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Books, articles, technical essays, plays, or poems have one thing in common: authors wrote them.

Different freelance authors’ work can be seen in the diversity of their careers. Working full-time and part-time freelancing as a writer is an excellent way to turn your talent into a profession and make money writing through your writing work and writing skills for a wide variety of writing gigs.

An author and freelance writer-editor write all kinds of works with this meaning. In everyday use, the “writer and author” terms now refer to the people and professional groups who devote themselves to writing.

It includes professions such as writers, journalists, or ghostwriters. Freelance writers with years of experience are then those who do their work as a freelancer. It means that they take on the preparation of texts on their own.

In contrast to salaried authors, freelance writers have one employer or are tied to only one publisher. The field of freelance writers’ application is correspondingly broad: from writing and editing content marketing, social media blogs, SEO contents, scientific articles, small businesses, companies, and private customers hire freelancers as a content mill to produce material to be printed or posted online.

What are freelance writing jobs?

Freelance writers earn their living, or at least part of it, writing texts. Some freelance authors also use the preparation of texts as a second pillar. They write their texts for a wide variety of clients and work in various professional sectors.

Copywriters and authors are not always freelance for themselves, but not infrequently on behalf of others. It means that they are given a topic on which they have to gather information and write a text. Of course, it must be unique and must not have been published in this way.

It may even be that the copywriter surrenders all rights to his text, which should ultimately be reflected in the fee.

Copywriters work for publishers and media companies, freelancers for various clients from all areas of knowledge and science, or as so-called ghostwriters. That means you write a text, and it appears under the name of another author.

Private individuals can also be clients. You can find more information about the profession and activity as a copywriter on this portal.

Many publishers, magazines, and newspapers, use freelance authors’ services, especially in the media sector. In connection with the writing of newspaper and magazine articles, the term freelance journalist is more precise.

But companies, businesses, and institutions also commission freelance authors with PR or business texts. In addition to business texts, freelance writers also support publishers or private individuals in writing books and write scientific texts for academics and institutions.

Become a freelance ghostwriter

Linguistics and its findings are also present in everyday life. It concerns questions of the correct spelling or the linguistic preparation of information and learning foreign languages.

The path to linguistics leads through a course of the same name or by studying linguistics. It includes a wide variety of interdisciplinary approaches and languages.

Ghostwriters in linguistics have usually completed such a degree and have experience in writing and knowledge in the broad area of ​​linguistics. They can help companies and academics and take off work.

Study linguistics

Accordingly, there are a wide variety of courses that are assigned to linguistics. Students can study individual languages​, Romance, or English studies or get a general overview during their studies.

They get to know didactics, grammar, and other basics of the chosen language. Linguistics can be studied as a bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma course. The bachelor’s degree is primarily about imparting essential knowledge. In the master’s program, however, priorities are set. The possible specializations are diverse and also include topics such as business, communication, or medicine.

With a bachelor’s degree, linguists have many career opportunities. However, anyone who wants to work in the academic field needs a master’s or diploma degree. Linguists can be found in many professions. Many trained linguists work in areas of language teaching ranging from adult education to computational linguistics.

Personal skills as a freelance writer/ghostwriter

  • It would help if you had an excellent general education or enthusiasm for a variety of topics. In many cases, the course is interdisciplinary and also deals with other subject areas.
  • Another task that aspiring linguists would ideally be enthusiastic about is writing: an essential aspect of preparing scientific elaborations, studies, or protocols.
  • Higher demands are placed on the linguistic style and comprehensibility than with other scientific texts whose topic is not language. If ghostwriters have studied linguistics, they also know to assess the text linguistically and professionally.

Copywriters who have set a thematic focus in the field of linguistics and have technical knowledge in the area of ​​search engine optimization can use specific SEO measures to increase the reach and visibility of websites with their texts for websites increasing the rankings within Improve search engines.

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Become a freelance paperwork writer

Writing work includes the creation of texts that require specific knowledge of the content and linguistic skills. It has everything from correspondence and minutes to invoices or company texts. Typing offices and freelance authors and copywriters take on the writing of a wide variety of texts.

Freelance writing service providers have specialized in different types of text. There are typing offices that write minutes, reports, and dictations from doctors and lawyers. It means that the customers then receive high-quality, well-worded, and designed texts in printed or electronic form, as desired. Other providers take care of all business correspondence.

Ghostwriters mainly focus on writing texts. You create manuscripts, scientific contents, or other lengthy paperwork for customers. Ghostwriters also use business texts such as product descriptions, press releases, or company reports. Paperwork can also be of interest to companies with texts written for their homepage or want to optimize their company website for search engines (SEO). At the same time, copywriters also offer business-related and promotional paperwork.

Your job as a freelance paperwork writer

Companies, self-employed and private customers save time by outsourcing paperwork and, at the same time, receive high-quality texts.

  • When writing business letters, offers, and reports, there are various formalities that professional writers are familiar with.
  • In many professions, it is necessary to record the different work steps in writing, even if it is short.
  • Outsourcing the transcription of dictations makes it easier for doctors or other professional groups to concentrate on the essential work.

Besides, private individuals benefit from commissioning paperwork because they have a professional at their side who can create the texts they need. The argument of specialist knowledge also applies to ghostwriters who do paperwork. Academic ghostwriters write scientific papers for academics and companies or support authors in improving their texts’ language.

Required skills

For many, typing dictations or writing texts sound easy. Doing paperwork from home or becoming a ghostwriter also sounds like enjoyable working conditions. One objection to these prejudices is that writing requires a little more skill than just writing.

If you want to do paperwork, you need perfect knowledge of spelling and grammar. Proficiency in various word processing programs and the ten-finger system are other essential prerequisites for persuasive writing.

Depending on the texts’ orientation, additional skills such as creativity, foreign language skills, or specialist knowledge are required.

To deliver good paperwork, specialist knowledge is, therefore, also required. Anyone who writes texts and writes them themselves needs experience in which style is appropriate for which texts.

Freelance professional in proofreading or editing

There are differences between proofreading and editing when working with the text. These also apply when proofreading or editing English texts. Proofreading focuses on fixing errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

Hiring a freelance proofreader helps those who are experienced in writing texts but want a final exam. It is then a matter of correcting possible typing errors or incorrect formulations. It is also useful for those who use a specific language regularly.

For example: because every regional English variant has its own typical words and phrases. An editor takes these linguistic peculiarities into account.

A freelance editor also deals with content-related issues. In many cases, the editors take on the role of proofreaders by pointing out errors. The proofreading of a text improves its readability and its uniformity. The appropriate formulations and technical terms are particularly important for scientific work. Checking whether the linguistic style corresponds to the type of text is one of the editors’ primary tasks, regardless of the language.

They draw the author’s attention to content-related contradictions and inconsistencies and thus enable the writer to clarify his statement.

Freelance proofreading services

Editing is interesting for academics, students, companies, institutions, and private individuals who want to have their texts checked thoroughly:

  • Academic editing takes on the editing of academic papers and articles. It includes studies or specialist articles for publications and specialist journals or editing the master’s thesis or doctoral thesis.
  • In the business sector, editors check various texts for correctness and consistency. Editors correct press releases, advertising texts, brochures, or website texts.
  • There are also proofreading services that also offer a translation
  • Freelance writer specialized in literature research.

Extensive and in-depth research is the first step in preparing a bachelor thesis and any other scientific work. How can scientific literature be researched effectively?

Authors of scientific textbooks or articles know that a large part of the work on it has to be planned for research when writing a scientific text. Even if the internet has made literature research much more manageable and has made it possible to find meaningful sources in all languages, the effort should not be underestimated.

As a rule of thumb, 20% – 30% of the working time can be planned for research.

The freelance writer/literature read or cited in scientific texts supplements one’s own knowledge or results. The literature research, therefore, forms the basic structure of a scientific text.

Reading the freelance specialist literature, in turn, helps students develop a feeling for scientific writing and the systematic structure of a text. Simultaneously, reading foreign texts can help create new ideas or change your perspective and thus solve writer’s block.

Freelance writer for business administration

There are texts for which a writer needs more than just the right writing style. Business texts are less about excellent sentences than facts and analyzes. Ghostwriters in the field of business administration have specialized in such content. For whom are a business administration ghostwriter’s services worthwhile, and which other tasks does he take on?

Ghostwriters in business administration write texts for companies, private individuals, or support academics. An essential prerequisite for providing professional texts as a ghostwriter is specialist knowledge. If you specialize in business administration as a ghostwriter, you will, in many cases, have a degree in this subject.

Freelance writing skills

Suppose you want to turn the pleasure of writing scientific texts into a profession and become a ghostwriter after studying business administration. In that case, you should be aware of the following: the work of a freelance ghostwriter for business administration is at his desk, and his work equipment is a computer.

In addition to knowledge and writing experience, ghostwriters need self-discipline and reliability to create substantial added value for the client.

When looking for a ghostwriter for business administration, clients should pay attention to the academic title and possible reference texts. Because ghostwriting in a specialist book or marketing texts for companies makes different demands on the ghostwriter and the writing style.

For which readers is it worth hiring a professional ghostwriter?

  • Have a business plan drawn up as it is a broad subject with topics such as accounting or finance, marketing, tax law are also among the areas in which ghostwriters for business administration have at least enough basic knowledge to write or evaluate a specialist text.
  • Having non-fiction written as freelance ghostwriters for business administration to write texts for companies or create business plans? They also support authors with their specialist knowledge. It is advantageous for authors to get professional help for chapters or sections that are less important to them.
  • Editing of the business administration thesis during a business degree. Whether it is a business administration bachelor thesis (bachelor thesis) or a business administration master thesis (master thesis), writing contributes up to 15 to 30% to the final grade.
  • Business administration is a topic that works with many technical terms. Therefore, a ghostwriter or a fellow student familiar with the subject is recommended for the final correction. Proofreading is especially crucial for the first impression of the work as proofreaders clean up the text of formal errors. More extensive editing is recommended if you are unsure about your own content presentation.

How to start freelance writing?

If you are toying with the idea of ​​becoming a writer, the desire for independence often plays a role. Most writers cannot make a living from writing books alone. Still, writing can often be built up as a part-time activity alongside their main occupation and gradually expanded as desired.

At the same time, some authors, in addition to writing books, pursue other freelance activities, such as editorial and journalistic tasks, coaching and teaching activities, etc.

Freelance writers have the advantage that they can decide on their assignments. Besides, they can freely organize their time and are not tied to fixed attendance times in the office. At the same time, this freedom is also a disadvantage because freelance authors can only earn money if they also have customers.

A fundamental requirement for working as a writer is a perfect command of the language and research topics carefully. Specialist knowledge is also required for specific texts. Since freelance authors often create commissioned texts for the online sector, it is advisable to determine search engine optimization and the latest developments.

There is no classic freelance writer training. Many authors practice this profession as lateral entrants and acquire the respective knowledge in self-study.

Depending on the industry in which someone wants to write order texts, practical experience, or a degree are advantageous. Because when companies have contents written, industry knowledge helps use the appropriate linguistic style and the proper technical terms.

Freelance writers in the field of journalism benefit from volunteer work and internships. There are also journalism schools and journalism and journalism course.

Where to find freelance writing jobs?

Freelance writers, authors, ghostwriters, and copywriters need to find regular hob offers online and build up their potential clients network!

Freelance writers must find their clients in a variety of ways:

Text agencies or ghostwriting agencies are a convenient option. Authors mainly find orders for online texts such as blog articles or website texts with such agencies and text exchanges. However, these agencies often charge a high commission for placing orders.

Other freelance writers use advertisements or their websites to draw attention to their services.

Finally, the most efficient way to find work as a freelance writer is to go through the best online freelancing marketplaces such as Upwork and Freelancer or join the best talent communities such as Eventeus.com.

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How much can you make with freelance writing?

The copywriter’s fee is made up of various points that must be considered when calculating the price. The copywriter has to set an hourly rate for himself, calculated from the available working time and the costs that have to be earned – plus profit.

For an author, the hourly rate is usually between 50 and 120 euros. However, this can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the order. Because the job is a specialist article to be created, the copywriter must have specific expert knowledge. It is also the area in which lateral entrants to the profession of copywriters are often in demand, such as a scientific background.

A specialist article is charged at up to four hundred euros per standard page, but the average is around three hundred euros. Then there are the costs for the research. The hourly rate is about 70 euros.

But how to find job ads and new freelance writing projects online?

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Hire freelance writers online through a job search, job lists, and job boards is now possible thanks to freelancing marketplaces such as Eventeus.com

For companies, media, businesses, and institutions, freelance authors offer the advantage that they can adapt their orders to requirements and act flexibly. It also saves you time and resources. Sometimes it is also the case that no qualified employees are available for the texts and freelance authors have more competence and know-how.

Good cooperation with freelance authors is guaranteed if they know all the essential details. The more detailed a client informs the author, the more likely the satisfaction with the service is. At the same time, possible improvements and corrections should be discussed in advance.

Eventeus.com is a freelancing portal on which writers can find projects and clients online. Freelance writers can register as experts and search for jobs.

On the other hand, clients can find ghostwriters, authors, or editors on this platform who support business texts, books, articles, or scientific texts. To find the right author, text seekers can create an order with a description free of charge and without obligation, and then the experts submit various bids.

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