and to be able to make money for them (sounds simple, but not easy for everyone) and
  • Marketing know-how


A career transition coach’s essential skill is to elicit the “right” goals from his clients or work on them together.

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How much does a career transition coach earn?

Career start, professional reorientation, or return to the job market – a career transition coach advises and supports clients in matters relating to their job and career.

Here is the average gross salary around Europe according to work experience (gross salary per month):


  • 9 years’ experience: € 4,000
  • 3–9 years’ experience: € 3,500
  • < 3 years’ experience: € 3,000


Find a career transition coach with Eventeus.com!

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