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Find motivational speakers for your events on Eventeus.com

The profession of a motivational speaker is developing in France and attracts more and more companies.

In proportion to this request, hundreds of professionals give or want to give conferences. And they are right: giving lectures is one of the most effective ways to impact your audience, your customers and increase your notoriety.

Eventeus can help you find the perfect motivational speaker for your conference and events.

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What is a motivational speaker?

Born in the US, motivational speeches and some motivational speakers are now celebrities. You undoubtedly heard about Oprah Winfrey. But in the world of inspirational speaker names like Ted Talk, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Shawn Achor, Brian Tracy or Jack Canfield, are also notorious keynote speakers, with best-selling books and motivational approach for personal development.

Nevertheless, the art of the conference is only mastered by top motivational speakers. It takes work, stage knowledge, a proper speech, inspiring stories, told with passion and mastery! Then, there is posture, confidence and legitimacy.

For the best motivational speakers in the world, speaking in public is one thing. Having “things to tell” is another and doing it brilliantly to make it memorable is yet another twist.

What does a motivational speaker do?

The role of a motivational speaker is to try to change the perspective of his audience through his speech. To do this, he can rely on his personal experience and anecdotes. He will motivate his audience and convince them that they can raise mountains by making changes that are sometimes minimal.

Many leading experts in motivational speeches are famous selling authors as they share their concept through bestselling books, including detailed explanations of their approach. You can easily find these motivational speakers and their books on social media or on the New York Times bestselling section.

How to become a motivational speaker talent?

Becoming a professional motivational speaker is possible, you can join a school of Professional Speakers.

But this job is to be taken seriously. It is exciting, booming and fraught with responsibilities! Many are self-taught and faced with many constraints, requirements, expectations, fears and doubts that punctuate the complexity of this job.

The stakes are high for your professional activity, your clients and the audiences. Becoming an outstanding motivational speaker comes with relevant training, a method and experienced mentors … but this can be learned, and it is accessible to many.

More and more companies are snatching up (sometimes at gold prices) outstanding speakers! The challenges are colossal and the expectations demanding: you have to inspire, motivate, surprise, convince and even sometimes entertain!

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How much cost motivational speaker?

It is sometimes difficult to select the right speaker, primarily because of the lack of clarity in pricing. Eventeus is making it possible to have a better understanding of the motivational market and to compare the price and the reputation of a speaker objectively.

The rates charged by the speakers start at a few thousand euros and can sometimes reach several tens of thousands of euros. The price often fluctuates according to the offer, demand and the reputation of the speaker.

Here are the different types of speaker profiles and their price indication:

  • 3 000 – 5 000 €: it is of talent, academics and lecturers in the making. Armed with their professional and personal experiences. Represent a choice that often turns out to be daring, as they are thriving thanks to their unexpected interventions and their quality of speakers. They are the most affordable speakers on the market.
  • 5,000 – 10,000 €: this represents around 60% of the market for motivational speakers. These speakers have strong expertise and particular notoriety, and they are recognized in their fields of activity.

They are often professional speakers or academics who have crossed academic boundaries. They are asked for their experience and their ability to personalize their speaking according to the audience.

  • € 10,000 – € 15,000: this range includes star or statutory speakers with an undeniable reputation and recognition from the general public. Committed to surprise and educate, the impact of their name is a particularly powerful element of communication, even if other criteria are not to be overlooked.
  • From € 15,000: this is the category of international speakers who are former heads of state and Nobel Prize winners. The most famous personalities on the international scene, such as the former President of the United States Barack Obama, can bill their interventions up to € 500,000, excluding fees.

How to hire a motivational speaker?

Eventeus is the perfect place to book motivational speakers and talents for your events all around the world. You will find all the information you need on our platform with online and live services.

Our motivational speakers will explain the factors of motivation and how to adapt to each individual. They will show you how to develop your motivation.

Come and discover our selection of professional motivational speakers!

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