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Considered to be one of the main changes in the labor market, freelancers remain an unknown population. In a world still ill-suited to their needs, new solutions are emerging to make their daily lives more comfortable.

One in three workers is now freelance in the US. A study conducted by Upwork and Freelancer.com even anticipates that this status will become the majority among the American working population by 2027!

In Europe, it iS the same story. Composed of millions of independent workers around Europe, this battalion has experienced a growth of 145% for 10 years. Far from being a marginal phenomenon, this population continues to grow in the heart of a world of work searching for new models. Because traditional wage-earning no longer makes everyone dream. The balance between personal and professional life, the need for independence.

As virtual assistants, web developer, web design artist, performer, graphic design specialist, event planner …

What’s a freelancer?

The freelancer’s real face: although more numerous, freelancers are too often still subject to prejudice. But freelancers working from home are full time or part-time independent contractors!

While many people associate freelancing with low income, the reality is more complicated. In the United States, the fastest-growing category earns at least $ 60,000 a year. Not so bad for a worker who is often considered precarious!

Another popular idea: freelancers are former employees who have gone through the unemployment box who would not find stable employment.

On the contrary, it is a real career choice. According to a study, 90% of freelancers do not want to become full-time employees again. In comparison, 75% say they are proud of their status—a feeling of satisfaction that is rarely found among traditional employees.

Finally, even if freelancing historically stems from IT professions, the phenomenon is far from being confined today only to developers and other data scientists. There are indeed many professions around the image – UX / UI designers, artistic directors, graphic designers, or photographers – and the communication and web marketing professions.

Besides, we now find plenty of mainstream freelance sites to meet potential clients and find new freelance jobs. Freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Eventeus.com are the best online platforms where freelancer offered their services as part-time and full-time freelancers.

O the other hand, clients (corporate or private companies and people) can hire freelancers for all kinds of freelance work such as social media blog writing, freelance mobile app development, photographers, freelance performers …

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How to be a freelancer?

 As a freelancer, you work as an independent entrepreneur or contractor. Depending on your local regulations, you must register with the tax office and follow basic rules and legal actions.

However, it is easy to register as a freelancer and to start working.


Some of the few challenges you have to keep in mind are that you need to care for your health insurance as an independent worker and that you need to organize yourself always to get new freelance projects.


Freelance castings, job boards, freelance websites, and other collective and community platforms are great ways to find new freelance jobs online to grow your activity and get more revenue.

These freelance websites are also used to promote yourself and our services as inline business cards and contact points.

How does a freelancer work?

Many people who are flirting with quitting their job and earning their living as a freelancer in the future only see the positive sides: You are independent, can work when and where you want. But there is another side to working freelance.

Are you aware that working as a freelancer requires a great deal of personal responsibility? Much of what your employers have taken care of up to now, you now have to do yourself. Before you venture into freelance work, take sufficient time to clarify all legal, financial, and personal aspects!

Checklist for freelancers

  • Would you like to work full-time or as an employee alongside your job?
  • Make a budget list with all the fixed costs that you will have to incur each month and consider whether a full-time job as a freelancer will secure and even improve your standard of living. It would help if you were not financially worse off than before. Sooner or later, your motivation would suffer and force you to give up.
  • Do you have financial reserves to make ends meet even in months with few orders during vacation or illness?
  • Like every other working person, you are also required to have insurance. It is up to you to decide whether you want to have private or statutory health insurance or whether you want a private provision in addition to compulsory health insurance.

Good to know!

If you are going to work in an artistic profession, we recommend the artists’ social insurance fund for health insurance. It pays half the contribution – just like employers usually do, so you only have to pay the other half yourself.

  • Although the self-employed and freelancers are not obliged to take out pension insurance, it is worthwhile to make old age provisions in a good time. Also, professional liability insurance is strongly recommended.
  • What will your future workplace look like? Are you going to rent a practice or a studio? Can you maybe even use rooms in your own house for this? Would you like to set up a home office?
  • Can work as a freelancer be compatible with your private environment? Are perhaps even children or parents you need to care for before you opt for freelance and independent activity? Will you have to attend customer appointments, or is it necessary to always be available for customers during the day?
  • After all, you have to be the type to survive as a lone fighter! This point is often underestimated. Anyone who works alone in their office or studio day after day could suddenly miss the annoying colleagues from their previous job. There is a lack of contact persons available to provide advice and assistance if things don’t go so well. You probably spend your lunch and coffee breaks alone, and if you’re sick, work stops.
  • Can you manage to motivate yourself to do your chores every day? Can you work in a structured and organized way, or are you more the type who puts everything off?

Essential things to know about working as a freelancer

The freelancer:

  • works independently on projects on behalf of a company
  • usually includes a work contract or service contract from
  • in the company as a freelancer referred
  • is not bound by instructions
  • is not subject to social insurance
  • can freely design his place of work and working hours
  • is often at the same time for several clients in use
  • the collaboration is limited in time

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What are typical freelancing jobs?

 There are no limits to the variety of different professions. It is difficult to determine whether a job can be described as a free profession or not—freelance professions, educational, teaching, scientific, literary, or artistic, and always independently exercised professions. The basis of a liberal career is a university degree or the creative talent of the potential freelancer.

The freelancer works alone and independently and should be characterized by creativity, special thinking skills, organizational, communication, and leadership skills. If he/she has employees, they only work as temporary workers or support workers and are paid on a fee basis. He/she can also form partnership companies with other freelancers.


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