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Anyone who wants to work as an illustrator must have a talent for drawing. He makes detailed drawings and pictures and implements scientific or technical facts in his representations. Illustrators reproduce complex relationships, but not always true to the original, but sometimes also satirically and ironically exaggerated.

Do you often consider taking the plunge and setting up your own business as an illustrator, designer, or otherwise creative? Perhaps you are still studying or have just finished your studies and are unsure how to start your professional life. Perhaps you are also incredibly good at your art and have often heard why you don’t want to earn your money with it.

If you have decided to become independent with your art, finally, your illustrations or graphics, we would like to, first of all, congratulate you!

Nevertheless, you have decided on an activity that is “you”: you direct, guide, shape, and whose income comes entirely on your own. It’s an excellent feeling. A creative freelance job also has some small hurdles, and I would like to show you these.

Note: A distinction is made between illustrators who contribute to the design of books and those who work with their unique knowledge in the field of science.

What are the illustration jobs?

In short, illustrators must provide graphics and visuals for a broad scope of clients. Here are some of the most famous jobs and businesses related to illustration jobs

In general, it is an artist to whom the illustration of work is devoted. It is a plural profession in which the specialist exercises:

  • For the press (illustrations: political, satirical, technical, fashion…);
  • For editions (book cover, the illustration of pages, etc.);
  • In advertising (illustrations of posters, leaflets, websites, web banners, etc.);
  • In communication (event stands, press kits, etc.).

Today, with the advent of digital and using paper media for his work, the freelance illustrator uses computer tools such as specialized software and applications.

In terms of scope of work and knowledge, the freelance illustrators have to be freelance graphic experts to produce the fitted design work and illustration job for their clients. As a freelance illustrator, you will need proficiency in adobe, creative suite InDesign Photoshop to deliver designs ranging from medical illustration to movies and video game’s freelance illustration.

Range of services and tasks

Illustration and design graphic concepts are based on the tasks given to the freelancer by the client. Freehand sketches complement each other using special software that enables them to be represented digitally. Illustrators are less often commissioned to prepare a cost calculation for a project, but they may request this.

The freelancer usually works independently but in constant consultation with the publisher or agency, as his work must complement others’ work. The illustrator usually works closely with the copywriter to fit images and designs developed on adobe creative suite InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and other programs.

The illustrator’s customers come primarily from the publishing industry, such as book publishers, newspaper and magazine publishers, and other print media.

Start-up as an illustrator

The illustrator who wants to work as a freelance should, if he does not yet have sufficient contacts and potential clients, first try to start his own business with a part-time job. It is where communications and experience can be gathered that will facilitate full-time employment later on.

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What does a freelance illustrator do?

 A freelance illustrator is a graphic arts professional who has the status of an independent worker.

Working as a freelance means choosing to be both employer and employee. It is operating based on service provision contracts and making an accounting record of a service provision yourself. It requires certain qualities such as organization, autonomy, and versatility. You can go independent by being self-taught, but there are also specialized training courses:

  • Bachelor in graphic design (communication and printed media)
  • Diploma of Arts and Crafts/Applied Arts or Higher Diploma in Applied Arts/Plastic Expression

As an illustrator, you will be assigned to the liberal professions if your activity largely corresponds to this professional profile. The requirements for artistic work specified in the case law on the Income Tax Act are met.

The work of the illustrator can be summarized as follows:

  • Develop graphic concept
  • Make sketches by hand.
  • Create drawings (use 3-D, image and video processing software, apply various design options, e.g., lighting, color matching, depth of field, etc. , work out and highlight details, e.g., integrate enlarged representation)
  • Produce photographs and videos, partly using multimedia and animation software

How to find freelance illustration jobs?

An online portfolio is the first thing you need to have. No guarantee getting your illustration creations online will give you work. Still, freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer.com will bring you closer to customers with the opportunity to let them know you, your experience, and your skills as a freelance illustration artist.

Besides, with Eventeus.com, as a freelancer, you have an online platform to showcase your work and services and a space to present your design portfolio.

Besides, you will need to build your website or create a blog to expose your art and work to potential clients and show your illustrations to the professional community.

How to get started in freelance illustration jobs?

For those who have taken the channels of professional training in this area, the problem does not arise. However, when the professional is self-taught, mastery of the computer tool is essential. Today, the central part of designs and visuals’ realizations for illustration is made based on information and communication technologies.

To this end, if traditional techniques still exist, their influence is nevertheless considerably reduced. To do this, the modern illustrator, if he is a freelance graphic designer, must reconcile his traditional skills with perfect knowledge of graphic design software.. It is useful to remember that this requirement intrinsically goes with mastery of the Internet and an ability to research.

Moreover, in addition to having a good command of Illustrator and Photoshop software, a good freelance illustrator must be versatile and creative. This quality will allow it to adapt to the variety of styles that customers may demand. The illustration professional, for his visibility, is required to present his creations through samples regularly. In the form of a portfolio, it offers its different styles and design registers.

Orderly and meticulous in his work, he must respect the specifications submitted without these hampering his creativity. He must also know how to build around him,integrate a network of professionals. They can help him grow and surpass himself if necessary.

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Get hired for freelance illustration jobs with Eventeus.com!

It must be said that the traditional technique of word of mouth is not proving its worth. Relatives and relationships can thus be called upon by the illustration professional.

However, it should be noted that today, with the preponderance of digital technology, the impact of this method is increasingly reduced, but it remains complementary to web marketing. Indeed, at present, the Internet has established itself as the biggest showcase for finding customers.

Thus, the illustrator must adapt to information and communication technologies to take advantage of specialized sites and blogs that can allow him to make himself known and find clients. This method has been the most successful so far.

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