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Freelance: the term itself sounds tempting. It suggests freedom, self-determined work, and professional creativity. This article will explain what this form of self-employment is all about and for which professional groups it is suitable: the best freelance marketplaces.

What is a freelance marketplace?

With our modern trade, we have seen more freelancers and remote work. But if you are looking for talents and specialists for your company or your new projects, how could you get I touch with these new freelancers all around the world?

It is now simple and straightforward: join a freelance marketplace!

Suppose you are a project management specialist, a software developer with the proper skill set, an excellent graphic design expert, and a great marketer. In that case, you can build online freelance marketplaces, also called freelance job sites, to present job boards and freelance projects from clients to top freelance professionals in exchange for membership fees and/or commissions.

Part of the most famous freelance platforms, you will find Fivver, Upwork, and Freelancer.com. They offer international job offers, and you can quickly check the freelance gigs and post jobs.

For clients and companies with new projects or as part-time or full-time freelancers, you can also choose to join a digital marketplace that helps people booking talents for their events all around the world, such as Eventeus.com.

Join a unique freelance marketplace Eventeus

How to build a freelance marketplace?

 For most freelancers, selling their services is not one of their favorite disciplines. That’s understandable because, after all, nobody pays you for your time while you are catching customers. And as a freelancer, telephone acquisition, in particular, is very time-consuming and, above all, nerve-wracking.

Of course, it would be much more pleasant if potential customers found you by themselves and came to you. It is precisely what a website can do for the freelancer … provided it can be found in search engines, standard freelance directories, and social networks.

Freelance marketplaces are opening new opportunities as companies worldwide can join the platform. They hire freelancers such as freelance writers or web developers and designers, digital marketers, translators … but also actors, models, hairstylists, and more.

A freelance marketplace is the best way to find specialists to promote their products and services through freelance work!

A freelance platform also has a few other advantages for the freelancers themselves:

  • Personal branding: They are an excellent way to represent your specialization – preferably the best in a niche than one of many in a mass market.
  • Contact inquiries: You set up the website as a central point of contact for all queries, and you also link your other social profiles here.
  • References: show which great projects you have already completed for other customers

 Creating a freelance market place: is that also possible without technical knowledge?


Basically yes. In the last few years, some high-quality homepage construction kit solutions have also been created for freelancers.

These offer partly more, partly less high-quality design templates to choose from. They do not have the full range of functions but are entirely sufficient to get to know each other for the first time.

Even security updates, which have to be installed regularly with standard content management systems such as WordPress, are not an issue with the freelance website’s construction kits. The providers update their software in the background without you having to do anything.

Of course, this simplicity comes with limitations. You don’t have the same access to all professional functions as you would with a real content management system. But you usually won’t need that for a small freelance website either.

Which services does a freelance marketplace provide?

Freelance marketplaces should help users connect professional freelancers worldwide who will help clients’ projects with their knowledge. Recruiting and working becomes a breeze.

Manage your team yourself or get help from HR professionals.

Whether you create the freelance website yourself or have it done by a web designer is a fundamental decision. In any case, it is cheaper to do it yourself.

The freelance website is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. It opens up new contact channels and enables clear personal branding.

Acquiring new customers is not exactly the favorite pastime of most freelancers. In many cases, freelancers’ website saves the tedious job of acquiring new clients on the phone.

Instead of approaching potential customers yourself, you can hope for direct inquiries with your homepage. An internet presence is a must for today’s freelancers.

Services you could find on freelance marketplaces:

In terms of services and support:

  • A gallery of portfolios
  • A free account creation
  • Freelance jobs for students
  • A news blog for freelancers
  • Tutorials to learn how to work on specific platforms
  • A free text analyzer will tell you the frequency of keywords, number of characters, etc.

In terms of clients/freelancers relations:

  • A complete profile to be created as soon as you register on the platform so that your customers can find you
  • The possibility of being contacted directly by an advertiser interested in your profile or responding to projects proposed to the community.
  • The ability to send files via the platform
  • An integrated chat, email, and video call tool to facilitate exchanges between freelancers and advertisers.
  • The possibility of being contacted directly by the platform’s recruiters when your profile matches the skills a company is looking for.
  • A system based on reputation: you can receive external recommendations and opinions from your clients, which gives a guarantee of confidence to your future clients.

In terms of payment:

  • Payment by bank transfer or Paypal as soon as the mission is completed
  • A service whose price is set by the platform
  • Invoicing directly on the site, with a minimum transaction amount
  • The platform offers a site dedicated to the edition of your invoices online for free

How to join a freelance marketplace?

For your freelance business to “work well,” you need to find clients. A significant part of a freelance’s job is to do prospecting to find new assignments.

First, you can prospect in your personal network: friends, family, former colleagues, companies in which you were employed in the past, acquaintances…

To broaden your research field, you must mobilize the network of your network by asking your networking network. This technique is generally beneficial, although it depends a lot on your home network’s quality.

We also invite you to use tendering platforms or freelancers marketplaces and directories like Upwork, Freelencer.com, or Eventeus.com.

The call for tenders platforms, as their name suggests, allow companies to publish offers for assignments (development of an application, writing of content, creation of a website, etc.).

If an offer interests you, you send a message and a proposal to the company that posted it. Then it makes its choice among the various freelancers who have offered their services.

  • Note that the operation of a freelance directory is different. It is the opposite: it is not you who go to the company (potential client). The company is looking for a freelance who comes to you and offers you a collaboration. It involves creating a complete, detailed, and salesperson freelance profile on the platform.

These freelance marketplaces and platforms work quite well but are not without some drawbacks. You have to be aware that most of the companies that use them are very small businesses looking above all for a cheap service provider, often to the detriment of quality. It is not always easy to promote your skills on this type of platform.

Join a unique freelance marketplace Eventeus1

Become a member of the freelance marketplace, Eventeus.com!

There are many platforms to put freelancers in touch with agencies or advertisers, and you are spoilt for choice. Mainly focused on the digital, graphic design, video, or writing trades, they allow you to facilitate exchanges and find the missions that suit you.

If the internet is decisive in building up a clientele, keep in mind that some companies sometimes prefer to work with a local service provider that they can meet physically. Now it’s up to you to develop your strategy to make yourself known and find your contracts!

Do you want to join the new talents and freelancers’ community with freelance online jobs from companies all around the world and a continually growing community of talents, artists, performers and freelancers? Then join Eventeus.com

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