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Singing, dancing, playing a role, mixing, performing a circus act …, performing artists carry out a creative activity which often culminates in stage performance. But these rich and rewarding professions are difficult jobs that require hard work, realism, and tenacity.

What are typical freelance artist jobs?

Whether through music text, song, interpretation, or technical performance, creation is the performer’s engine. It is also often out of passion that one chooses a profession- a passion – which usually begins quite early.

We must distinguish 3 categories of professionals:

  1. Authors or creators who produce original and unique works: creators of tangible objects or intangible elements such as paintings, photos, sculptures, works of plastic or graphic art, and musical, audio or video works, or still cinematographic.
  2. Crafts professionals are another kind of artist, or rather craftsmen, who must register with the Chamber of Trades.
  3. Performers or performing artists (singers, actors, actors, musicians, etc.) work as intermittent entertainers.

Here are some of the most typical artist jobs and some of the freelancer positions we often forget:

The most common freelancer artists:

  • Actors and comedians
  • Authors, novelists, screenwriters, composers, or playwriters
  • Models
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Dancers

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Behind the scene, artistic freelancers:

  • Casting directors: he is an actor head hunter
  • Operator Assistants: on a shoot, he is responsible for the operation of the equipment
  • Conductors: to direct a group of musicians who perform work during a concert
  • Sound assistants: prepares the sound recording sessions.
  • Show props: the technical professions of live or recorded performance: cinema, and television networks
  • Operator Assistants: on a shoot, he is responsible for the operation of the equipment
  • Booker: also called artistic agent, is responsible for managing the career of an artist.
  • Dialogists
  • Voice dubbing artists
  • Artistic Directors
  • Illustrators
  • Make-up artists

Artistic show freelancers:

  • Artificers: the pyrotechnician designs and shoots fireworks …
  • Gallerists (art): he defends the work of an artist in his gallery
  • Puppeteers: it consists of playing shows for all audiences by making puppets talk.

Design and construction freelancer artists:

  • Architects building, individual house, public building …
  • Interior designers dedicated to the furnishing of apartments or movie sets
  • Landscapers
  • Decorative painters

IT, motion graphics artists, and graphic design freelancers:

  • 2D-3D Animators: to bring the characters, objects, and sets of a video game to life
  • Creative technologist: a new profession at the crossroads of creativity, technology, marketing …
  • UX / UI Designers: user eXperience and user interface
  • Draftsman/designers: to produce plans, drawings, and technical diagrams on screen
  • 3D Artistic Directors: for all visuals of an animated film or video game made in 3D
  • Web ergonomist: for optimizing the use of a website on PC, Mac, tablet, mobile …
  • Game designer: he occupies a key position in the production of a video game
  • 2D- 3D Illustrator Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia graphic and adobe creative suite designers

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How do freelance artists find jobs?

The level continues to rise, and it is increasingly difficult to become a professional artist in song, theater, dance, or circus without having the right network and contacts.

But fortunately, there are several possibilities to find jobs and projects for freelance artists. Joining the best professional networks is key to success for freelance artists!

Job search is essential to all part-time freelance artists and the ones looking for a full-time job. Some of the best casting sites and freelance positions databases are perfect for finding artistic jobs from graphic artists to actors and models looking for their next freelance role in musicals, movies, events, and more.


What are the advantages of doing freelance artist jobs?

When the artist is independent, he can concentrate more and propose different things, different creations.

As a freelance artist, it is the artist alone who will make his own choices. He will direct the course of his artistic career.

Not easy, but by dint of perseverance, we get there one day or another—freedom to do things their artistic way. No limit, choose where the wind will take the artist, the overflowing imagination of where all the projects to be undertaken will go, and creation is limitless.


Becoming a self-employed artist comes with many advantages that should not be overlooked, starting with the perfect autonomy granted by this status.

Indeed, the freelance artist jobs are entirely independent, which allows the freelancer to practice many artistic professions. For example, as a film professional, he can wear the cap of director, screenwriter, and producer.


Another advantage lies in the management facilities granted by the freelancer status. It is also straightforward to set up a freelancer status and end it without being subject to the slightest waiting period.

It is a structure whose flexibility is studied to allow a rapid change of mind.


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