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Passionate about all types of writing and wanting independence? The profession of a freelance writer is one of the popular jobs in the world of freelancing.

Many people choose to quit their jobs to start as in the freelancing business as freelance writers. We can see a lot of them around working full time or part-time writing article for blog posts for high paying clients and other companies around the world.

We know that the profession of a freelance writer is not easy. If you have just started out as a freelance writer, looking at job boards is a good idea looking for jobs that pay. Besides, the prices are pulled down because you face fierce and international competition.

What is freelance writing?

Writers do not only write a wide variety of texts such as non-fiction books and novels, but they also write blogs, radio plays, plays, journalistic works, books (or e-books, audiobooks), etc. These contents go through publishers or magazines and newspapers, but increasingly also on the Internet in blogs free of charge or similar articles. A freelance writer is a “content mill”!

Writers mostly work freelance. Depending on the type of written work, you have contact with various literature business specialists (e.g., publishing house employees, editors, journalists) and their readers.

Besides, clients need content for various projects, and the content does not have the same purpose. Some projects require items that are well researched and of impeccable quality.

Other projects require content intended for search engines. For these articles, clients ask that the contents be unique. I don’t expect high-level quality, so I’m not prepared to pay the same price for these two writing types.

Novel and fiction writers

The novel and fiction writers first look for a suitable topic and usually develop a plot before writing the manuscript. The finished one Submit the manuscript (or first chapters) to a publisher. If accepted, they sign a contract with the publisher (or a theater, radio station, etc.). You give lectures and appear at public readings.

  • Some other writers writers on-fiction books, novels, poems, books for children and young people, radio texts, plays, journalistic works, etc. on various topics and publish them as books, e-books, or audiobooks through book, magazine, newspaper, and multimedia publishers. The Internet is becoming increasingly important as a publication medium for writers. They make their texts (or excerpts) available as blogs or similar posts and thus draw attention to their work.

The process of writing a book can be very different. First, however, writers will look for a suitable topic and usually a plot. Develop a synopsis before you start writing the manuscript. With the idea (the plot or Exposé ), the search for an interested publisher usually begins.

Writers carry out content research on their text ideas so that factual information is also correctly reproduced in novels and fictional texts. They discuss their ideas, plots, and manuscripts with publishers and editors and with friends and acquaintances and work on suggestions for changes.

Sometimes they do initial excerpts and drafts about social media accessible to test reader reaction. The writing of the manuscript can be done in very different ways. Some writers write their texts practically without interruption. Others write only a few pages a day.

Freelance writers

  • Freelance writers are mostly writing blogs and articles for clients worldwide.

In addition to the creative activity of writing, administrative and organizational work also belongs to writers’ tasks. They have to organize appointments for discussions with clients, check contracts, settle fees, prepare tax returns and other tax reports, submit them on time, and take social security care.

  • Freelance writers and authors: a checklist for the guest post

To give you the decision for or against writing a guest article as well as tips for writing a guest article, look through this:


  • Check whether the thematic focus and the reputation of the potential publisher match your focus and goals.
  • Always write guest posts about your core topics. On the one hand, the effort for you is limited. On the other hand, you sharpen your profile (and in the opposite case, do not water it down).
  • Clarify in advance what expectations the site operator has of guest posts. Some – like us – publish fixed rules in advance.
  • Check whether the foreseeable effort for you brings the possible return. What do you expect exactly?
  • Clarify in advance whether links to your blog or a social media profile are desired or allowed in the guest post. If the Google guidelines are strictly interpreted, only “no follow” links are allowed for guest posts.
  • Please expect to have to revise the guest post several times. The first version is rarely adopted unchanged.
  • Write the guest post with the publisher’s target group and readership in mind – not your target group (which may, however, match). It can also mean using examples that are unfamiliar to you and a slightly different style.
  • Depending on the blog, it can make sense to have the finished article checked before publication.
  • Make sure you are mentioned as the author in the guest post.
  • Clarify when the article will go online and coordinate the link’s sharing in the various social networks.
  • Publishing is not enough: read the comments on your article and answer any questions or comments that may arise
  • In some cases, writers are also active in teaching and convey their access to writing to up-and-coming writers.

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What skills do you need to be a freelance writer?

Creativity is one of the essential skills of becoming a writer. But what you still need to grow into this profession,

A good freelance should create and avoid such associations from the outset not to throw his client into hell. Even in the age of the Internet, it is not possible without extensive general knowledge.

What else distinguishes good copywriters:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Curiosity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Research ability
  • Empathy (and knowledge of psychology)

There are several essential qualities and interests that you need to become a writer. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Creativity is a critical skill in becoming a writer.
  • Patience and Discipline: As a writer, you tend to be a freelance worker, which means the work’s pace is up to you. To meet deadlines, you must have a structured workflow.
  • Perseverance: Communication between a writer and a publisher is not always that easy, so you need to be prepared for many different situations.
  • Marketing Skills: You must be able to promote and optimize your portfolio
  • Research skills – regardless of genre or style of writing – and the ability to explore different perspectives and stories will help you learn this profession.

How to become a freelance writer?

You don’t have to go to college to become a writer. Many writers are self-taught. Here are some ways you can develop yourself in this profession:

  • University Degree: The best way to learn more about the profession is to study literature and write regularly. It will help you familiarize yourself with this art form and improve your writing and grammar skills.
  • Writing classes are one of the easiest ways to get started in this profession: Most options are available online and last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, and prices can range from € 300 to € 800 depending on the course’s length and complexity.
  • Self-study – if you enjoy writing, you can also practice independently. However, to see if you are doing well, you can join groups on social networks where other writers share their works and difficulties and learn.

The entry into the writing profession

To become a writer, you should take a break from everyday life to devote yourself to writing fully. Here are the main steps to get started with your first text:

  • Choosing a Genre – To become a successful writer, it is good to know what genre you want to write and whether it is suitable for your audience.
  • Find a niche where you can place your writing well – so you can find the right audience.
  • Collect ideas in a diary that you always carry with you.
  • Read, edit, and practice daily.
  • Contact someone who can read and rate your texts. Having a professional opinion can help you find new ways to develop your skills.
  • Work after creating the first text

The writing profession does not end with writing a text. It can even take the longest time to find a publisher – and thus an audience – after the work is finished. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Build a Portfolio

Before you begin your search for a publisher, it’s essential to put together your portfolio with a copy that will demonstrate your skills.

  • Choose an online platform to publish your texts. You can create a website or blog.
  • Make a list of potential publishers and employers – this will help you find the right publisher that will give you a better chance of making a living.
  • Alternative Publishing Options – Self-publishing is one of the best ways to create a book online through the Amazon platform. Read the article to learn more about how to publish a book yourself.

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