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A One Man Bands is a solo performer, who simultaneously plays several instruments, using his hands and feet and possibly technical tools.

The music is often accompanied by singing, always by the same author. These solitary musicians perform a real performance because the exercise is far from simple and requires great talent.

This practice is especially common among street musicians.However, the trend is back with some great festivals al around the world, and some amazing artists and performers who are offering unique shows.

The most common formula is a singer who is accompanied by a dry guitar and a harmonica. But some go further, and manages drum-like percussion with their feet and the use of the new technologies and music boxes to extend their creative potential.

How do I Find one man band for events ?

Eventeus is a vast network of talents and professionals from catering companies to artists, performers and musicians.

At Eventeus, you can also find the best “one-man-bands” for your events. Plus, the special sound experience is perfect for small and fine events. As this musical accompaniment is well-fitted as a subtle dinner music and instrumental entertainment for bigger size parties.

Finding the right artists is not an easy task without having the network and the contacts. So, that is why we have launched this all-in-one service and that we remain by your side to help you find the proper entertainment.

Book one man band for your events ?


find “one man bands” for your events on

Booking a one man band for your birthday parties, wedding entertainment, corporate gatherings, etc., is a statement by itself.

First, it is convenient and easy to set up the space for a one man band, but there is more to the one man band performance.

Vocals and some instruments, the modern one man bands are either cover songs from the past decades or their own pieces. Besides that, you can choose which is the style of music of you want!

Sometimes in French, and sometimes English. Which means that the playlist is easily adjusted to you party and your theme. Your one man band will accompany you on special occasions and events.

The one man band will play songs of different styles and interpreters, as his/her repertoire is versatile and timeless.

Additionally, It occurs wherever it can bring joy to music, in living rooms, at exhibition stands, in hotels and restaurants, concert halls and gardens. Basically wherever you want!

The one man band instruments

Vocals and guitar and harmonica are not the. Only instrument that modern one man bands use to create their songs and bring your party to life.

With the new modern musical tools, the one man band artists are using drums, loop recorders for their guitars, their voice and to record anything they want to bring on the stage.

Furthermore, new beat boxes and percussions solutions, pianos, and some more exotic instrument are also welcome in all kinds of songs and music.

Find one man band  jobs on eventeus.com

find “one man bands” for your events on eventeus.com


There are thousands of reasons to have artists and musicians to play at an event! For each of them, Eventeus.com helps you find the right music group or the most unique and original one man band. The perfectly suited music and entertainment solution to your needs.

A vast network of talents and artists on the platform. In addition, you can take advantage of a personalized support service and search for one man bands , musicians or music groups you need from our catalog of artists.

Eventeus is by your side to help you organize and set up the best private parties and corporate events.

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