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The much-cherished desire to become a professional musician should be carefully considered. Very, very few musicians can afford a standard of living comparable to that of other professions. You should, therefore, not ignore the well-intentioned advice “learn something right first.”

On the other hand, the step to becoming a musician, initially as a sideline, is sometimes taken faster than expected.


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What is a drummer?

To reduce the drummer to a rhythm library is to forget his main functions within the band or the orchestra. Of course, they must have a perfect knowledge of rhythmic figures but on the same basis as other musicians. The solo instruments, in particular, can go much further in complexity.


But before defining the role of the drummer, what is a drumset?

The drums are an indefinite height instrument, built with different timbres and having an exceptional potential of dynamics and nuances. Composed wooden drums fitted with skins, now made of plastic, play with the high, low, and metallic resonances brought by the cymbals (metal cakes, more or less thick and of different sizes.)

The smaller a drum, the more acute it will be. The wider it is, the more serious and deep it will be.

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How much does a drummer make?

 If you want to become a drummer, you have probably asked yourself one question many times: “How can I make money with music?”

And even if you’ve already started in the music business, you’re always looking for new ideas to become more successful as a professional musician.


There are several ways to make money as a live musician. If you play a lot live as a drummer and want to finance a large part of your living with concerts, you can do this, for example, on tours, showcases, and company events or when performing plays and musicals.

For this, you should master your instrument correctly and fit in different styles and be able to familiarize yourself with new pieces quickly. A positive charisma on stage can’t hurt either. Such offers sometimes come on concise notice, so you should ask yourself how flexible you can be for these musician jobs.


It makes a difference whether you work as a service provider or whether you play your music in front of an audience with your band.

A successful live band that reliably sells out 1.000 tickets can earn 6.000 euros in the evening.


Most bands get a fee of 250 to 500 euros for the whole group plus free drinks (and sometimes something to eat) if they play their own music.


Entertainment is worthwhile – because, in the field of paid light music, the fees for drummers and other professional musicians are often higher. Possible events are corporate events, New Year’s Eve parties, or wedding celebrations. Here are a few examples:


  • Party band: 200 – 350 euros per musician
  • Gala/wedding band: 240 – 450 euros per musician
  • Rock cover bands: 100 – 250 euros per musician
  • Duo or trio: 150 – 250 euros per musician


How to become a famous drummer?

In short, not much to do with a soloist who could develop a rhythmically rich discourse. Of course, the drums can evolve in a concert situation and be used to do solos. It is particularly the case in jazz, drummers like Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, Art Blackey, we change mores by putting the drums in the foreground.


But an apprentice drummer must first learn to “run the house” by repeating the same rhythm over and over. Nevertheless, it is wise to enrich your rhythmic vocabulary, even when you are a drummer. For that, we advise you to take an interest in melodies, repeat vocally or instrumentally the phrases of the great singers, saxophonists, pick up drummer solos… or play African percussions have fascinating ternary binary mixtures.


The drummer has mainly the role of accompanist. 

He can create atmospheres with the different sounds that make up his drums, but above all, he must bring out the song’s structure.

For example, a rock song will mark the differences between the verse, the chorus, the bridge, going from the hi-hat to the ride, by announcing the change using a fill. He can use the different colors of the instrument to emphasize an intention, an atmosphere.


Set the tempo.

The drummer is the guarantor of the good rhythmic stability of the group. We always say that a good drummer in a lousy band works, but a terrible drummer in a good band will never work !!

The drummer carries the group. All the musicians are resting on him.

A drummer with the best tempo in the world will never stop a guitarist or bassist from playing too fast or too slow. If the group speeds up, it is also because the other musicians are not rhythmically stable.


Play the right beat.

It’s essential, especially when you’re in a cover band, to play the right beats. If the song was composed this way, the bass rests on the drums, the guitar emphasizes the vocals, etc.

Everything fits together. Not playing the right beat can throw the whole thing off balance and make the entire song unstable.


Make people dance.

Since the dawn of time, music has always accompanied the dance. And especially the percussions. In the African continent countries, we find mainly songs composed of percussion and songs that accompany a dance.

The drummer must reproduce this effect with the audience. We have to feel the pulsation, that it makes us tap our feet without realizing it, nod our head mechanically…. If so, you won: you groove !!


Who are the world’s best drummers?

 With some of the greatest drummers and the most iconic rock drummers of all time, such as John Bonham, Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Ginger Baker, Dave Grohl, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Max Weinberg, Stewart Copeland, Bill Bruford, and even Bruce Springsteen or Eric Clapton, rock drumming, have a lot to offer for any band.


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