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Graphic design is an activity to represent language, thoughts visually, and broader conceptual contexts using typography, images, colors, and materials or to make them visually conveyable.

As a freelance graphic designer, create graphic means of communication, e.g., posters, brochures, packaging, and advertisements. They also design and program websites. Based on customer requests, they produce various designs with special software or sketch designs by hand.

Today we give you critical information to find full-time and part-time freelance graphic design jobs, design projects, and even some design contests and competitions. We will also show you how to simplify your job search as freelance graphic designers, web developers for high-quality designs, website design, and other remote work.

How to become a freelance graphic designer?

As a good freelance graphic designer, your design should be characterized by the fact that it is unmistakable, simple, but smart and underlines the product’s function or the brand essence.

The graphic design profession is very diverse. You will design various visual communication tools such as company logos, flyers, advertisements, or websites in this job.

Before starting a project, graphic designers clarify the general conditions with the client. Which target group should be addressed? How much money does the customer want to invest in?

Once all the essential points have been clarified, the graphic designers can begin to develop a concept, whereby technical and editorial requirements must also be taken into account. Now a prototype is completed and presented to the customer.

It is only when the client approves this that the graphic designers begin their precise and intensive work. Images, graphics, and texts can now be designed and then digitized.

Once the graphics have been developed, they are presented to the customer in the sales or marketing department.

Here the customer can express any final suggestions for improvement and wishes.

The freelance graphic designers take on the suggestions and thus arrive at their finished product, which they can now send to the printer, for example, or hand over to the customer in digital form, logo design, graphic design work for social media web designers’ developments.

With a design degree, you decide at the beginning of your studies which direction your professional career should take. But whether you study communication or graphic design, or media design can (but does not have to) make a difference in your career choice.

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What does a freelance graphic designer do?

 Design courses such as graphic design, communication design, or media design are strongly represented in the media sector. For creative minds who enjoy developing ideas and implementing them, the courses can be just the thing.

But which professions are open to you after graduation? In which companies in which industries and professional fields can you work? And what about the job prospects? We have prepared a comprehensive report.

Professions for freelance graphic designer and communication designer

The professional home of graphic designers and communication designers is originally in print, corporate design, book, poster design, photography, and packaging design.

As a freelance graphic designer, after studying graphic design or communication design, you can be self-employed.

If you want to be your boss, then this is the place for you. But, if you’re going to be successful and earn at least as well as in an employee relationship, you have to be good.

Creativity and reliability are among the top requirements for independent graphic and communication designers. Some universities also teach business subjects because accounting and writing offers are also part of self-employment.

There are job opportunities for freelance graphic and communication designers to support various agencies, from advertising to event agencies.

The tasks are very multifaceted, and often you take on not just one part but several tasks. For example, as:

  •  Screen Designer
  • Corporate Designer
  • Art Director
  •  Project Manager

Career prospects

In principle, the job market for graphic and communication designers is somewhat saturated. In economically challenging times, agencies save on staff due to shrinking budgets, and if, for example, fewer flyers and advertising brochures are printed, fewer designers are needed to design them.

On the other hand, new developments such as smartphone apps or the ever-increasing demands on web and screen design offer positive career prospects.

Besides, thousands of different magazines and newspapers are produced every month. Some books and eBooks need to be designed. In this area, there are jobs for graphic designers and communication designers at magazines and publishers, as:

  • Layout Designer
  • Graphic artist/editorial designer
  • Editor

Career prospects: If a magazine is no longer processed on paper. However, digitally for iPad & Co, you still need graphic designers who do the layout and set the individual pages. So, there will always be professions and corresponding career opportunities.

Besides the professions listed above, there are also various other fields of application after studying graphic design or communication design. During our research, for example, we found jobs like this:

  • Online designer
  • Game Artist
  • Industrial designer
  • And many other freelance possibilities.

If you want to find even more potential jobs for communication or graphic designers, google them or take a look at online job exchanges. In this way, you can find many interesting job postings and get an idea of ​​which areas are particularly demanding. Perhaps that can also give you advice on choosing the focus of your studies.

The professions mentioned above are possible after studying graphic design or communication design and are often also open to media designers.

Freelance media designers

After studying media design, of course, you also have the opportunity to become a freelancer. Either you set up your own company that offers services from the spectrum of media design (e.g., an agency for interaction design and moving image design) or work as a freelancer for companies and agencies.

The advantage of independence or freelancing is flexibility and different tasks. Anyone who also specializes in an area in high demand (e.g., in ​​mobile/smartphone/tablets) is also paid sensibly.

Besides, there are job opportunities here, for example:

  • Agencies & Studios
  •  Motion Designer:
  •  Web designer/front-end developer
  •  3D compositor
  •  User Experience Designer

Career prospects: Freelance media designers are at home in the digital world. As you can see from the examples above, there are a wide variety of professional fields in a wide variety of industries.

Finally, small to medium-sized companies, in particular, are often looking for an all-rounder freelance graphic designer who takes on all tasks, from designing flyers and brochures to the layout of the company website and designing the exhibition stand.

There are career opportunities for media designers, but also graphic and communication designers:

  • Freelance Screendesigner
  • Freelance Marketing & Communication

Career prospects: Most job offers are for design all-rounders. So, if you are familiar with moving images and the design of flyers and logos, you will have a good chance here after studying media design.

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How to get jobs as a freelance graphic designer?

 It is essential to be able to approach people and maintain an extensive network. Because most orders are awarded through recommendations, this means that you have to draw attention to yourself and your work among friends and on other occasions and then (of course) do a good job.

Then the recommendations come as a logical consequence.

Career prospects and freelance graphic design jobs can be found online on freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.com. The competition is fierce, and it is not always easy to get your foot in the door. Because many lateral entrants are also trying to attract customers with rock-bottom prices, the area is a tough one.

You can also join the right talents and freelancers’ communities online and find new clients and freelance job offers on the online job bards.

How much does a freelance graphic designer make?

 In a large-scale study about “Freelancing Salaries” from 201, we can see that self-employed person and freelance graphic designers in content and media sectors have an average hourly rate in the creative industry around € 67.

The freelancers under contract with large companies can charge an hourly rate of € 75 above average, while those who work for small companies charge the average hourly rate.

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If you want to be successful as a freelance designer, you need good stamina and flexible, strong communication, and friendly. But you also need to develop the proper network and access to new potential clients and freelance graphic design jobs online.

With Eventeus.com, you can join a community of artists and talents and find your next freelance gig in no time.

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