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The job description sounds tempting:

  • The boss no longer looks over your shoulder.
  • You don’t have to get up early.
  • Breaks always occur when you want to take them.

The coffee also tastes better – namely when you work in your favorite café instead of sitting in the office. And if you consistently complete the idea, you could even sit full-time on the beach and earn money!

From a part-time freelance virtual assistant to software engineering, customer service support, social media expert, web development, freelance writing, translation jobs, etc., freelance work as a full-time remote worker is now possible.

With international business and trade, you can now find the perfect remote position during your job search online or flexible freelance jobs for remote companies.

More and more people choose to earn their money remotely or as a freelancer and are therefore no longer tied to traditional office environments. To be successful in your career, you need the right attitude.

It is easier for freelancers to find a job: They can do what they want – and are entirely responsible for making fair use of their time. That can quickly become a double-edged sword. While permanent members of distributed teams are often subject to specific requirements and controls, freelancers can let their working day sink into chaos in an entirely self-determined manner. The great freedom is not suitable for everyone.

What are remote freelance jobs?

It is a huge trend! Freelance and remote work is the fact of working from home or any location.

WLAN and laptops are usually sufficient as digitization and “new work” make it possible with numerous advantages as the “remote workers” often make the concept of location-independent work more satisfying and productive.

It is said to ensure greater well-being and a work-life balance.

Remote work is when an employee mainly works from home and communicates with the company via email and telephone”. Many synonyms are known for remote work:

  • Telework
  • Telecommuting
  • Remote working
  • Home Office
  • Teleworking
  • Telecommuting
  • E-Work

In addition to these synonyms for remote work, there are several paraphrases:

  • Working remotely
  • Flexible working
  • Location-independent working
  • Working from home

However, the main characteristic remains: the employee does not work permanently in one office, but elsewhere.


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Is freelance remote working the all-round solution?

Whether a freelancer starts at noon and works well into the night, whether he works full time or goes through the weekend, is up to him. In distributed teams, however, critical situations in terms of time management can arise in jobs. If the time differences between two team members are too significant, they must be well planned to work together meaningfully. The right combination of personal preferences and job is essential here: Unpleasant working hours can also affect freelancers – that is why jobs should be explicitly selected.

If you don’t work in an office that you will leave at some point, many people can also quickly be drawn into the cycle of “just one more time.” Only one more task, just a quick email while dinner is already on the stove, but after the next bug, it is time to go! Those who perfect this behavior quickly run into problems: Burnout threatens and especially for those who can determine for themselves how much they do. Working from home does not guarantee an excellent work-life balance.


Which are the best freelance jobs for remote work?

 Professions in which you mainly write, design, program, or make phone calls are ideal for remote work, for example:

  • Accountant
  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Graphic designer
  • Online marketer
  • Project manager
  • Copywriter
  • Blogger
  • Ghostwriter
  • Translator
  • Virtual assistant
  • Web designer

In other professions, however, presence is required: retail salespeople, nurses, and craftsmen cannot work “remotely.”


The concept of remote work

The main work in these jobs consists of working with a computer or on the phone. Even if they are done from home, they can be designed as full-time or part-time work like other professions.

With working models such as home office and teleworking, the employer often expects the employees to be present and work from the company office occasionally or, for example, to be present at meetings.

On the other hand, virtual jobs depend 100 % on work at home or on the Internet. They are often named accordingly in their job titles, such as Virtual Administrative Assistant or Virtual Teacher.

The subtle difference with a remote job is that it does not occur at a fixed workplace in a company. It means that virtual teams can be referred to as remote workers and regional sales employees and sales representatives.

How to find freelance jobs?

The best way to find remote freelance works to use remote work platforms and freelancing websites.

There is often no distinction between the home office and freelance remote work in standard job-websites and job exchanges. As a job seeker, you should read the job advertisement correctly, not get a nasty surprise during the interview.

Besides, there are now many job exchanges that specialize mainly or exclusively in remote workers. Many job portals are primarily aimed at freelancers who can flexibly arrange their place of work and their working hours. Including the following:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fivver
  • Guru
  • Working nomads
  • 99designs
  • Scrybs

These are well-established freelance platforms, but fierce competition with many freelancers on the forum tends to reduce the hourly rates on mosy projects.

Besides, new talents and frelancers’ communities, such as Eventeus, are great for freelancers to showcase their skills and freelance services and for clients to look and hire remote workers for their projects.


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How much can you make with a remote freelance job?

It isn’t easy to give an approximate figure since a self-employed person’s monthly and/or annual income depends on several factors. For example, there is a particular gap between the remuneration of a self-employed person who works on his account and a self-employed person affiliated to a wage portage company.

The latest studies show that a remote freelancer, self-employed, earn up to 40,000 euros per year, or just over 3,000 euros per month.

However, it should be noted that the remuneration of a self-employed person also varies from one sector of activity to another.

It would be best if you did not confuse your income from activity or profits with a freelancer’s salary. Indeed, you must choose a status for the creation of your company and to be able to bill your services legally.

FYI, here are some freelance remote jobs and salaries:

  • Independent Consultant – Monthly: about € 4k – € 5k
  • Freelance Designer – Yearly: about € 48k – € 52k
  • UI Designer – Yearly: about € 57k – € 62k
  • Game Designer – Yearly: about € 55k – € 60k
  • IT Consultant – Yearly: about € 38k – € 41k
  • Digital Learning Designer – Yearly: about € 48k – € 53k
  • Web Developer – Hourly: about 48 € – 52 €
  • Project Manager – Yearly: about € 43k – € 47k

Besides, there are several advantages in favor of remote work, both for the employer and the employee. We have listed a few here:


The home office promotes productivity. Distractions from noisy colleagues and interruptions from meetings are eliminated. Not to mention the enormous time savings that can be gained through remote work.


The longer the journey to work, the more unhappy the commuter is with his life overall. Commute stresses is a relationship killer, takes time and nerves. And yet more and more people commute to the office from year to year.


Freelance remote work enables you to do many things. It can be a boon to health and wellbeing.

Family time

Separation of professional and private life also makes sense for remote workers. Nevertheless, remote work improves the family infrastructure: drive the child to daycare, shopping in between …


Anyone who wants to make their employees happy and retain them should think about out-of-office solutions as soon as possible. It is especially true for IT professions.

Environmentally friendly

Remote work reduces the energy consumption of employees.


Anyone who works all day remotely saves his employer a considerable amount of money: office, parking lot, canteen, elevator, lighting, telephone, printer … all of this is no longer needed for the remote worker.

However, for employees, the office must now be covered by yourself—electricity, water, heating costs, coffee, drinks, fruit. However, the bottom line is likely to be a plus for employees, only by lower transport and food costs.


Freelance remote workers have at least total control over their sources of interference. TV and radio can be switched on and off, windows opened and closed – just as you would like.

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