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What is it when talking about fine art or a high-quality white flower and other print watercolor flowers? A flower garden wall decor, flower art, floral canvas paintings with watercolor flowers, watercolor art, acrylic painting, and oil painting … this is the world of flower and floral painting.

With artists as famous as Van Gogh, flower painting canvas, an original painting with a pink flower in its center, watercolors art print … flower painting, attracted the best talents over the centuries.

A distinction must be made between the independent flower painting, which as a branch of still life painting depicts flowers for their own sake (in pots, vases, baskets, or as wreaths around pictures), and the use of flowers as a decorative motif in painting, arts and crafts, for a wide variety of purposes and many different materials.

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What is flower painting?

 It seems, according to anthropologists, that our ancestors, endowed with artistic faculties, were sensitive to the shapes, colors, and scents of flowers and that this perception led to a ” primitive consciousness of flowers. ”

The first frescoes or vase decorations from Mycenaean Crete, painted before 1400 BC, may have influenced the future of the floral motif and flower painting in the West. But it is primarily through the frescoes and friezes of ancient Greece that the first stages of floral iconography stand out.

Thus, Pausanias succeeded, with his mistress Glycéra, in reproducing in painting the extreme variety of flowers’ shades. To accentuate the illusion of life, the floral arrangements were decorated with insects and birds and were organized, as in Pompeii’s frescoes, around human figures.

History of flower painting

In this repertoire of inexhaustible forms, the artists of the 15th and 16th centuries drew much of their inspiration. The floral representations of the Middle Ages borrow their thematic sources from religious texts. Evocations of the Garden of Eden, of the mystical lamb, of Christ, of the attributes of the Virgin and the Saints, come together. It is creating an authentic Christian iconography, encouraged by the representatives of the Church.

With the painters of the 19th century, the flowers come alive and quiver in the sun. Romanticism frees the flower. It seems that 19th-century painters such as Grandville (1803-1847), Delacroix (1798-1863), and Courbet (1819-1877) wanted to escape from a botanical precision that had become heavy. Ballet fashion mingles with the flower in the form of flower-women, as evidenced by Théophille Gautier’s very famous poem set to music by Berlioz (1841), which shortly precedes Grandville’s Animated Flowers.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the painting of flowers multiplied became global and gave the public some of the greatest masterpieces of pictorial art: decorative flowers by Mucha, sunflowers by Van Gogh, the floral art by the impressionists Monet and Manet, or even later Andy Warhol’s pop poppies …. Proof, if one were needed, that like our friends the flowers, art is continuously reborn!

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How to become a flower painter?

To become a qualified and fower painter expert, you will need to master some specific skills. To do so, you can find professional painters and teachers online, on Eventeus.com, and design a custom course with lessons that fit your skills and schedule.

Learn the basics of flower painting:

The first skill to acquire is about laying the foundations for good, professional painting. You will learn the basic techniques for leaves and flowers. Working on the brush movements is extremely important when you start painting.

Good technic is the basis of all good pictures. You will also need to learn the importance of background. You will apply all of the basic techniques you have learned in a few simple images.

As an intermediate level, you can specialize your skills further:

You will use the basic techniques learned before to paint more sophisticated pictures. The emphasis is on composition, color, and design.

You will have to learn what to look out for when looking at the flowers to be painted, how to create good photo material yourself, what makes good flower pictures, how to work with dramatic shadows and light sources on the object, how to mix colors, how to use complementary colors and nuances.

You will also have to learn about different flower painting styles during this part of your flower painting training, such as the traditional style, the softer, fuzzy style, and the graphic style. Also, the painting of other, more complicated backgrounds should be practiced.

Upgrade your skills to master flower painting:

During this last phase of training, you will continue to paint more sophisticated flower pictures. The main focus will be on painting large photography-like pictures of real flowers.

You will need to learn how to compose a picture based on your photo. How to get more creative and how to achieve a dramatic mood in your flower picture.

In the last phase, you can also talk about your business as a professional artist, teaching flower painting, exhibiting your work, comparing in rated art shows, etc.


How much can you make with flower painting?

 In Europe, an independent flower painter earns between € 250 gross and € 6,500 gross per month, i.e., an average salary of € 3,487 gross per month.

With the new online platform such as Evenetus.com, you can finally maximize your art and find new clients online to increase the number of paintings sold each month.

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How to sell flower paintings online?

 As a freelance artist, you will need to communicate and make yourself known to potential clients.

You can register to various online art websites and showcase your artworks online. It is a great way to get your name out there. However, you need to select the right online platform to reach potential clients.

With freelancers and artists communities such as Evneteus.com, you van both promote your art and get to meet potential customers looking for commissioned job from flower painters all around the world,

When you start as a professional flower painter, it is not always easy to find clients and build a network of reliable and regular clients.

On Eventeus.com, you can organize your personal communication to find clients and become a successful furniture designer.


Hire a professional flower painter with Eventeus.com!

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With Eventeus.com, you can find the best experts and talents worldwide. Still, it is also an excellent way for freelancers and skilled experts to promote themselves to potential clients online and connect t with the other professionals online.


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