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As a full-time traveler, part-time writer, or occasional amateur videographer, you can be working your way around the world.

When traveling a traveling job, the question most often asked is, how do you get a job like this abroad?

Today, Eventeus freelance and talent experts took an opportunity to summarize these dream jobs with which you can also discover the world. Are you ready for the adventure?

From cruise ship staff to travel agents or tour guides in the united states, Europe, or Australia, you can find jobs around the world. You can travel and teach English in Asia, peace corps in the Middle East, au pair, and other entry-level travel jobs. You can now do international travel and work from home anywhere without prior experience.

There is no need to reach a master’s or bachelor’s degree to find a job requiring travel, no need to save money to find long term commitment opportunities! Traveling jobs without experience are now readily available to practice a foreign language and discover new places and people worldwide.

 What are traveling jobs?

Why do we all bother to believe that we have to work and save all our lives so that we can end up with maybe 20 days of vacation a year? Here are some of the best traveling jobs, and some do not even require experience:

  • Through the world as a travel guide

Believe it or not, it’s easier to get hold of than you might think. Many tour operators offer on-the-job training, and we know many companies are desperately looking for excellent travel guides. If you have already been to the country you want to work in and have a passion for it, nothing can go wrong.

  • Stand behind the camera as a photographer/videographer.

Is creativity seething in you? Then maybe this is just right for you. Content for hostels, tours, and restaurants is always in demand. Many would even directly cover travel expenses. Put together a portfolio of your work and advertise yourself.

  • Inspire people as a travel agent

Many agents offer great incentive programs where you can win trips if you achieve individual goals. Free travel? I would not say no…

  • Work in the hostel

There is probably no better way to meet the most exciting people than by becoming a hostel’s friendly face. From reception to making beds to organizing party nights, there is always something you can do whatever your skills.

  • Document your travels as a travel blogger

What is your niche? Why do you stand out from the crowd? Bloggers are a dime a dozen, but it’s never too late to get on board. Open yourself to the world and start writing. Build interaction, increase your readership, and offer quality content – because that’s what attracts companies.

  • Make people sweat – as a personal trainer.

Everyone struggles to stay fit while traveling. If you are a trained PT, your qualities are likely to be in great demand. There are gyms all over the world looking for qualified staff.

  • Are you a tech geek? Then try your hand at a freelance web developer or software designer.

The best starting point is IT qualification. It’s a pretty broad degree, but you can go in a more specific direction from there.

  • Swing your hips and show off your talent as a street artist

Street appearances are a full-time occupation for many people, and they exist all over the world. A small fee for a street art license, a bit of talent, and the ability to excite the masses is all it takes before you can win the streets for yourself.

  • Are you a sports fanatic?

There are many places in South America and Asia where it is much cheaper to try new things and refresh old talent. Yoga, diving, surfing, skiing, or snowboarding are just a few of the options available to get your qualification as a teacher.

  • And action! Become a TV/film extra

Most of the extras get paid for their travel expenses and get good pocket money.

  • Take off – as flight crew on the plane.

Even if the apprenticeship is challenging, this is the job that will take you around the world. Different flight routes make it possible for you to spend your days and nights in cities all over the world.

  • Become an Instagram influencer

There are also blogs, YouTube, and other channels that need a lot of time for. Sure, you won’t have great success right away, but your online community will eventually grow if you start small.

  • Go back to school and teach English.

It is one of the most popular and most promising jobs when traveling. The requirements depend very much on the country in which you want to teach. Some require a degree and others a simple TEFL test result.

  • Ahoy, sailor! Jump aboard a cruise ship

Imagine hitting a different port every few days and getting up with nothing but the gentle sound of the ocean and a magical sunrise. There are tons of open positions even if you have no sailing experience – you might consider bartending, lifeguards, kid entertainers, or even kitchen chores.

  • Find a place and be a freelancer.

Find a wide variety of jobs online with Eventeus.com and work anywhere in the world.

  • Become a massage therapist

If you enjoy massaging, you can find freelance work all over the world. You can learn the necessary skills in almost every country, even if the cheapest massage courses can be found in Southeast Asia.

  • Live the dream as a digital nomad.

Provided you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong WiFi connection, and a laptop, the world is at your feet! Work from white sandy beaches, high above the snow-covered Alps, or in a Parisian cafe. Your options have no limits!

Find traveling jobs that require no experience with Eventeus

Where to find traveling jobs with no experience?

Are you an absolute travel junkie who loves to be constantly on the go? Are you always excited about your next trip and can hardly wait to get going again after a short time at home?

The first option is to select some appropriate specialized websites for you to find a job abroad:

  • Work Travel Visa allows you to travel and work in 30 different countries. This opportunity is excellent for 1 year in the destination of your choice.
  • Workaway is a site to find volunteering offers all over the world.
  • Aupair is an opportunity to become a babysitter abroad. Excellent for being able to learn a foreign language.
  • Crewrecruit is a site to become a sailor.
  • Woofing is a platform to become a volunteer on an ecological farm.
  • With PickingJobs, you can find jobs as a fruit picker. It is recommended that you speak to the farmer directly.
  • Clubmed: luxury resorts all over the world, offering job opportunities

On the other hand, freelnace websites and talent marketplaces such as:

  • Upwork
  • Fivver
  • Guru
  • Eventeus,com

These are the best options to find traveling jobs with no experience. As you have seen below, there are many opportunities to work and travel the world. Note that these are only a few of the many options you will find on the best freelance platforms.

How much can you make with traveling jobs?

Want to become a freelancer? To travel and work all over the world? As a traveling worker, you can find job alerts in your country and worldwide on talent marketplaces such as Eventesu.com and swap your “metro-work-sleep” life for a nomadic life since you decide to become freelance and take traveling jobs.

Thanks to your salary as a freelancer working with international clients in Europe, the US, Australia, Japan, and other “rich countries,” your compensation will cover your travel and daily expenses in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and most Latin and South America.

Besides, if you find a traveling job in the country you landed, you will have to adjust to the local salary conditions or find an expat contract to raise your salary.

For example, in Sarajevo, it is 200 € of an accommodation per month and restaurants at 5 €. It’s 2 times cheaper than in Europe while having fun!

When starting as a freelancer, set a daily price or hourly rate to have a reference. A beginner freelancer can start at € 25/30 gross per hour. When he/she receives a request, he/she can already calculate how long it will take to get an idea of ​​the price.

Find traveling jobs that require no experience with Eventeus1

Get hired for traveling jobs without any experience with Eventeus.com!

 As we have explained, international freelancing platforms are the best way to build a network and look for job alerts to find the perfect traveling jobs.

With Eventeus.com, you can find regular job posts and clients looking for people worldwide to work on their projects, businesses, and more.

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