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There is hardly anything that pisses off potential customers more than a confusing, unappealing website. Anyone with a company wants to convince customers on the Internet, who, as an association, intends to provide information about their activities or do something else with their Internet presence, needs the right Internet presence.

Web agencies or independent freelance web developers take on the design, implementation, and maintenance of websites.

As a freelance web developer (front end developers, developer designers, software developers, web project managers, social media experts …), you have plenty of opportunities to work with small business and growing structures to boost their companies trough unique mobile apps, web applications, web designs, etc.

Today, we are giving you the essential to start or grow as a freelance web developer and find web developer jobs and new development projects as a full-time or part-time freelancer.

What is web development?

Web development is a broad field. As the internet ages and web applications emerge, web development becomes increasingly important to properly growing businesses on the Internet (either products or services).

. Web development makes your work on the internet accessible.

. It has many advantages with high sales growth because of web development.

. You can reach the international market as your target market.

Web development is also known as the “back end” of a website. Web development influences the outcome of a website and has very little influence on the website’s design.

At the beginning of the internet age, the world was given the simple HTML in which no one could get the feeling of freedom. So they can show off their products and keep the order or do marketing the right way.

With time and the need to sell products all over the world without physically visiting the globe, web development came about. This newly-born technology on the Internet saves people a ton of money that they used to spend to distribute their products or service worldwide.

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What does a freelance web developer do?

Well, the most important thing is what a freelance web developer offers. There are many features o answer the question that web development offers, two of which are listed and explained a little.

  1. Content Management System (CMS): This system is at the heart of web development and is used to manage a website’s content. It provides the ability to create, modify, archive, and remove information resources from an organized repository that is usually stored in a database. When using standard HTML, it will be a static page. So if changes in text or an image need to be updated, changed, or added, it means manually modifying the page. For that, you have to either be a web programmer or hire one for this small task. On the other hand, when it comes to CMS-based websites, text or images are not used to
  2. System for the management of orders: This system takes orders from customers or clients worldwide. On the websites, processes them independently, and monitors the status of the order. Some of the main tools used by the Order Management System are storefronts, shopping carts, online forms, and payment processing.

Where to find jobs as a freelance web developer?

Even if many development projects do not fall into the area of ​​web development by definition, they are often counted among them or belong to the area of ​​competence of web developers. These include websites, mobile apps, web apps, and digital voice assistants.

  1. Websites: the largest area of ​​web development is website building. Different types of websites can be distinguished:
  • Blogs
  • Homepages
  • Online Shops
  • Marketplaces
  • Social Networks
  • Portals, video portals, and streaming services
  1. Mobile apps: especially in the IT area, an application is a computer program. In common parlance, when we speak of apps, we usually mean mobile apps designed for use on smartphones or tablets.
  2. Web apps: If an app is web-based, it is usually an application that runs through an internet browser. In contrast, a web app relies on user input and/or interaction to achieve its purpose.
  3. Digital voice assistants: they are much older than you might think. For the barrier-free operation of computers and cell phones, they have been used years ago and could read texts and control surfaces or execute voice commands.

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What are freelance web developer jobs for beginners?

Generally speaking, a freelance developer’s first job as a beginner is programming, i.e., writing the code for websites and apps.

The word developer is often used as a synonym for the programmer. Even if programming takes up a large part, web development involves a lot more than that. Because there are so many areas, the different competencies in Internet agencies, for example, is dividing among several people.

Accordingly, there are additional steps in the freelance web development process before and after programming that are part of implementing a successful project.

  • Programming: it is the largest part of web development consists of programming work. Furthermore, it involves writing the code of the respective product in the corresponding programming language, such as PHP or Javascript, and with various development frameworks such as Laravel or VueJS and other tools.
  • Web design: it is probably the second largest part of web development.
  • Content management: a web project is concerned; the handling can look very individual depending on the project. Besides, Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to better place your website in search queries in search engines such as Google for keywords that apply to your own product.
  • Hosting, monitoring, and maintenance: when planning a website creation, they are often

How much do web developers make?

As a freelance web developer, you can also become self-employed. So, your earnings then depend on various factors:

  • skills: What is your background?
  • references: Who have you worked for?
  • appearance: How confident are you?
  • negotiating skills: what can you get out of it for yourself?
  • hourly rate: how much do you play poker?
  • customers: How big are the companies?
  • stamina and capital: How do you deal with setbacks, and how much money do you have behind you?

The hourly rate that you can realistically ask as a freelance web developer is around 70 euros.

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