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Personal trainers make it their business to be there, personally and individually for their clients.

To do this, they depend on their sporting goals, time conditions, and physical requirements. Based on this, they create a tailored training plan, which they then work through with their clients.

It can include all types of training :

  • Health and fitness 
  • Muscle building
  • Cardio training / heart rate
  • Zumba
  • Martial arts
  • Yoga, Pilates …
  • Etc.

An experienced coach or a personal trainer helps us maintain long-term motivation, lose weight, and fix our fitness goals to take care of our safety during the workout and training sessions. With personal training, you can access the best professional advice in the fitness industry and some private coaching and nutritional counseling.

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How to become a fitness coach?

As part of the fitness trainer license, the knowledge gained in anatomy, exercise science, physiology, and training and nutrition science is significantly expanded and deepened. 

Besides, additional skills and better fitness levels are acquired primarily in performance diagnostics and medical training therapy. In this way, performance-oriented athletes or customers with sports injuries can also be optimally looked after.

To obtain the full fitness trainer license, you also need the medical fitness trainer, and the personal trainer training must be completed. With the successful completion of all these 2 extra courses, you will receive the fitness trainer license. 

You are now trained to provide comprehensive customer support and can also respond to more specific customer requirements.

How to become an online fitness coach?

Everyone has their motivation for training. Lose weight, feel better, want to live healthier, or have more muscles. 

Clients’ goals are your personal online fitness trainer goals:

As a client, you can also get tips and advice about your posture, diet, and mental health during exercise. Because fitness is more than just a few basic set of exercises. 

Personal online fitness coaches are body shaping professional:

Therefore, you have a suitable exercise for every goal. Because of the many exercises you know, a lesson at a distance is never dull, and it is easier to continue. Of course, the fitness trainer takes clients’ pace and condition into account. After all, it’s about them.

With Eventeus.com, All personal online fitness trainers have their own action plan. Therefore, it is essential to formulate your wishes and goals so that the trainer can take them into account.

How much does a fitness coach make?

Online monitoring: from 60 to 200 euros per month! Besides, online personal training will often offer a free workout or free first session to test and check the program and offers. 

It is the most economical solution since it does not involve the physical presence of your trainer. The coach sends you a program to do at home or in a gym. 

The prices differ according to the frequency of exchanges with your coach, ranging from several times a week to once a month. 

The technical advice is often based on videos (of the trainer and the practitioner to determine the points to improve). Still, a beginner will indeed have difficulty learning the movements without physical presence.

Note: Dietary monitoring is a plus, especially in the context of weight loss.

How to find a fitness coach? Eventeus Marketplace

Would you like to get back in shape, lose weight for a special event, or let go of everyday stress? Or are you training for a marathon?

To reach your goals as quickly as possible and need an extra dose of motivation, a personal trainer is just right for you! Eventeus is your digital partner and pool of talents and professionals to find a fitness coach near you in no time within a professional network out of the current social media offers!

With Eventeus talents, you get individual care, elaborated personal training plans, and new lifestyle and nutritional advice.

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