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How to find the best ballet dance classes near you?

If you have friends who are already dancing, or whose children are dancing, ask their advice, they may know the right ballet school or a dance training near you.

Otherwise, the best solution is to visit Eventeus.com and fin the best ballet classes and dance experience near you.

Eventeus is a unique platform that brings you all the professionals you need for all skill levels. Our professional dancers offer top-end dance education, and classes include classical ballet, ballet technique, ballet jazz, etc., as well as adult dance classes, hip hop, fitness classes, and more.

How to dance ballet?

When professional ballet dancers and instructors give a private lesson, they focus on the student who is in front of them, their needs, their errors, their faults, and their qualities …

It is a question of designing tailor-made ballet dance classes, personalized pieces of training, and not “basic lessons” for all. Because what works for some would be deplorable for others!

How to learn ballet dance? Hire Kentaro Talents

When it comes to ballet dancing and coaching, private lessons are given at home or in the dance studio and take into account the requirements of your schedule and your needs.

This unique technology combines the benefits of the barre on the ground (exercises performed on the floor), the tone of muscle cladding exercises (“Pilates” type), without forgetting these exercises which give classical dancers this head bearing, this posture and this silhouette so recognizable …

Part of the many professional dancers and ballet instructors on Eventeus.com, you can reach “Kentaro Talents” and discover the excellent dance training he offers.

At the age of 5, Kentaro’s passion for ballet started to grow as he started to take ballet classes in Japan. In 2013, He won the Best Dancer Prize at All Japan Ballet Competition. In 2014, he joined John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart. Afterwards, he joined in 2017 the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm.

Today, Kentaro gives online ballet classes worldwide and also offline classes in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Intended to fulfill all your needs and goals, the private lessons take into account your requirement. Integrated into your preparation, in-depth bodywork, the ballet classes can allow you to approach an audition, a casting, filming, a play, a show in the best of your form, and perfectly calm.

  • How to learn ballet dance moves for beginners?

For young dancers, the ballet dance instructor will highlight each dancer’s qualities and allow them to acquire the impeccable technique and stylistics …

It is what private dance lessons bring. Whether it is to acquire the basics, prepare for a competition, an exam, an audition, or a role … Eventeus will help you find the right dance instructor online.

Hire the best ballet dancer instructor with Eventeus!

With the Eventeus online platform, you will get in touch with professional dancers and instructors near you, and you can easily book your ballet dancing lessons at your convenience.


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