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The proofreader job is far from being dead in publishing houses. Nowadays, there are almost only editors. Nevertheless, you can become a proofreader.

Becoming a proofreader is particularly recommended today on a freelance basis.

On a freelance basis, you can become a proofreader and acquire customers yourself. Becoming a self-employed – or freelance – proofreader is the ideal alternative to an already rare job in a publishing house.

What does a freelance proofreader do?

Proofreading is very similar to a sub-area of editing, so the two are often offered in combination. Of course, the proofreading is much less comprehensive; for example, it is only about the linguistic and not the content.

Besides, no authors are supervised in publishing negotiations, and project development is also not part of the usual activity. Nevertheless, proofreading is very demanding.

As an editing & proofreading freelancer, your work will be to check, edit, and proofread using the best improvement model. As a professional proofreader, you always proofread your work and carry out editing with a high-quality level.

We improve the following aspects of your work:

  • Scientific writing style
  • Tenses
  • Fluent sentence structure
  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistake
  • Punctuation

In addition to editing and proofreading, you can also offer extra services.

There your proofreader will check the structure of your work. You can send feedback to your clients on:

  • Structure
  • Division of chapters and paragraphs
  • Title and headings
  • Repetitions

Your goal is to identify the problem areas in personalized feedback. You can send suggestions on how they can improve the structure of your work. In doing so, as a freelance proofreader, you identify the major problem areas in the client’s content.

The understanding should also be part of your scope of work.

The comprehension check helps the client to write a logical and understandable paper. As a freelance proofreader, give suggestions for improvement for:

  • Unexpected leaps in thought
  • Illogical reasoning
  • Unclear definition
  • Unclear objective

You can also draft targeted comments and checklists: When a proofreader discovers an illogical or incomprehensible passage, he formulates suggestions for improvement in the text’s words. Besides, as a client, you will receive two completed checklists for your work’s general comprehensibility and logic.

References check can also be offered in your service list.

The source information check improves sources in the text and the bibliography. Using the guidelines of the citation style, the proofreader checks:

  • The overall layout of the bibliography
  • Uniformity of the bibliography
  • Completeness of the information
  • References in the text

Layout check

Clients can have the layout of their work optimized during the layout check. Choosing from different areas such as:

  • Pagination
  • Uniform formatting of paragraphs
  • Automatic table of contents
  • List of tables and figures

When uploading, you can individually choose which areas we should improve in the text. The client can also tell you the specific requirements of your university.

Service offers, tasks, and activities

The proofreader’s work is usually carried out on the screen; a file in the original or as a copy is made available for proofreading. Private authors and copywriters are just as much a part of the customer base as students, doctoral students, or companies’ PR departments.

Editorial offices also often have articles for books, online publications, or magazines assessed by proofreading and, if necessary, changed.

Proofreaders rarely work with the so-called flags and mark errors in the sentence and their changes using generally good correction marks. Proofreaders who work in specialist publishing houses often develop uniform writing instructions, which they maintain and continue with.

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How to become a freelance proofreader?

 A proofreader usually works as a freelancer.

Permanent proofreaders can only be found in a few publishing houses – and the number of positions is being cut further.

Often, however, a freelance proofreader also has to provide services other than pure text correction.

Quite a few of these freelancers work as copywriters or translators to earn extra income.

Even with a degree in a technical course, you can become a proofreader or a lecturer/editor – and, for example, prepare technical documentation.

We recommend that you offer not only proofreading but also editing. This way, you can expand your range of services because many clients are looking for proofreading and editing or want to be informed about both options’ possibilities. Sometimes it is more advisable to proofread a text than “just” to correct it.

Editing includes proofreading services – i.e., checking for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation – and aspects such as style, expression, logic, and/or other components.

Becoming a proofreader is pretty easy, provided you have a degree suitable for becoming a proofreader.

Of course, the profession of a proofreader can also be practiced as a sideline. It is not uncommon for teachers or lecturers to work in this area, and your freelance activity may not exceed the main activity in terms of the hours worked per week.

Where to find freelance proofreading jobs?

The proofreader finds his customers through sophisticated marketing.

Professional freelancers market themselves and their services by writing advertising letters, writing newsletters, designing their website appropriately, distributing flyers and brochures, and making contacts at trade fairs and exhibitions.

The entry in a competence database like Eventeus.com must not be forgotten. Interested parties can find a proofreader in their city or the immediate vicinity which works nationwide and can be reached personally.

The freelance proofreader can introduce himself in his profile and presents his services and references.

Market and promote your freelance proofreading services

If you want to market an offer with your proofreading, you should create your website with the website construction kit’s help. It makes it possible to present all published content without hiring an (expensive) professional agency.

It is essential to pay attention to current regulations regarding the formatting and arrangement of a good website’s components.

Describe the services you are offering: correcting bachelor and master theses, other theses and publications, correcting spelling and grammar …

How to start a freelance proofreading business?

 As a proofreading freelancer, you will need to set up and register your businesses to develop your activity.

Then you will need to find clients and freelance proofreading jobs regularly. The best way is to join relevant and efficient freelancing online platforms.

Here are some well-known websites for proofreading jobs and freelance work opportunities.

From the most classic professional networks and social media such as:

  • Craigslist and its many job boards and classifieds.
  • LinkedIn the employment-focused platform where you can find job posts and company profiles as well as new contacts
  • Facebook professional groups
  • And many other local professional networks for each county

To classic jobs marketplaces offering freelance jobs and gigs for all kinds of proofreading levels and experience:

  • Guru.com
  • Indeed.com

And the most famous freelancing platforms are offering editing and proofreading freelance jobs and projects worldwide:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr
  • FlexJobs

With these sites, you can start your job search for proofreading services such as editing and proofreading, grammar and spelling, Chicago style editing, and other style guides.

These places regroup many freelancers – sometimes too many as it creates fierce competition and lower rates – and a large number of clients and projects.

Besides, they are simple to use:

  1. Register online
  2. Create your profile
  3. Choose your membership
  4. Search for freelance proofreading jobs online
  5. Make your bids and offers
  6. Start to work with new clients

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