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Along the calendar year, talents and artists will have to travel across the country and participate in many agency castings. On the one hand, these are great fun, and exciting challenges, but on the other hand, they are not always carried out fairly by companies.

Today, Eventeus.com, the modern online marketplace, takes actors, musicians, content creators, comedians, and other talents closer to clients and people looking for artists. There, you will find a list of the best online casting calls near you for union actors, cast sag-aftra actors and members, actors models, musicians, and more, with or without having a talent agent.

What is a casting call? 

For the performing arts, the casting calls auditions are the step which makes it possible to choose a team of actors, dancers, animators, singers, or other extras for a performance, a show, a TV show, a role for a film …

How to find casting calls? 

It has become a big argument: beware of fake casting announcements or paid auditions. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, it is still better to go exclusively through well-known and serious networks and ban somewhat fanciful casting calls.

What to wear at a casting call?

Anyone who wants to get hold of a role or is even hoping for a significant breakthrough in the film, music, or modeling industry should carefully plan the first steps towards their goal.

When casting, the first impression should be convincing. How this turns out depends to a large extent on the clothes you wear during the casting call:

  • Choose the right fitted clothes
  • Clean and slick look, with a tight-fitting white top for women or a shirt and black pants for men
  • High-heels and simple black shoes for men
  • Avoid flashy underwear
  • Do not use too much makeup

Find casting calls near you with Eventeus.com! Photo: envato – @NomadSoul1

How does an open casting call work?

Casting usually consists of a series of auditions in front of a casting jury made up of people such as the producer, director, and choreographer.

The early stages of a casting typically require performers to present pre-prepared audition pieces, such as short monologues or songs. The following steps may involve potential artists tested on the considered work in various combinations.

The casting jury considers both the individual talent of the artists and the chemistry of their association.

Find casting calls near you with Eventeus!

With the right online casting platform, artists can now find all the best-fitted casting calls. The best talent agency is an all-in-one place where you can quickly contact and meet casting directors and talent agencies for the suited projects. It should get you to find gigs in various fields such as tv shows, films-tv acting jobs, models, and artists’ open casting in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, and more.

Are you a new talent? Are you looking for castings and new projects on your own? Join  Eventeus.com and the artists and talents community worldwide.


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