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Vocal mixing lets you control your artistic and creative vision and take your music to the next level.

Audio and vocal mixing is a technical process in which multiple recorded tracks are grouped. Different techniques are used during mixings, such as EQ, compression, and reverb.

Mixing is all about bringing out the best of a multi-track recording by adjusting the levels using settings, panning, and time-based effects (chorus, reverb, delay). By sculpting your arrangement, you will give meaning to your tracks.

As the name suggests, multi-track recording (also called “stem-mixing”) contains multiple tracks. However, there is not a specific number of leads to have. Mixing is the end-result of multi-track recording. It is the step that precedes mastering.


Are you looking for mixing engineering, a professional with mix and master skills, standard mixing services, and custom services to fit all kinds of music, such as a hip hop vocal mix for a recording studio?

With Eventeus.com, you will find high-quality mixing experts, professional mixing and mastering for professional sound and vocals tune, or radio-ready mixing for music production.

These experts and audio engineers will take your song to the next level in studio pro or online mixing using all their skills about delay and reverb, arrangements, and more.


What are Vocal Mixing Services?

The audio and vocal mixing processes are based on some basics.


As in many areas — especially in vocal mixing — everyone has their own opinion. Who is telling the truth? We could discuss it for a long time. However, we can all agree on some basic concepts that are essential to the mixing process.

vocal mixing services online

Work with the right mix! 

Believe it or not, you should mix before you mix. Let us explain. What sound texture would you like to recommend? What do you want to create? Close and lively sound? Or distant and reverberated?

Give your music as much character as possible in the initial stages of recording, always thinking about the big picture. It will help you choose yours sounds better.


Work on the original recordings as much as possible without applying heavy processing. Try to get an idea of ​​the end-result in advance. The goal is to have the best sounds from the start, so you don’t have to rework them when you mix.

Balance volumes

Your mix deserves a little styling, a wick here, a little volume there. Balance the levels, and don’t be afraid to cut. Drop the drums for a measure and increase the voice for a verse. It will help you energize your song.


Balance the volumes before you jump into effects processing. Adjust them now to avoid clipping afterward.

Keep your end goal in mind when balancing your tracks. Think about how your leads will interact. This approach will gradually give shape to your ideas.

Panoramic panning

The panning function helps you control the width of your mix. Panning allows sounds to be placed correctly in your mix/sound space without affecting their volume. It determines whether your track will be heard to the left or right of the stereo field. Keep your heaviest or weakest sounds close to the center, for example, your bass or your kicks. If everything is centralized, your sound will be flat and cluttered.

How to find Vocal Mixing Services?

Rock the world, find the best vocal mixing services and vocal mixing experts online near you and worldwide with the best talents’ marketplaces such as Eventeus.com.


If you want to solve your musical challenge, consider hiring a vocal mixing engineer or expert! By joining a booming international industry network on Eventeus.com, you will have a tremendous opportunity to connect and find the best vocal mixing services from talents worldwide and connect with people around the world.

How much can you earn with Vocal Mixing Services?

For vocal mixing, a specialist takes €300 per song. It includes a mix of instrumental and vocals if desired.


Do you have a ready mixed beat (i.e., only one beat track) and only want to have your vocal recordings mixed? Or you want to mix your beat. Then the whole thing costs only €200 per song.


The vocal mixing services and editing package include adjusting back-up tracks, the processing of breaths, and pro-tools such as Melodyne or Auto-tune, for professional pitch correction.

It leaves nothing to be desired for a professional sound! Vocal mixing optimizes all of your recordings so that the pitch and timing are always right.

vocal mixing services online

Why do you need Vocal Mixing Services?

 Mixing the vocals is probably one of the more complicated aspects of audio mixing.


Quite simply because we are much more sensitive to the realism of a voice in a recording than to the authenticity of an electric guitar or drums.


Voice mixing is undoubtedly the essential instrument there is and, at the same time, the most complex. There are as many voices as there are methods of recording them. The art will be in the choice of the microphone, the preamp, and the environment in which we will take the shot.


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