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For a fashion and catwalk model, a fitness model, a plus-size model, an over 30 years old model …; in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo … there is a vast modeling agencies list with years of experience in managing international models!

One of the most common questions every newcomer model has is how to find the right modeling agency. That’s what this post is about.

With famous modeling agencies around the world, such as Wilhelmina Models, IMG models, Ford models, Elite model management, and many others, there are now more opportunities than ever for aspiring models. It is a great chance to develop a fashion model career with New York modeling agencies, LA models and talent booking agencies, Sydney fashion industry and modeling, Paris international modeling agencies …

How to start a modeling agency?

Anyone who wants to run a model agency should plan the implementation in detail. It would be best if you analyzed beforehand which competing agencies there are and establish contacts with customers.

What you need to start your model agency is:

  • Agency office
  • Business plan
  • Models
  • Industry knowledge
  • Capital
  • Contacts
  • Internet presence

Anyone who has founded a model agency will not be successful on their own. You have to establish your modeling agency slowly.

Put together a large file of the models you have under contract to recommend your models to potential customers and get them jobs.

Acquire customers! That sounds very simple at first, but it isn’t easy. You can place ads to draw attention to your model agency. However, you should contact potential customers directly.

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What does a modeling agency look for?

Each modeling agency defines its recruitment profiles. To meet advertisers’ multiple expectations, some modeling agencies specialize in a particular area (actors, fitness models, XL, seniors, retail models, etc.) while other agencies follow fashion trends that change each year.

Most modeling agencies will appreciate full availability on the part of the candidate and fluency in English.

In addition to the personality and the photogenic capacities required, the most common beauty canons often meet criteria of size, age, more or less strict and assertive measurements, and pace depending on the category.

Particular attention is paid to body measurements because the prototypes of fashion designers are produced using standardized patterns.


  • height: 1m76 to 1m82
  • size: 34 to 36
  • age: from 16 to 24 years old
  • measurements (+/- 5cm): 85/60/85
  • look: slender look, long hair preferably, comfortable in heels


  • size: 1m82 to 1m90
  • size: 40 to 46
  • age: from 16 to 30 years old
  • measurements (+/- 5cm): 100/80/100
  • look: natural musculature, well proportioned

How to get signed to a modeling agency?

As a candidature, model agencies need your contact details, dimensions & sizes as well as Polaroids. Your photos have to be recent (less than 3 months), and they should look, haircut and style, and whole-body shape.

You should be seen in a natural look on the Polaroids: natural light, no make-up, body-hugging, simple clothing. As soon as they have checked your application and find you attractive, they will contact you by email or, if necessary, by telephone.

Besides, thanks to some new artist and talent communities online such as Eventeus, you can now find fashion gigs, modeling missions, photo shooting castings online, contact casting agents, model agencies, and photographers through the platform.

It is a modern and efficient way to get exposure, be seen by the best model agencies, and find fashion gigs online.

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How do modeling agencies work?

A model agency does everything for a model when she does not have to be in front of the camera. The model agency takes care of customers’ orders, organizes all appointments for the model, and issues the invoices at the end.

This way, the model can ideally concentrate on its core task, namely working in front of the camera.

In return, the model agency receives part of the model fee (approx. 15%) for its services.

New models: If a model wants to start again in the business, various preparatory work must be done before the model can be presented to a customer and receives the first order.

Initial test shootings with experienced photographers determine whether the model is even suitable for working in front of the camera and whether it feels comfortable.

If a model also wants to work on the catwalk, catwalk training is the first thing to do, and many agencies offer professional catwalk and choreography training for their photo and catwalk models.

All of these things cost money that very few agencies give away. There are different variants:

  1. The agency spreads the money and offsets it with the first income of the model.
  2. The model agency can pay for these services directly from the model.
  3. It gives the model tips to get these services for its account but does not offer them.

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