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Authors, visual artists, designers, musicians, etc.: most of the cultural and creative professions generally belong to the liberal professions.

However, those who set up a publishing house, gallery, or advertising agency are more likely to grow business and start trading.

Why is this difference significant? Because it plays a big role in terms of registration, taxes, and social security. And because freelance work requires little bureaucratic effort compared to a business.

Therefore, it is an advantage to be recognized as a freelance artist!

Today, Eventeus.com online talents’ community gives you essential information to grow your business and find freelance art jobs.

What is a freelance artist?

The freelancer is not an employee. For example, freelancers can work freelance by living on the sale of their products, concluding work contracts that oblige the delivery of a previously agreed work against payment, or working as freelancers in an employee-like employment relationship. In this case, they are receiving regular fee bills to produce specific works according to the work provided and expenditure.

To be considered as a freelance artist, you must create artistic works. Since the income tax law determines who is a freelancer and who is not, it also defines in this context, what is described under artistic products is to be understood.

The freelance trend started over 15 years ago in San Diego and Santa Monica – CA / USA, within the creative imaging studios for part-time artistic jobs. Music, design, and creative studios were looking for fast-paced/high-level artists to work for them and expand their CGI team with flexible high-end creatives.

Since then, most artists choose freelance status, which allows talented people to expand their activity with maximum freedom.

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What are some examples of freelance art jobs?

The list of freelance art jobs is vast. You can be a makeup artist, freelance graphic artists, freelance 3d graphic designers, high-end creative imaging developers …. There are hundreds of organized, talented people who have decided to opt for freelance positions!

Freelancers can be found in the following professions or industries, for example:

  • Performing artists, including actors, models, singers, musicians, comedians …
  • Creative artists: architects, designers, filmmakers, photographers …
  • Cinematographers, sound technicians, and similar contributors to the creation of the work
  • Authors (artists as well as factual authors ), translators, journalists, writers …
  • IT specialists and programmers …
  • Graphic designers and animators …
  • As well as a lot of scientists, engineers, designers and more

How to find freelance art jobs for beginners?

Artists belong to a group of professionals who often have to manage with low monthly income. Of course, some artists charge high fees for their work and earn a good income. However, it applies equally to all of them that they must find gigs and jobs!

As a beginning freelance artist, you need to create your network and get projects to build your reputation.

The best way is to join talents’ communities and freelancing sites so you can find your next project and meet clients.

Besides, as a creative director, an event organizer, or a music studio …, you can find the right freelancer as a project provider.

The best online platforms for freelance artists should offer the largest database of current freelancer profiles near you, as well as a comprehensive database worldwide.

Finally, as freelance artists, you should have access to the latest technological innovations and clearly defined standards that are consistently based on customer requirements.

How to start looking for new freelance artist jobs? It is quick and straightforward:

  • Sign-in and register online
  • Create your profile
  • Present yourself
  • Show your skils ad services with photo, videos, music tracks, and more
  • Present your hourly rates and conditions
  • Start to look for projects and talk to potential clients
  • Be active: hunt for new gigs, chat with potential clients, promote yourself …

The advantage of working as a freelancer, freelancer, or freelancer is to participate in innovative projects continually.

Besides, the development of a professional profile is easy to implement for every freelance expert on freelance.de.

Conversely, for companies, this means that some qualified freelancers and experts have already gained experience in projects in other companies and bring this to bear in every project.

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How much does a freelance artist make?

The average salary for a freelance artist in the United States / Canada varies between USD 30.000 and 50.000.

In Europe, the statistics show that the average annual income of production artists and freelance workers in the music sector in 2020 is around 25.000 euros/year.

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