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For many people, a DJ’s job is often reduced to raising your arms behind your gear while randomly turning knobs. The reality is not that simple, however. Curious to find out what a DJ does?


What is DJ music?

A DJ can be understood in two ways – as a performer DJ (artist) who entertains the audience with his performance or as a service DJ oriented towards the audience and flexibly selects title by title and mixes it spontaneously.


What does a music DJ do?

 A DJ primarily takes care of the music at a party or a party-like event. His job is to entertain the guests on-site with his music. The party’s place, the occasion, and the entertainment implementation can vary greatly – clubs, festivals, weddings, company celebrations, radio appearances, etc. – and present the DJ with more or less significant challenges.


The service DJs are a little different – it is almost impossible to have a whole night of partying with a perfectly rehearsed mix. They tend to rely on a broad portfolio but can also specialize in genres.

These DJs rely on and train their intuition and entertain the audience by skillfully selecting the music, so the audience here influences the DJ and the next track they choose.


And that brings us to an essential skill of a disc jockey: the feeling for the audience, regardless of whether they are a performer or a service provider.


How to start a music DJ career?

A DJ usually has a strong passion for music. He hears a lot, consumes a lot, and analyzes them. He worries about whether the music can be a good fit for one of “his” parties.

Accordingly, it always supplies itself with new titles and keeps its music library fresh and up-to-date. A DJ brings his music to the party or club himself, in good quality on vinyl, CD, or digital form.

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How much can you earn as a music DJ??

Worker on the show, a DJ, is most often paid by stamp or copyright.


Its income depends on its notoriety. For information :

– Independent mobile DJ: between 500 and 1000 € for the service (wedding, evening …);

– Resident DJ of a club: between 200 and 400 € a set;

– Recognized DJ: 10 000 € for a set.


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