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Three out of four mobile phones sold are now internet-enabled smartphones. The number of those who use their mobile devices for surfing and shopping is continuously increasing.

In some cases, the smartphone is becoming a desktop replacement. It presents marketers with new challenges. Because mobile advertising is not a simple adaptation of online advertising for the desktop – it has its own rules, which are not only determined by small displays and limited options.

At the same time, mobile advertising is much closer to the consumer – after all, the smartphone is almost always there. The task is to find the right way to place attractive and sophisticated advertising that the consumer accepts, and that is perfectly tailored to the mobile environment.

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What is mobile advertising?

The term mobile advertising describes an operative marketing instrument of modern communication, namely the transmission of advertising messages using mobile communication technology on the corresponding mobile devices. It, therefore, includes all advertising measures that are played out via smartphone or tablet. In addition to campaign-oriented advertising messages (e.g., banner advertising), this also includes direct customer dialogue (e.g., via messaging services).

The mobile advertisement area has gained immensely in importance in recent years, as smartphones and mobile Internet have increased sharply. Thanks to improved access to the mobile Internet and increasingly powerful devices, the smartphone is becoming a replacement for the stationary PC and at the same time offers many new advertising opportunities. Meanwhile, with mobile commerce, an important branch of activity for online shops has also grown.

The “global advertising spend forecast” for 2020 shows the growth in mobile advertising.


Mobile advertising takes place on different channels. In addition to the obvious advertising opportunities via the mobile browser and the countless apps, direct communication is also possible, e.g., B. via messaging or classic short messages, relevant. Multimedia advertising material can be placed via mobile video or TV applications.

The communication channels in mobile advertising at a glance:

  • Web
  • Applications
  • Messaging
  • Mobile video / TV
  • Classic short messages (SMS / MMS)

Personalized content

Advertising spaces are perceived much more prominently in the mobile environment, which can be annoying on the one hand and lead to higher ad impressions on the other – if mobile advertising is designed correctly.

For this, you should use a personalized, e.g., B. set the composition of the advertising material tailored to the location. Valuable information such as geographic or weather data collected via smartphone or tablet enables regions, target groups, and situations to be focused and the measures to be played out more precisely.


Interaction is the key.

The interaction with the audience is an excellent asset to mobile advertising. The different mobile devices enable many ways to address customers directly and encourage them to take a specific action. This mobile form of interactivity allows new, unique concepts that, implemented on the smartphone, score points with their playful character. The results are strong user engagement and even more substantial advertising impact and lasting positive advertising recall.


What are mobile advertising jobs?

Here are some of the key advertising professions and jobs opportunity worldwide:

  • Advertising space buyer, Acquisition manager, Media buyer
  • Analitycs officer/web analytics consultant
  • Web communications officer
  • Account Manager
  • Media officer
  • Study manager
  • Mobile web project manager
  • E-CRM project manager
  • Campaign Manager / Community Manager
  • SEO consultant / SMO Consultant
  • Web analytics consultant
  • Data miner / Data scientist
  • Digital planner / Media planner
  • Account Manager
  • Social media manager
  • Moderator
  • Media Manager / Affiliate manager
  • Online editorial manager / Emailing manager
  • Tracking manager / Traffic manager
  • UX Designer

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How much can you make with mobile advertising jobs?

The coast of digital art directors is soaring because they are very mobile and in great demand. While the remuneration of creative directors falls sharply (-7.4%): seniors are leaving the market and are replaced by new, younger, more digital, and cheaper profiles.


  • Creative director: 100,000 € / year
  • Artistic director (confirmed): 50,000 € / year
  • Designer Editor: 45,000 € / year
  • Graphic designer: € 35,000 € / year

In social media and development, professional profiles are still rare, which increases their remuneration. It is the law of supply and demand between agencies and professionals.

  • Social media director: 55,000 € / year
  • Technical project chef : 45,000 € / year
  • Developer: 39,000 € / year
  • Community Manager: 35,000 € / year

Salaries for studies and production in an advertising agency:

  • Director of strategic planning: 100,000 € / year
  • Traffic manager: 55,000 € / year
  • Strategic planner: 45,000 € / year


Where to find mobile advertising jobs?

Thousands of job offers are posted on the Internet every day. However, to access the ads that interest you, you still need to know where to look and connect to the sites used by employers.

There are several possibilities for this. Indeed, you can visit the websites of companies that often publish their current offers.

Recruitment firms or temp agencies also post advertisements very regularly on their respective sites. But to arrive on these sites, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the actors of employment, which does not always allow to carry out complete research.


The best way is to focus your search and use the most modern and professional talents’ marketplaces, such as Eventeus.com.


Get mobile advertising jobs with Eventeus.com!

Anyone looking for creative experts, artists, and other freelance talents has to leave the well-trodden path. The keyword is Eventeus.com

The best talents are traditional professional networks such as LinkedIn or Upwork. They often move around on other platforms.

Eventeus offers unique networking opportunities that rank job ads based on specific advertising opportunities and a combination of employer bids and relevance for part-time and full-time mobile devices advertising experts. You can easily set up your job alert for mobile or desktop marketing skills and check the daily employer bids and offers online.

Conventional social media platforms or general professional networks are somewhat frowned upon under talents and artists. Creative minds from dancing, painting, music, architecture, marketing, or digitization tend to be on particular platforms that cover their niche.

That’s why Eventeus became one of the best platforms to find the best mobile advertisers near you, with professionals all around the world.

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