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The Internet is at its limit when it comes to usage.

For years, stationary Internet use by people has only increased by the decimal percentage. Mobile usage is still growing in a person-related manner and in terms of intensity (i.e., how often you access the Internet and how long you stay in it) – but also at the expense of using stationary end devices.

We are in a saturated market and have to snatch users away from other sites if we want to access ourselves.

Web analytics can play an important role here, as it shows exactly how people interact with a page. Because resources such as web development, design, and, above all, the creation of content are scarce, the possible fields of activity and measures must be prioritized.

Web analytics provides an essential aspect for this knowledge of web and evaluation because it shows clearly which measures have worked in the past – and which did not.

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What is web analytic?

 Web analytics occupies us every day in our projects and is an essential aspect of strategy work – because it provides information on where opportunities and risks lie dormant and show whether you are on the

Web analysis refers to the evaluation of information about the behavior of users on a website. The individual visits of the people who visit the site are tracked. The data is collected and analyzed to identify weaknesses and problems, draw conclusions, and ultimately make decisions.

The same is also possible for online shops, mobile websites, or smartphone apps – in principle, for everything that works digitally.

As soon as you visit a website on which a web analysis tool is integrated, a stopwatch starts running in the background, and a parallel dialog with the browser you are using begins. The visit is tracked in real-time – i.e., which pages do I look at during my stay, which buttons do I click, how long do I stay on individual products or articles, how often do I return to the home page – and much more.

Besides, static and situational data about the page visit are queried. It records how I came to the relevant page: Whether directly by entering the URL, by clicking on a link on another page or entering a search term. The search term itself, which brought me to the site, is recorded and can be evaluated.


How to write a web analytics job description?

Did you know that 50% of applicants drop out because they missed important information in the job advertisement? Web analytics is now crucial to develop the best job description.

It is essential both in the application and employment relationships – for applicants or employees and companies alike.

However, it is usually not the attention with which it should be. In order to then turn to the apparently more critical aspects you should skimm over briefly.

From an employee’s point of view, this can be a mistake. The job description is a source of information that contains many important facts about your intended job. In which situations should you read the job description very carefully and what you have to pay attention to!

An online job advertisement must – regardless of whether it appears on a job exchange or another portal – meet a number of criteria for content and appearance. Applicants want to know quickly whether the position suits them and get an idea of ​​the potential employer. Describe the requirements, the tasks, and the company precisely.

Suppose you want to position yourself as an attractive employer and find suitable employees for vacancies. In that case, you should arouse the interest of the ad’s readers and answer as many questions as possible about the job and the company in advance in the job ad.

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Where to find web analytics jobs?

 Web analysis is a clear must to evaluate and strategically develop your digital marketing activities, especially when digital media are an essential part of the business model.

However, they only help if they are correctly and properly set up – otherwise, the data collected is not valid, or the data collection even represents a risk. And at the end of the day, you should think carefully about which information from the web analysis you can use to draw conclusions and make decisions. For this purpose, the questions should be as detailed and fine-grained as possible – preferably on an article or campaign basis.

Otherwise, the web analysis is better to recognize developments and trends, see peaks or valleys in the page performance, and detect problems on the page.

If you take this to heart, web analysis is a real value and a significant factor in a successful digital strategy.

As the web analytics field is growing and expanding, you can look for talents, professionals, and experts worldwide to work on your development and new projects.

To do so, you should join the best online marketplaces such as Eventeus.com and screen the many web analysts’ profiles online, discuss with them, and quickly select the best talents to join your team.


How much can you make with web analytics jobs?

If you work as a web analyst, you will earn at least € 40,000 and, in the best case, € 60,000. The average salary is € 49,500.


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