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Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing activities that are carried out online. Businesses use digital channels like Google search, social media, email, and websites to connect with their current and potential customers.

Marketing has always been about making contact with your target audience in the right place and at the right time. Today that means that you have to meet your customers where they spend their time on the internet.

Today, marketing takes place consistently and always digitally.

In this article, you will find a definition, possible carriers as freelance digital marketing experts, as well as terms and methods of freelance digital marketing. Besides, we explain what digital marketing can achieve for your company and how to find the best digital marketing freelancers near you.

What is digital marketing?

A lot of people work in freelance marketing and marketing jobs that all cover the services and support needed by big and small businesses.

Online and digital marketing jobs are mainly present in innovative companies. It enables companies to sell their innovation using a modern marketing model and to develop a personal brand. Those companies committed to social and online marketing rely on a uniform strategy revolving around social media marketing and content marketing.

This strategy is also characterized by digital marketing, which does not close itself to innovative methods applied by full-time job freelance digital marketing experts and marketing consultants.

Digital marketing is a term that describes precisely these developments. If you think of companies that have dedicated themselves to these innovative marketing methods, then there is probably not a single well-known company that is excluded from it.

Digital marketing – what does it mean?

Some of the terms overlap. Yet, don t worry, they mean the same thing. It’s conveyed through a consistent strategy, but which has the same objective.

It means social or online marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing component that uses internet and online-based digital technologies such as cell phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

As a global approach, digital marketing has become an indispensable part of corporate processes. Marketing has to react to this very quickly and take the appropriate steps.

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What do digital marketing freelancers do?

Would you like to be found better on the web? Freelance digital marketing experts have the right solution for you. They accompany you and your customers throughout the entire customer journey: digital marketing and customer experience chain.



No matter what products customers are looking for, there is no getting around search engines and digital marketing today. With

Google AdWords, your freelancer digital marketing professionals, have an instrument that allows you to advertise precisely and in line with your target group.

They will use all marketing measures to direct potential customers and visitors to your internet presence so that new business can be concluded. With targeted GoogleAds campaigns, they help our customers find more easily on the internet and increase sales.



Online marketing includes all marketing measures that are carried out online to achieve marketing goals, from brand awareness to an online business conclusion.

Through targeted measures – such as newsletters and social media – digital marketing freelancers increase your websites’ traffic for our customers.



Social media marketing is a term used in marketing and management. It describes strategies and tactics with which organizations (e.g., companies, parties, non-profit organizations) use social media to achieve organizational goals by creating and communicating value for stakeholders.

Digital marketing experts develop strategies and tactics that enable organizations to communicate with their potential customers and stakeholders via social networks.

Social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Google+

… are highly relevant in social media marketing.


With social media marketing, you can reach your target group and get a lot of attention. Social media advertising makes the results measurable. You don’t have to generate organic reach laboriously but create it quickly and purposefully with paid advertising. Freelance digital marketing experts’ task is to set up your campaigns and monitor and optimize your campaigns.

Substantial traffic through interest-based advertising ensures more conversions and, thus, more sales. With social media advertising, you no longer have to waste francs on inefficient advertising. Instagram and Facebook are ideal advertising platforms because they can be easily monitored and measured by tracking Facebook to get maximum attention.

How to become a freelance digital marketing specialist?

So, you want to get started with a job as a freelance digital marketing expert? Great idea!

Digital marketing is one of the most demanding, exciting, and fastest-changing industries where you can work not to be bored.

Both your creative and analytical talents are required, which makes digital marketing such a broad field. And that is the case. From experience, we can tell you that there is no day like the same.

But how do you prepare for a career in digital marketing? Well, that’s the big question here.

Before you read on, let me make one thing clear: SEO specialists and digital content managers are more in demand this year than ever before! The number of job offers for SEO & Content is growing by more than 30% from year to year. Well, if this is not the right time to start your career, then I don’t know either!

But what exactly does a digital marketing specialist study? So far, no degree program for this directly prepares you for your future job in the digital marketing world.

However, you can prepare for a career in this industry by studying business administration, for example. In this way, you can familiarize yourself in advance with the various company areas that exist in an organization, which is, of course, also practical!

Different types of jobs are available for other categories, depending on your interests. It is better to master some classes according to your interest.

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How much do digital marketing freelancers make?

With the experience, you gain expertise, and your salary increases, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a job as a fresher! There are also digital marketing jobs for freshmen. Let us give you some examples of digital marketing jobs and salaries:

  • SEO specialist: USD 55,000 per year.
  • Satisfaction strategist: USD 70,000 per year
  • Content Marketing Manager: USD 80,000 per year
  • Social media manager: USD 50,000 per year
  • Paid ad manager: USD 50,000

These were a few examples. You can always work as a freelancer on your terms and earn good money. Besides, many people choose freelance work because it is convenient and have your own time to manage. In this case, you charge every hour based on experience and skills!

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As a freelance digital marketing expert, once you have your diploma in your pocket, it is time to start the job search! But don’t worry. You can do many things today and make you stand out from the crowd as a digital marketing expert.

When hiring digital marketing professionals, employers often look for experience and skills. To do so, as a client, you can look for freelance digital marketing specialists. Check the freelancing platforms such as freelancer.com or Upwork, cruise LinkedIn profiles and some social media groups on Facebook, or join the best talent community worldwide to find marketing professionals near you, such as with Eventeus.com!

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