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Seen from afar, organizing an event seems simple. But once you decide to plan for any occasion, you realize the complexity of this action and the details involved. So who does what? Who should you call for an evening, a launch, a conference, or an incentive?

Follow the guide with Eventeus.com. To the question “Who is organizing your event?” The wide variety of lines speaks volumes about the confusion over the term itself. From there, several options can be considered: communication agencies, events, PCO, public relations, business tourism, receptive agencies, operational marketing… Caterers, reception venues, entertainment providers…

Everything the world or almost says itself organizer of the event except that the event’s term has in itself several meanings that are adapted either to the factor of time or space.

 Which suppliers to the event industry are there?

Event organizational skills are essential for professional conference organizers and event planners. But there is more to event production, trade show, corporate events, weddings, fair, fashion shows, etc., than the venue management and the entertainment.

To organize events, specialized event management companies from the event industry must cover all parts of the event. From food and beverage and catering services to production companies for special occasions, they need to find all the best meetings and events industry suppliers and third parties to create the perfect parties at the best event venues.

Several types of companies bring the sector to life: organizers, agencies, technical and logistics providers, service providers, reception venues, caterers, etc. Event companies can just as quickly call on employees through recruitment. Full time or only temporary workers, trainees or freelancers, freelancers, and consultants for specific missions, punctually or permanently.

Here are some of the key suppliers in the event industry as well as some lees expected third parties:

  • Event agencies
  • Specialized event organizers:
  • corporate and general public
  • private events, weddings, receptions, parties
  • sporting and cultural events
  • trade fairs, congresses, fairs, exhibitions
  • seminars and conventions
  • shows and festivals
  • Hosts / Hostesses Agencies, event reception
  • Advertisers / Companies for internal or external events
  • Recruitment firms
  • Decorators and designers
  • General installers of trade fairs, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, and various events
  • Institutions, associations, local authorities
  • Rental and vendors of equipment (marquees, furniture, plants, etc.)
  • Event medicine
  • Exhibition centers / Congress centers / Event reception venues
  • Press, Media, Public relations agencies
  • Audiovisual, sound, and light
  • Communication providers visual – Image clothing
  • Receptions / Catering
  • Signage suppliers
  • Guarding and security companies
  • Cleaning companies

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How much do suppliers to the event industry make?

The area of the event is unusually large, and the suppliers are many. This diversity will also significantly impact salaries since they will not be the same for a wedding planner or a specialist in sporting events, hence the interest in studying each branch carefully before making a particular choice.

  • Event organizer: between € 2,100 and € 3,000 gross monthly
  • A show organizer and a wedding planner can hope for € 1,500 / month
  • From 2200 to 3500 € / month for production or project managers
  • The organizer can also consider 2500 € / month
  • Event project manager: Between € 2,200 and € 4,400 gross monthly
  • Event communication manager: € 1,800 to € 2,500 gross monthly

What do suppliers to the event industry do?

For successful event planning, the various players, suppliers, and event stakeholders come together in associations, unions, or federations. Sometimes cohabiting, always observing each other, they follow the evolution of requests and adapt to new requirements and trends of the moment.

Event agencies

For a long time, confined to the roles of logisticians, decorators, and event organizers, these agencies have, for several years, been claiming the status of consultant in event communication. It requires strategic thinking, generally provided by the advertising agency or more global communication.

The sector includes two main categories of agencies. On the one hand, pure players whose activity remains exclusively focused on creating events, on the other, historically event-driven agencies that have become multi-specialist.


The pure players are opposed to more generalist agencies whose profile is quite similar to the so-called operational marketing agencies. These agencies have a skills integration strategy and a multi-specialist positioning, reflecting the convergence trend in communication professions. These players generally no longer define themselves as event agencies but as event marketing agencies, dating marketing, global communication, proximity, or operational, through more original concepts such as spectacular communication, live communication …

Business Tourism Agencies

A few years ago, business tourism agencies and event agencies decided to form only one family. Today they are gathered under the patronymic of ANAE.

Event venues / convention offices

By receiving events all year round and watching the organizers work within their walls or in their city, event venues and towns (via their convention office) have decided to offer their clients a “plus service.” This service includes providing a list of approved service providers (agencies, caterers, entertainment, decoration, reception, etc.), coordination, monitoring, and full management of your operation.

Receiving Agencies

Receiving agencies are both conference organizers and event organizers. Ensuring both event and stay planning, she takes care of all aspects of an event to make things easier for Meeting Planners. Its activities are mainly localized on a local and national level.

Sports Marketing Agencies

Initially, sports marketing agencies (sponsorship) were more companies responsible for advising clients who wanted to communicate through sport in a particular discipline. They supplement their advice with a PR service (most agencies have integrated this skill) supported by events in the field (tournaments, matches, etc.).

Some of them have also become event organizers on behalf of brands or sports institutions in recent years. In this context, they are best placed to respond to the demands of a business. But it is not uncommon for their role to be limited to service providers (agencies, caterers, etc.).

The Professional Congress Organizers (PCO)

Unlike other providers, the mission of a professional congress organizer is clear but not simple: to organize a congress from A to Z, from lobbying opinion leaders and institutions to welcoming participants, through the management of registrations, transport, accommodation, creation and financing of the budget, research and coordination of partners or service providers …

The business follows the trend observed in almost all sectors of activity: the development of peripheral services, more or less strategic, to complete the initial expertise.


Catering is a crucial factor in the success of an event. Caterers are often the first service provider with which the company comes into contact. When it comes to a dinner, a gala evening, if the peripheral service is limited to searching for a place, decoration, and simple entertainment, it is clear that the organizing caterer reception can be the provider of the situation to orchestrate the different trades.

Entertainment providers

These companies generally work as a subcontractor for many organizers to whom they sell turnkey services, ranging from sports, artistic and recreational activities for incentives, to thematic evenings (concerts, magic, casino evenings, etc. karaoke, etc.).

These services, often relatively inexpensive, have the advantage of being customizable, efficiently, and quickly implemented. But they will always have a little air of déjà vu.

Find suppliers to the event industry with Eventeus.com2


How to find the best suppliers for the event industry?

 When planning your professional event organization, you must choose a strategic location and qualified service providers to ensure smooth running.

You have to pay attention to several factors, such as the content and purpose of your event. It is quite a tricky task since you have to anticipate all the details to combine all the search criteria for a specific budget.

Moreover, several event providers are available on the market that it is often difficult to choose the best. You need to find business event providers able to provide you with impeccable services in quality, material, price, and availability.


In this case, the best solution is to use an online event platform and freelancing marketplace to find all the key positions, companies, and supplies you need to allow efficiency and speed in your choice.

It allows for a perfectly organized event. The research services it offers can be beneficial both financially and in time. You can find the best venues and access the search for an event provider for your professional event on this site.

You can look for these key suppliers, partners, and top managerial positions on websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, … or you can opt for talents and professionals marketplace such as Eventeus.com.

Book suppliers for your events with Eventeus.com!

Eventeus is a digital freelance and talent marketplace that helps people booking events professionals and experts online for their projects and events worldwide and travel experiences all around the world.

With Eventeus.com, finding the right suppliers and people for your events is finally simple and easy.

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